The Coop Brings Out Some Cool The Walking Dead Gear

062615 THE WALKING DEAD NEW PRODUCTS FROM THE COOPWith so much other stuff going on I’d almost forgotten that there’s a spin-off to The Walking Dead coming to AMC next month called Fear The Walking Dead. But fear not fans of the original show, The Coop’s troops have set up the release of a load of new gear you’ll want to drop that paycheck on. Just click away on this link and get ready to fill your closet up with some very nice licensed goodies.

Product_TWD-L101_DarylWingsMessengerBag Daryl Wings Mini Messenger 1 Daryl Poncho Bag 1 Daryl Wings Wallet 1 Daryl Wings Cinch Bag Product_TWD_213_shirt_DarylWings

I’m partial to the Daryl Dixon stuff on that page because it all looks awesome and hey, who doesn’t love them some Daryl? Er, besides Carol (YET. Ha and ha-ha). Anyway, just make like a starving chicken and peck away at those photos above to do some shopping. Unlike the show, nothing here is walk into a deserted town’s hopefully walker-less shop free. You’ll have to spend some of that hard-earned loot you’re socking away in that mattress on this stuff. Thankfully, it’s all well worth the money thanks to The Coop’s attention to detail and quality construction.

Hey, you can either by a giant can of pudding that will kill you because you’re lactose intolerant (and will make quite a farty zombie when you die after eating that can of pudding in one go, you glutton, you). Or you can save that funeral expense money and look good as you stroll down the street in style. Or run like hell from some zombies once they start popping out of the ground. I like living myself, so I’ll be taking the high road.

Set Your Phasers to BUY With Some Cool Coop Star Trek Gear

Product_STL140_Golduniform_laptop_bag_02_2048x2048 Product_STL141_Phaser_FannyPack_04_2048x2048


“Attention carbon units/what would you do/if you had to save the earth/from something attacking you…”

Well, you’d probably want to at least be decked out looking somewhat Enterprising for the occasion, particularly if you know where that quote above has been transported from. Anyway, with San Diego Comic Con rolling up, thanks to The Coop and Entertainment Earth you Trekkies and Trekkers are getting some really cool stuff to send some of that disposable income on. Of course, you don’t need any sort of convention to snap up anything in this post if you’re a fan who wants to show off your love for all things Trek. Continue reading

Things I Learned @Toy Fair 2014: I Think A Crowded Coop Needs A Name Change…

TF_balloonicorn“How about a REALLY Crowded Coop?”Was what I suggest to Mary Olson after seeing the size of this year’s amazing lineup at Toy Fair, but I think she would have hit me on the head with that prototype Halo bag I’d been ogling. It’s a good thing she didn’t, as I’d then be responsible for the entire first run having a dent the size of my forehead in and I’d like to be a bit less of a negative influence on product design in the future. Where last year, the company had a handful of licenses that yielded a sizable amount of product, this year the booth was about three times the size and there were so many products on display that I had to swing by twice to see them all…
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Toy Fair 2013: A Crowded Coop: Valve’s (Other) Secret Weapon


ACC_logoIf you’re one of those video game fans who collects assorted goodies related to your favorite games or if you’re just interested in fun finds with a quirky edge, I bet there’s a nice possibility that there’s something from A Crowded Coop on a shelf or hanging on or from something you own. Based out of Monroe, Washington and made up of a couple of professional genius business types with heavy experience in all things toy related as well as being some very talented artistic types with vision to spare, the company creates its own products as well as licenses and distributes other trendy, hip gear the cool kids (and old farts like me) love through a number of retail outlets such as Think Geek and other quality online and brick & mortar emporiums.  At this year’s Toy Fair, the company showed off an outstanding line of collectibles from some of Valve’s hit games (Portal 2, DOTA 2 and Team Fortress 2), a new line of beautiful plush toys from artist Justin Hillgrove, another upcoming fun plush line called Whim Whams and more that had me smiling even as I walked up to the booth…

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