Indie Royale’s Insulin Bundle: Sweet Games Make For A Cheap High

The Insulin Bundle Indie Royale

Here’s a pretty nice deal on a nicer Friday from the fine folk at Indie Royale. $3.32 for seven Steam games, 6 are DRM-free, 3 run on Macs, 1 on Linux-based systems. Well, you can’t have everything, right? But you do get more than enough in this set of indies.

What, that’s not enough for you? Okay, okay! Head to Humble Bundle and check out the slightly more expensive ($5.00) but well worth the cost Humble Origin Bundle 2 full of over 9 (and counting) Electronic Arts games. or perhaps you’re an IndieGala guy or gal-a? Well, they’ve got you covered with the Evoland Bundle which has eight game for $2.89.. but only ONE is called Evoland. Well, I’d gather that it’s the most popular indie game in that deal, thus the bundle’s name.

Finally, Bundle Stars has an all-multiplayer deal in the Factions Bundle, which will set you back a measly $2.99 for 10 great Steam MP games. As usual, you know what to do next – go support charity and load up your computing device with some fine indies!

“Wake Up, Time to BUY!” Indie Royale Gives You Coffee and a Mystery…

IndieRoyale Coffee Bean Bundle 

I forgot to add these two awesome deals from Indie Royale yesterday, so here you go: MORE games to buy for not a lot of money, you cheapskates smart and wise savers of money. First up, the Coffee Bean Bundle, which is a misleading title on the surface as you’re buying games, not coffee (or coffee beans for that matter). That said, you’ll probably need to put on a pot of the strongest java you can handle. Blinking while playing any of the high-octane games in this set of five is pretty much guaranteed to make you lose. Hey, sleep is overrated on some days, right?

IndieRoyale Mystery 3 Bundle 

Do you love mysteries? Good. Have you got a digital dollar? Great! The Mystery 3 Bundle is calling out to you and you know you can’t resist. Three of the games are revealed (a retro JRPG and two intriguing deep water diving/hidden object hybrids) and the other seven are hidden until later. Take a chance, folks. No, you probably won’t get some system-taxing AAA game at all. But surprises are underrated on some days, right? Okay, get to it then. Your backlog isn’t a backlog unless it’s got some games in it!

Mezco Wants You to Play “What’s In The Box?” On Friday the 13th…

So please oblige them, I say. This deal is actually REALLY awesome, so pay attention, please (cut, paste!):


(The mystery continues below the jump…)

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Snoopy Was A Part Time Sleuth? Who Knew?

snoopy mystery

Well, well, well… and here I thought he was just a WWI Flying Ace, a failed author, a former owner of a multi-level underground doghouse fit for a billionaire (until it burned down!) and a few other cool things. My dad had this tote bag in storage with a bunch of other stuff and it’s a pretty cool find as I’ve never seen it until now. I did some quick research as I was typing this post and apparently there was indeed a TV special called “It’s A Mystery, Charlie Brown” – nice! I think it was also done as an illustrated book, but I’ll need to dive deeper into that research at some point.

(thanks, PeanutsOnline!) 

Granted, as old as I am, I probably SHOULD know this already, but I haven’t seen EVERY single Peanuts special and hey, I don’t have catching up on the ones I missed high on my to-do list. Actually… as I’m sitting here thinking about it… I do vaguely recall seeing this one, but it’s been over thirty years since so my memory is supremely hazy about those days. Anyway, the mystery of yet another old item is solved. 30 boxes of stuff to go. Yikes. Anyone want to help out here?