Time Travel Kind Of Sucks.

Still not back to normal yet, but email is the best way to reach me as I’m still not signed back into any social networks (in my current shape, the stress isn’t a good thing). I had no idea Adam West died and that E3 was in full swing (you miss a lot after about a month or so in the hospital), my inbox is PACKED with stuff I still can’t type well or fast enough to respond to (this post took about 30 minutes). The recovery process is going to be bumpy as hell, but the alternatives are far less entertaining and I prefer more options.

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UPTIME vs Downtime: Good Energy Always Wins

UPTIME (1)A few weeks back I got a few samples of UPTIME Energy Drink and a bottle each of Original and Maximum Energy Blend Tablets to take for a spin. I didn’t want to just toss them back over the course of a few days, get a quick buzz and blaze away for a bunch of hours on an energy wave at all. Instead, I decided to hold off on testing them out until I had a reason to require that boost the products offered.

Of course, life has a way of hitting you on the head with stuff that requires excess energy caffeine and its resulting crashes can’t handle. Let’s just say that when used correctly a little bit of UPTIME can really make a difference in your day.

UPTIME looks to distinguish itself from other energy drinks on the market with cool (and resealable) 12oz (355ML) cans, less ingredients than other energy drinks and a cleaner, no aftertaste finish that’s light and pleasing when all is said and done. There are two varieties, Original (sweetened with real sugar) and Sugar-Free (artificially sweetened) for those who want less “guilt” with their boost. For the record, there’s about a cup of coffee’s worth of caffeine in a bottle. So if you’re averse at all to it you’ll want to seek your energy boosting through other means. Personally, I preferred the Original over Sugar-Free as I’m not fond of artificial sweeteners in anything, but the latter wasn’t bad at all. Saving my samples for a few brainy days was a good idea as I got slammed with a few things that required a bit more focus than I’m usually used to.

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Don’t Let Stuff Bug You, Live Longer!

(thanks again, Sleaze-O-Rama!)

This is pretty common sense stuff, but we all need to be occasionally reminded that a bit of positive thinking will keep you alive a bit longer. According to a new study from the University of Illinois (along with a few of other studies like this one that show similar results). Yeah, yeah. I know some of you happen to people who like your gloomy outlooks, black roses floating in your bath water and droning music while you cook your dinner while smoking three cigarettes at once and drinking gin from the bottle. But think of living longer like this: You get to be around longer to spread your glum tidings and gain a few new followers. That is, should you be a part of any sort of social scene and actually care about that sort of thing. Anyway, cheer up and be glad you’re not hiding in a cave from hard to kill grabby giant wasps.

That said, you’ll probably get blind-sided by some stroller pushing super-mom on her cellphone right into the path of a bus, however. Stop wearing those sunglasses at night next time and maybe cut down to a pack a day so you can see outside the range of the cloud of smoke you’re usually hidden under. You may thank me later if you like. This has been a public service announcement.

Rainy Days And Mondays Always Gonna Get Me Down (For Some Gaming)…

Vault of Horror 3…Or a good movie or book. Or some bad ones from any of the three choices (plus a few other forms of entertainment). As I’ve gotten older (and fartier, ha ha), I’ve slowly come to the realization that the best way to handle any bumps in the road of this thing called life is to have a hobby or hobbies that can ease the travel (and in some cases, the travel time) down the creepier and less well lit pathways we all drive into. Sometimes, it’s just good to vanish into a bit of harmless fantasy just to ease out of a stressful situation for a few hours and chill for a bit.

Yep, even it a completely off the walls horror flick like this one can get the blues chased down and considerably maimed into submission!

I’ve also found sleeping on some problems doesn’t work as well as it did years back because the whole “waking up to that problem overcooking on the stove” thing is worse when you’re older, wiser and able to do more about stuff than you could when you were younger (and a lot less smart).  Interestingly enough, watching a film can actually HELP in some cases when that film happens to show a usable (and hopefully, legal) means to tackling at least part of that thing that’s plaguing you.

In other words, a damn great laugh can really help ease some types of physical or mental pain. I’ve had a few aching body parts soothed temporarily by laughing my ass off or being otherwise distracted by a movie (when it was too hard to concentrate on reading) or game (during times when I could hold a controller while something was hurting up a storm). That said, “Laughter is the best medicine” isn’t a miracle cure at all, folks – just a well-known old adage that’s true because the distraction of a solid belly laugh or giggle-snort gets your brain off the pain and onto the laugh track where it belongs. A good joke can also make for a clear head once you’re upright from that doubling over, I say.

Anyway, pay no mind to the old man – I’m just in a bit of a thoughtful mood lately… 

Things I Learned @ Toy Fair 2014 (#1): Super Sprowtz Wants To Help Your Kids Eat Better*

ToyFair2014Well, besides there being way too much stuff for one person to cover without going slightly mad, I did pick up a few helpful life tips while poking round this year’s show. Below (and for the next few days) you’ll find those tips with a few products that come in quite handy for learning some essential life skills. Yes, this is a humor piece of sorts, but everything in these posts are things I saw and liked, so plugged it shall get. Onward!

(Thanks, SuperSprowtz!)

Sprowtz_1Eat Your Veggies! Super Sprowtz wants to change the way parents and kids look at and eat food and if their TF2014 presence was any indication, these healthy looking guys and gals are going to make a major impact over the next few years. Launched in 2011 by WILD Restaurant owner Radha Agrawal, the company is dedicated to getting kids to see and appreciate vegetables in a more positive manner using a wide range of media and fun activities to get them motivated and moving towards more healthy eating choices… Continue reading

Ssssh… All’s Quiet on the Western Front…


And in the East? Silence. North (Look up!) and South (and down!)? Yup? Tumbleweeds and a chilly wind because you looked down first, then up (Oops. Pay attention next time!). Anyway, as noted previously, I took today off to do some personal stuff, so there’s nothing thrilling to report because I was not near much tech/game/movie/toy stuff online to keep me otherwise occupied. I’m back now, but won’t fire up the brain box now because I need to be fresh and toasty for the return to Toy Fair and it’s happy madness on Tuesday. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to curl up with a bad movie and pass out in front of the TV. Back tomorrow with actual interesting words…