Tuesday’s Off: Some Arrows To The Brain Keep Me Occupied

Ouch and double ouch. I took today off to catch up to some Blu-Rays from Arrow Video I needed to review and that made for an interesting most of the day of movie watching. Some stuff was great, some not so great. All will get the treatment within the next week or so. I took a break and went for a walk to do some shopping, had a stop in a nearby park for a chat with a friend and ended up finding a lost Nintendo 2DS I’m going to make a big effort to find the owner of. Hey, I know what it’s like to lose something cool and not inexpensive. I’d have left it where it was, but we waited a few minutes for that pack of kids to return and it was starting to look like rain before I decided to grab the system and hang onto it until someone drops me a line. Well, I’m in the process of making a FOUND OBJECT note to tape to the bench asking for a description of the system, the owner’s nickname and the name of the game inside. This should be a fun little diversion for a bit.


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