What’s Cookin’? Pizza for Practice Purposes Pleases People

a pizza

Just mushrooms and cheese on top of my non-patented “special” sauce. This got five more minutes in the oven, but eaten before I got to taking the updated photo. Darn guests, and their impatience to be poisoned!


Yep. I’ve been a bit too busy these days with a few things, but a guy’s gotta eat, right? In an attempt to save money, I’ve taken up part-time pizza making just for fun and to feed the occasional friend who drops by when I’m conducting my horrific experiments. In previous attempts, I’d used a few dough recipes “borrowed” off the internet, but my one major issue with all of them is my kitchen isn’t made for pizza (or any) dough manufacturing.

Between the moving around of stuff to make a work space, my big old ceramic bowl breaking (I’m on the hunt for a proper replacement), pre and post-crust cleanup, and not enough freezer space for a month’s worth of dough, it was a pain in the neck to spend more time making dough than making edible results with said dough. While poking around for pre-made options, it’s been a circus of lousy ingredient reads and stuff that’s too complex for its own good on the “easy” prep front. Continue reading

IndieGala Every Monday Bundle: Sentimental, Strategic, Puzzling, Violent


IndieGala EMB 10052015Six indie games for $1.89 and this time all of them look worth diving into. No backlog hoarding in this week’s set thanks to the brevity of the paradoxically languidly paced Home is Where One Starts clocking in at under an hour. It’s a sweetly sentimental short game about making memories, something some see as just posting pictures of food, babies and whatever animal of the day video hits their inbox. This short interactive tale might make a few of those folks dwell longer in their own memory well if they give it a go.


The other interesting game here on a more cerebral level would be The Logomancer, a game made in RPG Maker with a “combat” system that’s a lot more interesting than your garden variety JRPG-inspired (yet completely original) indie. Conflict negotiation and talking one’s way out of trouble is the order of the day for your party members, and those stylized visuals only add to the game’s uniqueness. A nicely done original soundtrack rounds out the fun here.

The other games are a formerly mobile gone PC puzzle game called One More Line, the two Braveland turn-based strategy RPGs, and finally, the hyper-violent but ridiculously funny Mayhem Triple (which may have you seeing angry alien cartoon rabbits falling from the sky when you’re in dreamland later tonight). Ah, variety… I guess. Anyway, under two bucks gets you some cool indies you’ll enjoy. All you need after that is time to play them.

When Your Week Is Nuts, You Dress Accordingly


Let the wild week begin, whee. I’m prepared at least on the outside for three days of crazy thanks to holding on to these Psychonauts T-shirts I picked up a few years back at a press event. Perhaps I should also intentionally mix up my socks and randomly pick a mismatched pair to add some more variety? Eh, we’ll see. Wearing two different sneakers or shoes is where I draw the line, though. Okay, week… bring it. I’ve got your number and then some…

Have A Horror-ble Week Thanks To This IndieGala Monday Bundle

IG Eerie Monday Bundle

More Monday bundle madness for you, this time from the fine folks at IndieGala. This Eerie Monday Bundle provides 100% of a day’s frights for less than a bowl of sugar-bomb laden cereal. Well, okay. Too many bowls of that sugary crap will kill you dead, while the best a decent horror game will ever do is make you pee yourself a little. Hey, I’m NOT speaking from experience at all. I have heard of it happening, though. Anyway, here’s a test for you in the form of a video of one of the games in the bundle.

Are you the tiniest bit freaked out now? Maybe? Not at all? Hey, I tried. Space is pretty scary in general if you think about it, and being stuck on the moon with something unsettling and no easy way off isn’t exactly a situation made for happy times. Okay, get going with the clicking and buying stuff. This eight Steam codes for $1.89 is only good for the next 24 hours.

Go Get Too Many Indie RPGs Thanks To Bundle Stars

RPG C2 Bundle Banner 

The bundle-fest continues over at Bundle Stars, who seems to want you to spend an inordinate amount of time stuck in front of your PC or laptop with a goofy grin or grimace on your face as you play a new batch of RPGs they have up for grabs. The RPG Champions 2 Bundle gets you eight Steam games for the ridiculously low price of $2.49 – all you need to do is find the time to play them all.

I can’t help you there with the timey-wimey stuff, but you’ve got two weeks to snap up this deal before it vanishes. Or at least bug one of your buddies who has oodles of free time to go do something with that time and stop popping over randomly to bend your ear with his or her crazy ideas. A decent game or eight is enough distraction to keep them out of your hair. Unless they get stuck in some dungeon and keep calling you for help.

A Little Something To Bug Me On A Monday

So, how was your holiday? Mine was dull and intentionally so. That said, I haven’t EVER been so chewed up so damn much by bugs since I was a kid and this summer was lousy for going anywhere outside and coming back with a few fresh bites. There seem to be small armies of little nippers zipping around this year to the point you’d think this was some 70’s eco-disaster flick up here and elsewhere. I actually can’t believe I’m saying this, but i can’t wait for colder weather to get here. A few chilly winds will keep the little pests and some of the bigger (human) ones away from causing so much trouble. I hope.

Back tomorrow with some actual updates.

A Few Bundles To Mix Up Your Monday


This Monday’s bundles of joy include some really nice games in a few genres for not a lot of scratch at all. I’d grab them all if not for my already burgeoning backlog and need for a newer computer (which will be taken care of next month at some point). Anyway, the usual suspects score with some nice stuff as always. IndieGala’s Every Monday Bundle featured six games for $1.99, including Viktor, a side-scrolling action/platform game that should please fans of games like Castlevania and other retro classics:


Meanwhile, Bundle Stars has the Stay Alive Bundle, which you should get just for Sunside’s Crow, a port of a mobile game that looks pretty unique:


And finally, over at The Humble Bundle, there’s no Monday deal… but there IS last week’s The Return of Space Boy Bundle which has ROCKETSROCKETSROCKETS in it. That’s a game were you fly rockets that shoot rockets at other rockets, which is simple enough to grasp for anyone who can hold a controller:


As usual, your money gets some charities very happy and in turn, you get very busy making up excuses to run on home so you can game in peace. Anyway, go check out those links and make a few people happy, I say.

A Repeat Performance On A Mucky Monday


So, my eye is pretty much all back to normal (hoo-ray!), but I’m a wee bit stressed about some other stuff. Meh, I’ll figure that annoying stuff out as the week progresses. I just found out that there was indeed a remastered version of one of the wackiest monster movies ever made, Reptilicus!. You needed a lift today as do I, so here’s the “Tivoli Nights” scene from the film all queued up so you can get a smile going and maybe buy tickets to your next vacation spot. The monster in this flick is long dead, so there’s no need to worry about anything in Denmark biting you on the behind. I think.

Anyway, you can grab Reptilicus! and Tentacles on a double feature Blu-Ray from Shout Factory, or get it with a few other films over on Amazon. The weird thing is it seems the multi-film DVD has the remastered version, which means it won’t have the best picture as it’s stuck with other films on the same DVD

Back tomorrow with some actual posts worth reading.

Lost For The Moment, Found Happens Tomorrow…

not so overwhelming

I’m in the midst of writing my Lost Dimension review and a few other things, so there have been limited updates. Just pop back in tomorrow for something more interesting to read. Yes, that’s a screenshot from Wizardry 8, not Lost Dimension. One person will get the joke. Hopefully. Alrighty then, back in a bit.

Monday’s Hot Blahs Deserve Some Bundles To Beat Them Away

bs coop bundle

July is here, the weather is depressingly muggy and the mood is grim in some circles for assorted reasons. All the better for getting some gaming in before the world collapses, yes? I thought so. Anyway, Bundle Stars wants you to have at it with a few friends thanks to its Co-Op Bundle deal featuring eight games for $1.99. That price lasts for a day and goes up on Tuesday, so get this one while it’s hot and cheap.

indiegala EMB 7062015

Meanwhile, over at IndieGala, the Every Monday Bundle is a puzzling one because it’s a nice set of puzzle and adventure games today. $1.99 gets you six cool indies to play with for as long as you like. “Once you buy a prize, it’s yours to keep” and all that, you know.

If you just need ONE game to play that will get you in a nicely nostalgic mood as it attempts to kill your character but good multiple times while making your brain do some extra thinking, Zojoi Games’ wonderful remake of Shadowgate is on sale on Steam for the low, low price of $2.99. It’s worth more than that so yes, you should get it or else a dragon will roast you when you open the next door you walk up to. You can also get the more content-packed Special Edition of the game for $6.24, but I’ll let you poke around on the game’s page to see what that all entails.