The Toys of Summer: Rabbids Baby Want, Rabbids, Baby Get!

rabbids.header.01 Bwaaaaaaah! Remember when I said Ubisoft’s goofy-looking Rabbids were nothing but trouble? Well, they’re STILL trouble and thanks to McFarlane Toys, you can take that trouble from the hit Nickelodeon TV show (and a bunch of fun games) and bring it home with you. But… should you? You KNOW what happens when Rabbids get loose, right? RIGHT? No? Hmmm… apparently, someone did not get the mem-o, I see. Well, FINE then. Hey, I did warn you, so I’m not responsible for the mayhem that will ensue when you allow yourself to bring Rabbids into your lives.

Below the jump is a short list of rather cool stuff (available this month at your favorite toy retailer) you can spend that hard earned money on so you can fill up your space with too much Bwaaaaaaah:

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Toy Fair 2013: Those Rabbids Are Everywhere (No) Thanks To McFarlane Toys…


McF_Rabbids 1McFarlane Toys has been invaded by Ubisoft’s kooky Rabbids and after a fierce battle, this seems to be le result: a bunch of goofy Rabbids toys you probably don’t want around your home because they’ll come to life while you’re asleep and wreck your stuff up good. Don’t say I didn’t warn you, but if you do decide to buy these homely (but nefariously stupid and crafty) critters, lock them up in a glass case like the one you see in these pics. That’s recommended by the rep at the booth, by the way – I heard he had one in the hotel room he was staying at the first night of the show and the entire mini-bar was gone when he woke up! Evil, I say… eeeeeeeeevil!

McF_Rabbids 2 McF_Rabbids 3 McF_Rabbids 4