The Toys of Summer: Rabbids Baby Want, Rabbids, Baby Get!

rabbids.header.01 Bwaaaaaaah! Remember when I said Ubisoft’s goofy-looking Rabbids were nothing but trouble? Well, they’re STILL trouble and thanks to McFarlane Toys, you can take that trouble from the hit Nickelodeon TV show (and a bunch of fun games) and bring it home with you. But… should you? You KNOW what happens when Rabbids get loose, right? RIGHT? No? Hmmm… apparently, someone did not get the mem-o, I see. Well, FINE then. Hey, I did warn you, so I’m not responsible for the mayhem that will ensue when you allow yourself to bring Rabbids into your lives.

Below the jump is a short list of rather cool stuff (available this month at your favorite toy retailer) you can spend that hard earned money on so you can fill up your space with too much Bwaaaaaaah:

other_superplungerblaster_packaging_01_dpRabbids Super Plunger Blaster ($19.99): Yeah, you KNOW you want this and if you don’t think you do, then you’re thinking WRONG. Go on ahead and get thee to your nearest toy emporium and pull that trigger on this funny-looking popgun to get a burp, fart, flush, laugh or scream blasting out one end (yep, the one with the Rabbid stuck into it!). You can tell this pistol is packing some heat (if only because they stuffed a whole Rabbid in there and I bet it’s all sweaty!)…

Anyway, the SPB has three play modes, Bwah Mode, Fart Mode and Prank Mode and I’ll let YOU figure out which one is which and how to get them working because I don’t have one of those guns here (yet) and if i did, I’d be afraid to squeeze that trigger too hard because that darn Rabbid might pop out and get loose here. Bwaaaaaaah!

rabbids-plushsound1_sly_packaging_01_dpRabbids Plush With Sound Series 1 ($12.99 each!): This past April, the Rabbids Plush line came out and seems to have done well enough that someone has decided quite stuffed Rabbids were all TOO quiet. This new series of plushies? Yup, they make lots of noises fans of the show and games will get right away. Three versions await your open wallet: Hoo Bwah, Raving, and Sly, but you’ll need to shake them to fine out what sounds you’ll get. My underpaid spies say there’s a range of them, a “Bwaaaah!” here, a fart there, maybe a laugh or two. You’ll find out soon enough, right? Yeah, I thought so… you’re buying the whole box and NOT sharing. Oh, they won’t stay put in that showcase or on that shelf, I tell you…

rabbids-minifigs2_superbwah_packaging_01_dpRabbids Mini-Figures Series 2 (Blind Bag: $2.99 each, Non-Blind 6-pack: $19.99): And if you LOVE surprises (and cheap surprises at that), well, here you go. Seven figures in this new series: Plunger, Bill E. Rock, Super Bwaaah, Blondie, Where’d It Go and Professor Marker, PLUS a super-secret MYSTERY figure are all waiting to get added to your collection. You KNOW you’re not going to open all those blind bags you buy ANYWAY (even though Rabbids need to breathe just like any other fictional and very unstable critters), so do yourself a favor and buy that set of six to open and play with and don’t be surprised if some of those bags you’ve yet to open are rolling around on the floor Bwaaah-ing and farting up a small tornado. Hey, I told you things would get weird with those Rabbids, right?

rabbids-soundaction1_plunger_packaging_01 rabbids-soundaction1_chicken_packaging_01_dp rabbids-soundaction1_starfish_packaging_01 rabbids-soundaction1_driller_packaging_01

Rabbids Sound & Action Series 1 ($12.97 each): Okay, these deceptively cute (well, if you can call a Rabbid “cute”) figures may look as if they’re in static poses, but each has a specific action and sounds that will drive you into grin mode with a simple tug or spin. Yeah, “batteries NOT included” and not needed either. Make your own fun and get a “Bwaaaaaaaah!” or other sound in return. Nope, Rabbids don’t ask for much (in fact, they don’t ask at ALL – they just DO whatever it is they feel like), but they WILL fill a room with laughs. And other stuff you’ll probably be quite surprised at.

Hmmm… “Bwaaaaaaah!” I’m all out of Rabbids to write about. That’s probably a good thing for you because you’re now broke and have a room full of trouble. I’ll get to some of McFarlane Toys’ other stuff shortly, as they have a really great set of The Walking Dead dioramas coming up soon…


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