COMING SOON: Getting Some More Action In

Video Store Action Heroes - Banner 9 final

Psst. Hey. Yeah, you. Keep this a secret, would ya? Um, August 18th is when you may want to pop in and see what’s what. Shhhhhh. Just you, though.

Okay,  you may tell a friend or three.  I’ll go make some popcorn.



9 thoughts on “COMING SOON: Getting Some More Action In

    • Well, it’ll be stale popcorn, as I started making it already running five air poppers at once. Oops. I guess I can use it as packing material, as I have a few boxes to ship tomorrow. 😀

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  1. Hey chief destructor of fanboys. Very much looking forward to this. Fun times ahead. Blow your Viking battle horns, sound the klaxons, turn up the bass, push the red alert buttons, rev the engine of your muscle car and bounce that suspension. The Video Store Action Heroes are coming to town. Hello G BTW 🙂


    • Hmmm… if I buy all that stuff (the horns and such), there goes my movie budget! I’ll just howl at the moon or something (I can type while hoarse!). Or perhaps I won’t as I don’t want to step on your toes (I read werewolves don’t wear shoes and I recall Lon Chaney Jr’s fuzzy feet in those classic Universal films). Who wants to get a werewolf bite over that? Not me! 😀

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      • Howling at the moon suits me fine, keeps the expense down and you can still make a right racket. The hairy feet make up for the bald bowling ball head the alter ego has and the thick fuzz protects them, so stepping on my toes is all fine. Great Uncle Lon never clipped his toenails, monstrous claws, I’ve only seen in photos. The ladies didn’t like it so the rest of the lycan clan keep it tidy down there. Oh I digress. Howling at the moon from across each side of the pond will be like An American Tail but without the soppy song! hehe Looking forward to seeing what you pick on the 18th. It will be good fun. 🙂


      • “Somebody turn off those gosh damn klaxons”! – John Lithgow, The Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai, 1984

        Too bad I already reviewed this one…otherwise, it might’ve been my choice for our first blogathon! Looking forward to August 18th…and who knows, maybe this will become a weekly thing. Or maybe even…DAILY.


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