Put Up Your Dukes, Indeed

(thanks, Brian Coltrane!)

There’s trouble in Hazzard County for sure this time. A few days ago I overheard two guys (one older, one younger, both black like moi) arguing over whether or not The Dukes of Hazzard was a “racist show” (in my opinion, it’s not). The conversation took a strangely surreal and slightly amusing turn because the guy defending the show also happened to have a load of Dukes collectibles thanks to relatives who bought all that merchandise back when the show originally aired and him holding onto most of it.

Now, there’s a deep fried dill pickle for you, ladies and gentlemen.

But not really. Although some major to minor retailers have been hastily yanking anything with a Confederate battle flag off their shelves, Dukes of Hazzard memorabilia seems to be one of the few exceptions. That said, one does have to wonder with an arched eyebrow how much of that stuff was not so ironically but somewhat ironically manufactured outside of the good ol’ U.S. of A. (by underpaid workers) and how much of it was bought over time for by folks who’d probably NOT want it because it wasn’t made here…
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The Time of the Doctor Deleted Scene: Let’s Have A Moment of Silence, Please!

Ah ha ha. See what I did there? No? Well, you’ll get it soon enough if you didn’t. Anyway, that final Matt Smith show was a corker, wasn’t it. No spoilers here, but I’ll say that ending sets up the Peter Capaldi run in a fun little way and makes me look forward to seeing this NEW Doctor at work. I have to give Steven Moffat some major credit for all these past years of plot hints coming in bits and pieces and basically ensnaring fans and non fans alike into sticking with even the silliest of shows because it all makes sense when you see those bits fall into place. I bet there’s a notebook somewhere with a chart and long, long list of whats, whys, when, hows and of course, WHO… but then again, the magic of this show comes from NOT knowing and just enjoying the ride.

So long, Mr. Smith – you’ll be missed, but I bet your Doctor will make an appearance at SOME point during the next 50 years. Better sooner than later, of course…

Humor: Get Lost (Or, You COULD Be In New Jersey)…

(thanks, sjmobb!) 

Pine BarrensI live in an area that’s not too hard to figure out if you live here and spend time walking around on a semi-regular basis. However, on occasions where people who drive here to visit friends or relatives, they often run into trouble with one particular spot where an oval splits into four different directions and streets that need to be followed to their destinations or else you end up driving in some rather oddball directions only to find yourself maybe back where you started or worse. This evening as I’m walking home, a car pulls up beside me and as the passenger side window rolls down, I know exactly what’s coming. Sure enough, a woman pops her head out the window and asks which way a certain street is because she and her husband had been driving around for a good fifteen minutes looking for the building.

Nice guy that I am, I point them in the correct direction and of course, the missus is all “See, I told you it was THAT way” while the hubby is getting a case of the “Yeah, yeahs”. As they both turn to thank me, the husband asks “I suppose people get lost around here a lot?”, to which I respond “Well, it’s not so bad here – you could be in the Pine Barrens”. I do believe the husband happened to get what I was referencing, because he burst out laughing so loudly that his wife jumped in her seat and did a double take before asking what the heck was so funny. As she closed the window back up (I’m assuming no one “rolls” a window up any longer) I waved goodbye, turned and left them alone and walked away with a smile knowing the mister would have to do some fast talking to stay out of the perceived doghouse he just cracked himself up into. Thankfully, that episode of The Sopranos is a pretty darn funny one and I’m glad someone actually got a joke I’d made without having to explain it. Victory!

Humor: Oh, I Have Bad Dreams Every Now and Then…

(thanks, awesomelybadcrap!) 

Well, “bad” being relative. OK, it had Twiki from that awful as hell Buck Rogers in the 25th Century show from the 80’s (and by “awful”, I mean I watched it every freakin’ week hoping to hell it would get better). I stuck around for the effects and hated the acting, cheap costumes and most of all that cross between R2-D2 and Tattoo from Fantasy Island, Twiki. Despite (or because) of the late Mel Blanc voicing the robot as if he was a Borscht Belt Looney Tunes character, that tacky as hell gold paint job and the fact that for some reason, he got a love interest (what, there was an affirmative action program for little people on TV shows back then?). Anyway, I guess it wasn’t that bad a dream as I didn’t drop dead in my sleep…

That only happens if I dream of Jason of Star Command:

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Saturday Night Fever, Ralph Kramden Style!

(thanks, compukatz!)  

I keep forgetting to remind myself to research if there’s a box set or something legal of The Honeymooners on a disc I can buy, as I miss that show and don’t have the stamina to sit through the marathon on New Year’s Day that WPIX here runs every year. That and I’d probably spend the time watching The Twilight Zone marathon on syfy (ugh, that illiterate renaming STILL offends me!) instead. Or find something else to do like play too many games I need to catch up on. So yes, that’s the primary reason for this post, ladies and germs. I like gentle and funny reminders to get stuff done and you needed a laugh on an early Sunday morning, so it’s a win-win situation, correct?

OK, that’s my good deed for the day – now go get some sleep. It’s going to be a long day tomorrow and you need to make it back home to catch Breaking Bad

Snoopy Was A Part Time Sleuth? Who Knew?

snoopy mystery

Well, well, well… and here I thought he was just a WWI Flying Ace, a failed author, a former owner of a multi-level underground doghouse fit for a billionaire (until it burned down!) and a few other cool things. My dad had this tote bag in storage with a bunch of other stuff and it’s a pretty cool find as I’ve never seen it until now. I did some quick research as I was typing this post and apparently there was indeed a TV special called “It’s A Mystery, Charlie Brown” – nice! I think it was also done as an illustrated book, but I’ll need to dive deeper into that research at some point.

(thanks, PeanutsOnline!) 

Granted, as old as I am, I probably SHOULD know this already, but I haven’t seen EVERY single Peanuts special and hey, I don’t have catching up on the ones I missed high on my to-do list. Actually… as I’m sitting here thinking about it… I do vaguely recall seeing this one, but it’s been over thirty years since so my memory is supremely hazy about those days. Anyway, the mystery of yet another old item is solved. 30 boxes of stuff to go. Yikes. Anyone want to help out here?

Fat (Albert) Tuesday, Too: Hey, Hey, Hey! Shout Factory Says Press “Play!”

Scene 215

INTERIOR: Shout Factory Mail Order Department

6/24/2013 APPROXIMATELY 1:54:36PM

(phone rings)
Hello, Shout Factory!
Ow. My. Ears. Dude.

Sorry. This IS Shout Factory, you know! How Can I help you today?!

Hang on, dude… let me get some cotton balls and half an earmuff… (sounds of drawer opening, followed by rattling noises)… OK, I think I’m better now.

That’s good to hear! So…How can I help you today?
Ehm, er… say there? Do you have Fat Albert in the can?

(*sighs*)…NO. sir, We don’t currently sell ANY of our videos in can form. However, you can buy Fat Albert and the Cosby Kids: The Complete Series, which has all 110 episodes of the classic show with Bill Cosby, Fat Albert, Rudy, Weird Harold, Mushmouth, Dumb Donald, Russell and, yes the Brown Hornet! 15 Discs, 39 hours, $99!
D’oh! Oh, COME ON NOW, You’re supposed to say “Yes, we do!” or something like that!

(*yawning*)… REE-aaalllly now? I did not know that! So, can I put you down for a copy of this set or what?
Blaaaaaaaaah! You’re no fun, grrrrr! I’ma go call the stupid drug store instead!! (slams phone down) *click!*
*Snicker…* Dopey kids and their ancient pranks! Boy, some people never learn!