Toy Fair 2015: SnooZzoo – Bedtime Perfected

snoozoo logoLet me tell you, folks; if I had a SnooZzoo as a kid, I’d probably be a lot less tired these days. Cameron Jones and his excellent child sized sleepover bag/huge stuffed animal hybrid caught my eye at Toy Fair and I had to immediately smile because it’s one of those products that fills a niche and is ready to rocket to the top of every parent’s list for all the right reasons. Continue reading

The Toys of Summer: Rabbids Baby Want, Rabbids, Baby Get!

rabbids.header.01 Bwaaaaaaah! Remember when I said Ubisoft’s goofy-looking Rabbids were nothing but trouble? Well, they’re STILL trouble and thanks to McFarlane Toys, you can take that trouble from the hit Nickelodeon TV show (and a bunch of fun games) and bring it home with you. But… should you? You KNOW what happens when Rabbids get loose, right? RIGHT? No? Hmmm… apparently, someone did not get the mem-o, I see. Well, FINE then. Hey, I did warn you, so I’m not responsible for the mayhem that will ensue when you allow yourself to bring Rabbids into your lives.

Below the jump is a short list of rather cool stuff (available this month at your favorite toy retailer) you can spend that hard earned money on so you can fill up your space with too much Bwaaaaaaah:

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Mezco Wants To Bury Its Living Dead Dolls Line (Sort Of)… You Can Guess What Will Happen, Right?

LDD 13The Box Leads To MadnessSo, Mezco Toyz had the wild idea to get together some of its long running Living Dead Dolls lineup (which just so happens to be celebrating its 16th anniversary), have a custom coffin built, roll up to the Ripley’s Believe it Or Not Odditorium in Times Square in a cool custom hearse (called Hearsula, of course!), place those dolls and a ton of other cool stuff in said coffin and have it entombed, time capsule style for 66 years.

Yes, You have to give them credit for thinking outside the box (bad pun alert! Oh, too late?), but as the line goes in countless horror (and other) movies, “I’ve got a bad feeling about this…”

Here’s the thing: Mezco is searching for someone in the New York City or New Jersey area with a family mausoleum that happens to have space for a certain evil doll-packed coffin for an extended stay (you’ll want to contact if you happen to fit that description). I’m betting they most likely want someone responsible who’s got no bones (heh) about loaning out a sacred space for three-fifths of a century plus tax to a coffin packed to the gills with LD memorabilia of all types. Of course, the combination of evil (but kinda cute) dolls socked away against their will and the potential of greedy grave robbers trying to get to that hidden time capsule PLUS the usual supernatural stuff gone awry will mean a rather high body count over that 66 years as people start vanishing when they try and do some grave robbing.

Yeah, move over, Chucky… you’re old news now, pal! Continue reading

Things I Learned @Toy Fair 2014: I Think A Crowded Coop Needs A Name Change…

TF_balloonicorn“How about a REALLY Crowded Coop?”Was what I suggest to Mary Olson after seeing the size of this year’s amazing lineup at Toy Fair, but I think she would have hit me on the head with that prototype Halo bag I’d been ogling. It’s a good thing she didn’t, as I’d then be responsible for the entire first run having a dent the size of my forehead in and I’d like to be a bit less of a negative influence on product design in the future. Where last year, the company had a handful of licenses that yielded a sizable amount of product, this year the booth was about three times the size and there were so many products on display that I had to swing by twice to see them all…
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Things I Learned @ Toy Fair 2014 #3: The Monster Eater Makes For A Fine Best Friend…

Einar_TMEDon’t be afraid of the dark! It’s always fun to prowl the floor at Toy Fair and see people with great ideas turning them into toys with a purpose and sometimes it’s indeed true that great minds think alike. I got to see a pair of excellent dream-related items at the show worth closer examination and thanks to the two happy ladies with fine tales to tell proudly showing off their products, I’m here to give you the rundown so you can go spend some money in the near future.

Einar, The Monster Eater comes to you from Wendy Lasater of Dandy Innovations. Wendy’s a housewife with a young daughter who tends to (as many kids do) have nightmares and used to come rushing into her parents’ room to sleep with them for comfort. While many parents find this behavior acceptable, Wendy wanted to set her daughter free of whatever monsters under, in and around her room were plaguing her. Enter Einar, and a new plush hero was born…. Continue reading

Things I Learned @ Toy Fair 2014 (#1): Super Sprowtz Wants To Help Your Kids Eat Better*

ToyFair2014Well, besides there being way too much stuff for one person to cover without going slightly mad, I did pick up a few helpful life tips while poking round this year’s show. Below (and for the next few days) you’ll find those tips with a few products that come in quite handy for learning some essential life skills. Yes, this is a humor piece of sorts, but everything in these posts are things I saw and liked, so plugged it shall get. Onward!

(Thanks, SuperSprowtz!)

Sprowtz_1Eat Your Veggies! Super Sprowtz wants to change the way parents and kids look at and eat food and if their TF2014 presence was any indication, these healthy looking guys and gals are going to make a major impact over the next few years. Launched in 2011 by WILD Restaurant owner Radha Agrawal, the company is dedicated to getting kids to see and appreciate vegetables in a more positive manner using a wide range of media and fun activities to get them motivated and moving towards more healthy eating choices… Continue reading

Mezco Wants You to Play “What’s In The Box?” On Friday the 13th…

So please oblige them, I say. This deal is actually REALLY awesome, so pay attention, please (cut, paste!):


(The mystery continues below the jump…)

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Cute? Hell! DOOM Plushies Make for A Nice (But Scary) Sleepytime…

Cute Doom DOOM! Amusingly enough, today seems to be doomsday in terms of my posts. Anyway, aren’t these little demons Cute? Yes? No? maybe you just peed a little imagining one or both rolling out from under your bed or off a shelf in the dark to come after you for not cuddling them right out of the box? Yeah, well… next time you’ll know. Those ball lightning and fireball burns will only be first degree at best although I won’t help you come up with an excuse for those bite marks and scratches. “It was the dog/cat” only works once or twice. Hell is other people MOST of the time, but thanks to the Bethsoft online store, it can be small and fuzzy other demons. $15 each and yup, you need to buy both so if they happen to start fighting, you can hop out of bed and go sleep in the bathtub. Don’t forget to lock that door…

Despicable Me 2 Toy Profile of the Week (5): Plush Rush!

2012-11 087 2012-11 059 2012-12 031 2012-12 034

Three new plush figs from DM2
are this week’s bad poem you’ve to view.
Don’t blame me, folks – blame Thinkway Toys
They make fine stuff for girls and boys.

Collectors, too – you’re not forgotten
As these three toys aren’t at all rotten
Agnes, Unicorn and Minion Dave
are all well-made to draw your rave.

They’re special, as each activates
with sound or lights and functions great
Agnes speaks, her unicorn chimes
And Dave’s eyes pop (not from my rhymes!)

All priced quite fair, so grab them all
And decorate your room or hall
Stop by here this time next week
For more to make your wallets weak!

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Toy Fair 2013: Insanimals Are Here! Get Your Money (and Your Crazy) Ready…



INSANIMALSSometimes the best things in life come out of (and often come out) a little crazy idea taken from concept to creation, and I’d say Maryland-based brainchild and designer Chris Sciannella’s “crazy” idea is more likely than not going to make someone a millionaire at some point. Insanimals, the cool line of wild-eyed (but completely lovable) plush toys, made me laugh for a few reasons when I strolled up to the booth at this year’s Toy Fair, all of them good. For one, how can you not automatically get a grin going when seeing a chihuahua, cow, monkey or zebra (all with BIG hypnotic plastic eyeballs) staring back at you? I felt like picking them all up and shaking them gently to see if they’d snap out of it, but that bad idea of mine would just turn them back into “Normanimals” and you can get those anywhere from the local florist to the world’s biggest toy store. Insanimals are special because they’re completely bonkers and don’t try to hide it one bit…

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