Things I Learned @Toy Fair 2014: I Think A Crowded Coop Needs A Name Change…

TF_balloonicorn“How about a REALLY Crowded Coop?”Was what I suggest to Mary Olson after seeing the size of this year’s amazing lineup at Toy Fair, but I think she would have hit me on the head with that prototype Halo bag I’d been ogling. It’s a good thing she didn’t, as I’d then be responsible for the entire first run having a dent the size of my forehead in and I’d like to be a bit less of a negative influence on product design in the future. Where last year, the company had a handful of licenses that yielded a sizable amount of product, this year the booth was about three times the size and there were so many products on display that I had to swing by twice to see them all…
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Toy Fair 2013: A Crowded Coop: Valve’s (Other) Secret Weapon


ACC_logoIf you’re one of those video game fans who collects assorted goodies related to your favorite games or if you’re just interested in fun finds with a quirky edge, I bet there’s a nice possibility that there’s something from A Crowded Coop on a shelf or hanging on or from something you own. Based out of Monroe, Washington and made up of a couple of professional genius business types with heavy experience in all things toy related as well as being some very talented artistic types with vision to spare, the company creates its own products as well as licenses and distributes other trendy, hip gear the cool kids (and old farts like me) love through a number of retail outlets such as Think Geek and other quality online and brick & mortar emporiums.  At this year’s Toy Fair, the company showed off an outstanding line of collectibles from some of Valve’s hit games (Portal 2, DOTA 2 and Team Fortress 2), a new line of beautiful plush toys from artist Justin Hillgrove, another upcoming fun plush line called Whim Whams and more that had me smiling even as I walked up to the booth…

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Portal 2 In Motion On PSN: Definitely NOT The Same “Old” Game WIth Move….


As the kids say, “Now THAT’S what I’m talkin’ about!” – or something like that. While this super new update to Valve’s stellar first-person physics puzzler may LOOK the same at first, the changes made to get the game PlayStation Move compatible will add new challenges to the familiar while also proving how well motion control can be done when you have a team that can do it correctly. Sixense just may have a lot of people who’ve played this one to death doing it all over again. I’d be one of those people if this wasn’t DLC only, but I guess I’ll have to hold out hope that Sony’s console gets an Orange Box version of Portal (or even better ALL the Left 4 Dead games!) that has this on it. Ah well… PSN users will be pleased, that’s for sure.

WETA Workshop Makes Valve’s Day (And Mine Too)…

OK, now THIS is pretty damn cool. Then again, everything WETA does or has done in the past has managed to be beyond awesome. As you can see here, that turret is exactly like the ones from the Portal games (but I bet it can’t sing!). Of course, if you never hear a peep from the company after this and it turns out WETA made the thing TOO well (as in fully functioning and happily psychotic), well… there’s a very awesome one of a kind collectible some brave Portal fan can volunteer to retrieve. Hmmm… that might make a pretty cool mod, huh?

Portal 2 VGA Co-op Trailer (+ a gentle reminder…)

Rumor had it that the PS3 version of Portal was to have Move support. Valve has officially gone on record to say nope, it does NOT. Heck, according to the company line, it’s already the best version of the game, so packing anything else into it would probably make the game disc rupture and your PS3 very unhappy. HOWEVER, you can still attempt to balance that retail copy on your Move wand and take a photo or record the act in progress (feel free to send Valve a pic or post the video on YouTube), thus “supporting” the PS3 version with your Move controller.

Oh – That gentle reminder? Go pre-order the game already.

A Little Gifting Idea From Valve…

Er, Happy Valventine’s Day (har har), Some hints from Valve on what and how. BTW, pre-orders for Portal 2 have started up all over the world (Yikes). Time to add your names to the list, I’d say…

Portal 2 On The PS3: Valve Makes More Than Good On That Promise…

Well, Portal 2 on the PS3 has moved on up from last year's intriguing “Is it EVEN possible?” E3 announcement to a “Holy Cats… they actually went and did it!” must-buy experience. PS3, PC and Mac cross-platform gameplay as well as Steam functionality over PSN and a REALLY (really) cool freebie for truly dedicated players? Looks as if Sony's console gets the best version after all.

Er, now about Left 4 Dead & L4D2 on the console… (just nod if they're coming – I won't tell a soul)…

Press release below the jump (and no, there's no cake at the end for reading the entire post… well, not for YOU at least).

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Portal 2 Co-Op Trailer (Yes… and Yes)

Yes, it’s the PAX 2010 trailer (I wasn’t at PAX, so I’m seeing this for the first time) and Yes, Valve wants you to buy the game because they’re working on it harder than you think. Hell, they’ve got my money as long as i can walk into a game shop and buy it on a disc.

Portal 2 Suffers Time Warp Delay, But This Is Actually Good News…

According to Valve and this nicely hilarious press release that pokes fun at the company’s track record for its games slipping into the infamous release date triangle, Portal 2 is special for yet another reason:


Valve today announced that Portal 2 — the sequel to the ground-breaking title that won over 30 game of the year awards, despite missing its original ship date — will now be available the week of April 18th, 2011. This two month slip not only marks the shortest delay in Valve’s proud tradition of delays, it represents the approaching convergence of Valve Time and Real Time. Though this convergence spells doom for humanity, it will not affect the new Portal 2 release date.

Gallery: Portal 2

Hah! Game delays don't bother me at all, folks. In the case of Portal 2, it just means more time for Valve to make an even better game across every platform (so there!). Besides, it also gives me a good chance to actually add a nice all-in-one gallery to the site that features the E3 and more recent Gamescom screens, the brief tease-filled trailer and the hilariously unsubtle Infographics signage (each of which absolutely begs to be clicked on and read rather thoroughly).

So what are you waiting for? (click below)*

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