IT Teaser Trailer: What? That? Oh, Right.

Okay… it’s confession time, again. CLOWNS DO NOT SCARE ME. At all. There, I said it. Hey, I grew up going to circuses on class trips (the animal waste smell was worse than the greasepaint talent, folks), watching Bozo the freakin’ Clown on TV, so clowns make me laugh. Even Killer Klowns From Outer Space. Okay, serial killers in real life who’ve dressed as clowns? Yeah, but that’s different. Hell, I’ve even painted an evil clown for a magazine cover back in the day and my sleep has been secure. Well, up to the point a bunch of orange clowns slipped into seats of power with plans to turn the rivers and skies blacker than the unclean resources they claim are otherwise. But, I digress. I do like the look of this from the trailer, haven’t reread the book in over 15 years or longer and thought Tim Curry looked great as Pennywise because his makeup gave him a light bulb shaped noggin that reminded me of Greedy Killerwatt. Yes, I am as old as dirt.

Anyway, we’ll soon see how Pennywise it was to remake this Stephen King classic, but as he’s given it his blessing, it certainly looks to be some sort of more definitive version than that old TV movie was. I predict a huge horror hit because humans are scared of the strangest stuff that’s not at all real while strangely doing scary stuff to each other straight out of a horror flick on a daily basis. Go figure.




2 thoughts on “IT Teaser Trailer: What? That? Oh, Right.

  1. I can’t wait to see this. The thing about the 1990 mini-series is that, yes, Tim Curry was excellent as Pennywise; the mini-series as a whole was not. I’ve been excited for this ever since I first heard about it and I do believe Bill Skarsgard is going to do a hell of a job as Pennywise.


    • Oh, if Bill can channel his dad’s creepiest work (Stellan Skarsgård can be supremely scary) while bringing his own take to Pennywise, I’m going to be thrilled. That 1990 TV flick should not have been on network TV (I’ll admit Curry was indeed the best thing about it as he was also what made Legend a lot more watchable). But you could say that about a few of King’s books that got the watered-down for the masses treatment. I hope this time a clown does make me jump, as I’m waaaaay to jaded about them and laugh a bit too much if I see one IRL. On the other hand, I know friends who flip out when they see them, so that might be the way to go, seeing IT with a few of them.

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