Langrisser I & II: Return Of The Kings


Standard Edition, If you like…

When I heard Langrisser I & II were coming to PlayStation 4Switch and PC on March 10 courtesy of the fine folks at developer extreme and Chara-ani Corporation thanks to US publisher NISA, let’s just say that was a good day indeed.  I still own my originally purchased new copies of Warsong and the two Sega Mega Drive Langrisser imports (see below), and from playing the demo versions last night, it’s as if I went back in time and then forward, thanks to the game’s wise inclusion of old and new art styles.

Playing the new game bought back many old memories and we’re looking at a massive campaign, restored to its roots and many hours (and endings) to be discovered. I had to play the second game partially from some hefty notes and magazine clippings I got from a friend in Japan, but I know I missed a lot of story as the paths I got weren’t fully translated in the notes. So this time out, I’m preparing for this much bigger game now in English.

der langrisser

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Delay of Game: Moons of Madness Moves To March


“The bathrooms in this bar…”

While it’s been out on PC for a few months, the console versions of Moons of Madness on PS4 and Xbox One have moved from this month to March in order to get some additional polish. This is fine with me, as I have so many games to play, my backlog’s backlog has a backlog. Here’s a trailer to keep your interest piqued:



Now, I’m one of those folks who don’t mind delays at all because it’s better to have a solid port from PC than to have one that’s memorable for all the wrong for the Big W reasons. So, await with bated breath will I, but I’ll need to keep breathing so I don’t die! Ha and ha.

I’ll see what’s up as FunCom keeps us posted with further details. This looks too creepy not to miss out on.



FAITH: The Unholy Trinity – A Reflex Test For The Senses

FAITH header

Creepy is coming a third time (and to consoles at some point, too).

I was jumping under the furniture a while back when I first played indie developer Airdorf Games’ Faith, a very frightening game that blended old-school visuals and the sheer shock of horror and jump scares plus some clever use of synthesized voices, all in the service of terrifying the player. Let’s just say it worked, as I’ve had the second game here for a while on my laptop, but haven’t touched it since I downloaded it. My excuse of having too many games to play in my backlog keeps me hiding from that sequel, but it’s now the case where there’s a third game in the series coming soon that’s probably goijg to get me to play all three in one shot.

Or, say hell-o to FAITH: The Unholy Trinity, coming to PC and eventually, consoles:

As you can see, it’s pretty unsettling stuff when you get hit with the blending of old and new here. There’s a nice layer of crazy here when the game comes at you and you don’t know what to expect next, but this is good in a game that’s a mix of horror, adventure and a few abstract elements that will have you hooked in and trying to run away simultaneously. Go wishlist this this one if you’re into the horror stuff – it should run on most Windows 7 and up (64-bit) PC’s with zero issues. I’m going to hold my breath until I turn blue that this is coming to consoles sooner than later (starts holding breath).

Faith 01

Appropriately Halloween color scheme? CHECK.


Game of Thrones S6 Red Band Trailer: April Is Once Again, The Cruelest Month


Well, here we are once again. This time, down a steep, steep hill with no brakes and the showrunners going wild thanks to Uncle George’s burnout on getting that new book completed. This season is going to be REALLY interesting on many fronts and will hopefully jar Uncle out of his block of ice and in front of a keyboard of some sort to get back to the grind. Still, from the slightly NSFW trailer above you can see that this season going to be a doozy of death for many (and probably some longtime favorites). “I Choose Violence” will more than likely be hash-tagged, T-shirted and pinback buttoned to death before the season begins (and after – just you wait), so don’t be surprised to see it everywhere, even spelled out by kids in alphabet soup letters or even Alpha-Bit letters.

Wait, does Post even make that cereal anymore? Hmm, hmm, hmmmmm…(typety-type-type): Why YES they do! Hmmm. Parents, keep an eyeball on what your kids are watching if you’re into buying stuff they can spell with. Or not. Hey, I encourage creativity among all as long as no one gets hurt.

Star Wars: The Force Awakens Trailer 2: TBT Meet TMI, All In Two Minutes Flat


Well, the film certainly looks incredible (in that practical FX meets CG manner expected of it), but man did that old Ford get OLD. Well, I’m not getting any younger myself, but yikes. Scary stuff there. All kidding aside, it also looks as if the film won’t skimp on the humorous elements at all, so that’s a good thing. Nothing’s worse that a sci-fi/fantasy flick that tries too hard to take itself seriously (no names here, but some will know of which I speak). I’m betting we see more as the week spools out, what with Star Wars Celebration in full swing and all. Eh, perhaps I’ll save up one day and go to one of those, but that’s only going to REALLy happen if I’m IN a Star Wars flick at this point. Hey, I’d play Darth Faux Hipster Goatee any day of the week!

Random Film of the Week: To The Devil… A Daughter

To The Devil A Daughter MPSwiping bits from Rosemary’s Baby, The Exorcist while leaving a “Why the hell am I watching this again?” aftertaste, To The Devil… A Daughter manages to be a pretty bizarre and somewhat unintentionally 1976 funny horror film from Hammer Studios. From what I understand by poking around a few books and online, the UK film industry was in a bit of a mess when this mess was made and it shows in a few key areas. Granted, you do get Christopher Lee in a scenery-chewing performance for the ages (including a brief nude scene performed by a double!) and Richard Widmark making a payday and playing an occult writer turned cranky old action hero long before Liam Neeson.

Yes, you also get a too young Nastassia Kinski flailing about and screaming as if possessed (well, she kind of is) in her part as a fallen “nun” and trying too hard to keep up with the other more experienced cast doing their own screaming and flailing about. Yes, the film is also notorious for the infamous bloody baby demon hand puppet molestation and a shot near the finale of her fully nude. While some genre fans may groove on that little detail, for some new viewers those elements will just come off as creepy central.. and not in a good way, either. Continue reading

Yeah, I Want To Get Into Ditko’s Shorts, Too!

Ditko's Shorts Cover

Yeah, I want IN, dammit. Some of Steve Ditko’s horror work used to scare the crap out of me as a kid, so getting the chance to see a bunch of it (along with other genre quickies) in one collection is a great thing for me. And YOU, if you’re also a fan of the man’s work. No, I’m NOT scared of it now, but it’s that brushwork I want to ogle until my eyeballs pop out.

Thanks to Yoe! Books and IDW Publishing, you can grab your own copy of Ditko’s Shorts soon online or from your favorite comics emporium. Buy a second copy and surprise someone with it why don’tcha? Yeah, it’s a SHORT post, too. Ha!

Fat (Albert) Tuesday, Too: Hey, Hey, Hey! Shout Factory Says Press “Play!”

Scene 215

INTERIOR: Shout Factory Mail Order Department

6/24/2013 APPROXIMATELY 1:54:36PM

(phone rings)
Hello, Shout Factory!
Ow. My. Ears. Dude.

Sorry. This IS Shout Factory, you know! How Can I help you today?!

Hang on, dude… let me get some cotton balls and half an earmuff… (sounds of drawer opening, followed by rattling noises)… OK, I think I’m better now.

That’s good to hear! So…How can I help you today?
Ehm, er… say there? Do you have Fat Albert in the can?

(*sighs*)…NO. sir, We don’t currently sell ANY of our videos in can form. However, you can buy Fat Albert and the Cosby Kids: The Complete Series, which has all 110 episodes of the classic show with Bill Cosby, Fat Albert, Rudy, Weird Harold, Mushmouth, Dumb Donald, Russell and, yes the Brown Hornet! 15 Discs, 39 hours, $99!
D’oh! Oh, COME ON NOW, You’re supposed to say “Yes, we do!” or something like that!

(*yawning*)… REE-aaalllly now? I did not know that! So, can I put you down for a copy of this set or what?
Blaaaaaaaaah! You’re no fun, grrrrr! I’ma go call the stupid drug store instead!! (slams phone down) *click!*
*Snicker…* Dopey kids and their ancient pranks! Boy, some people never learn!

Chronicles of the Mind: Truth or Dare (and/or Consequences) For The Egghead Crowd…

Based on this video and the game description alone, I’d say cops and judges need to keep a deck of Chronicles of the Mind cards with them at all times. Imagine the confessions and such that would get revealed after a round of this with some suspect who tends to get all talky as soon as they’re distracted by a “simple” little game such as this? Of course, that would mean people across America would be flooding the Griddly Games site with purchases as they’ll want to invite local politicians to attend and play a weekly game session just so they could see and hear what they REALLY think instead of hearing half-truths (or no truths) on assorted cable news and talk radio channels.

Hey, I don’t need a fun card game to know some people are really gullible when they get to gambling (or thinking they’re going to win a prize when they “win” a game), so why not take advantage of that wired in greed and get some actual answers, I say. Once again, Canada comes to our rescue, so make sure to thank the fine folks up at Griddly when you get the chance…

The Great Gatsby TV Spots: It May Be Good, But Throw The Book At It, I Say…

Eh, do we REALLY need this flashy-looking new version of the classic book at all? Baz Luhrmann’s at it again? Oh, well then – that changes everything. My brain is still recovering from Moulin Rouge, though. I’m more of a classic musical and film guy, despite all the efforts to make these new movies look and sound “vintage.” Well, there’s NO doubt this sure looks amazing and will rake in the loot for a while. That said, sure, it’ll rope in the rubes who flock to theaters on those lonely weekends looking for some solace in the virtual arms of superstar hunky type actors (and who don’t know a penny’s worth of the plot) and those dragged-along spouses who trade in “Date Night” deals. That said, I think F. Scott Fitzgerald’s angry ghost would be rolling up yellowed, crumbling newspapers from the era or filling dirty socks with stones so he could do a day’s worth of REALLY old school drive-bys on those expensive movie sets. 

OK, it might be really good, but my eyebrow is still up on this one. Well, as long as it’s not “Based on a True Story” or “Inspired By Actual Events…” Those films almost always stink under closer scrutiny…