Wise Alec & Wise Alec Junior: “Smart” Can’t Quite Compete With Wise

No, I’m not slapping around the eggheads some too often disrespect out there for knowing so much, folks. We all kind of need those stupidly smart people who know more than we do, as left unchecked, we’d all be quite dead and still trying to sue someone who didn’t fix that badly-made or never repaired bridge that fell on our heads or can of beans that was a wee bit too spoiled when it was put on that rickety shop shelf. Thankfully, Canada still likes us, as Griddly Games’ Wise Alec and Wise Alec Junior will get brains knitting away with their mix of “Oooh, I HAD it!” trivia and random acts of oddball activities you’ll be tasked with completing. Hey, it’s better than camping out in front of the TV sucking in awful cable news for an evening…

What’s cool about both games are you’re getting a ton of fun at home that some schools won’t let kids have these days. Hey, someone might yell a bit too loudly when they get something right or get overly-excited enough after a win that the on-site security will need to pack them up and put them in a broom closet until you drive down to bail them out. Hmmm… I do recall that sort of giddy behavior USED to be called HAVING FUN back in the day (before the age of Ritalin and other kiddie meds)…

Despicable Me 2 Toy Profile of the Week (9): A Little Traveling Music, Please!

2012-12-10 037 2012-12-10 043

When Minions need a quick get-around
and their feet can’t touch solid ground
You’d best believe that pound for pound
That Minon Mobile’s mighty sound

With Minion Tim right at the wheel
(he’s got a license he didn’t steal!)
He’s got that “get there fast!” appeal
(just listen to those tires squeal!)

Yep, Thinkway Toys has whipped this up
to blaze right past your cat or pup
Whether you’re a kid or young grownup
You’ll want this ride without holdup!


Minion Mobile (9”)

Age: 4+; Approximate Retail Price: $39.99
• Includes Voice, Lights and Sounds
• 10+ Sayings
• Comes with Minion Tim Driver

Available at a toy retailer near you starting in May. Despicable Me 2 is in theaters on July 2, 2013.

So, That Solowheel Can Make You Stronger, Huh?

While I don’t think we’ll see the fine creative geniuses at Inventist put the tow truck business out of action at all, this video they’ve posted in pretty interesting and shows that their cool Solowheel can get your bigger ride moving with a good push. I’d imagine this won’t work on a city bus or anything heavier than the car shown in this footage, but it’s certainly easy for a big skeptic to disprove if they want to. Have at it, science and get back to me. I can’t afford a Solowheel just yet (and hell, my sense of balance has sent me threatening letters if I happen to look lovingly at one at a trade show ever again), but I sure like looking at one when there’s a rider on one who can make that thing move like wheeled lightning…

Despicable Me 2 Toy Profile of the Week (8): New, Yet Nostalgic…

DM2 MONO PK PRD (Custom) DM2 OP PRD visual01 (Custom)

This week’s peek’s not plush or plastic,
But two board classics quite fantastic.
And one old viewer from the past
(like older models, built to last).

Hasbro’s grand Monopoly
goes DM2-themed, as you see
The rules, the same, the fun, so great
That special box, you just can’t hate!

And Operation! – another winner,
Make sure to play it after dinner
poking that Minion may gross you out
(But that’s subject to quite some doubt)

View-Master UpdatedThat Viewmaster, yes, it’s so cute
That Minion’s mug is such a hoot
From Fischer-Price and Basic Fun
they’re teaming up for everyone.


You’ll want to buy all of these things
(I hope your car’s got mighty wings)
Your home will be packed to the roof
 Big DM2 Fan? You’re THE proof!

Shown above:

Hasbro’s MONOPOLY: Despicable Me 2 Edition Game – The MONOPOLY game has never been this mischievous! Assemble the Minions! Gru is back with a villainous plan to take over the MONOPOLY game. Spin the Minion to make your move, collect Banana Bucks fast, and own all your favorite Despicable Me properties. Suggested retail price: $19.99

Hasbro’s OPERATION: Despicable Me 2 Edition Game– Whaaa’?! Stuart’s having a bad, bad day. He accidentally swallowed some unicorn fluff, his noggin’s gone nutty, and his tongue is toxic! What’s a Minion to do?! Operate! It’s the same classic OPERATION game fun, plus the wacky humor of Minions! Suggested retail price: $19.99.

Despicable Me 2 View Master® – See your favorite Despicable Me characters like never before – in vivid View Master 3D! In partnership with Fisher-Price, Basic Fun has developed the Despicable Me 2 View Master including a new internal design that provides a 50% brighter and larger image with a smoother operation and a new focus on 3D adventures featuring 21 images (across three reels) to tell the Despicable Me story. Suggested retail price: $9.99 (viewer), $4.99 (reel pack), $14.99 (gift set including the viewer, three reels and a branded case)

Despicable Me 2 toys and other licensed products will be available at retailers nationwide beginning in May 2013. Despicable Me 2 hits theaters on July 3, 2013.

Despicable Me 2 Toy Profile of the Week (7): Put Your Hands (And Minions) Together!

2012-12 012 2012-12 026 2012-12 024

Two more minions of nostalgic design
Can soon be yours (and perhaps mine)
They’re made in quite a famous shape
(I say “Potato!”, not “Egg!” nor “Grape!”)

Minion Carl, he’s that hot tater tot
Build him as you like (and don’t spare a part!)
Well, you can’t quite make him double-faced
That would be weird (and quite hard to place!).

2012-12 012 2012-12 019 2012-12 021

And as for Minion Mr. Tim,
I’d say many will fall for him
He’s quite the master of disguise
With mustache, hat and beady eyes!

Both come to you from Thinkway Toys
And make great gifts for girls or boys.
And collectors with shelf space to spare
Will also want to grab this pair!

Shown above, Despicable Me 2 Build-A-Minion (7” Model Kits)

  • Build Mr. Tim Minion/Party Minion
  • Build Baby Carl/Party Minion

Age: 4+; Approximate Retail Price: $14.99

Available starting in May at a toy retailer near you. Despicable Me 2 hits theaters on July 3, 2013.

Toy Fair 2013: Mezco Toys Brings Chucky Back + Some Living Dead Dolls Banner News…


Mezco Logo B

Chucky smallSay a happy “Hello!” to Mezco’s 15″ Mega Scale Chucky doll. Well, say that happy “Hello” NOW, as once he arrives on your doorstep, it may be the last we see or hear of you. This latest incarnation, available for pre-order NOW and shipping out in September 2013, is decked out in his colorful Good Guys outfit, comes packing a knife (well, not a REAL knife, but you do have some in the kitchen he’ll get a hold of, right?) and will look quite good in your collection. You may want to add a steel-barred locked cage to your shelf, though. Plunk down $90, and he shows up a few months from now all ready for your collection. You can pretend that’s because he walked all the way from the factory, but do you REALLY want to take this fantasy that far?

CHUCKY banner

Me, I’ll just pass out and dream about Jennifer Tilly chasing after me with an inflatable axe in one hand and a Tiffany doll from Bride of Chucky in the other (hmm, does Mezco have one of these for sale?) because there are much more *fun* ways to leave the planet. Of course, the actual GF will be chasing me with a REAL axe if I keep this stuff up, so it may be a messy demise after all… Ouch, ouch, ouch!!!

As for that Living Dead Dolls banner, read on…

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Despicable Me 2 Toy Profile of the Week (6): Some New Grus to Grow on You…

2012-12-10 117 2012-11 121 2012-11 161

This week’s peek’s a big triple threat
All Grus to ogle (and for you to get).
Thinkway Toys is working quite hard
To make you work off that winter lard
By rushing to and from the store
(But for you that’s not some useless chore!)

The first Gru’s The Collector’s Edition
His cool features, they’ll have you wishin’
that your other flick figures moved so much
or responded to your very touch.

Gru number two’s the Talking Genius one
He’s packed with features that are quite fun
25 quotes, plus moving legs and arms
Are only a few of his smarty charms

The final Gru’s got an H20 Shooter,
that’s made to stop that Minion looter
(Well, if things work just as they should
and not if that water gun’s made of wood!)

All can be yours, and very soon
Just count the days ’til that weird moon
Or better yet, hit the stores in May,
and take home some great stuff for play!

Pictured above, three more Collectible figures from the upcoming Despicable Me 2 toy line: Age: 4+; Approximate retail pricing and details below the jump. All will be available starting in May at a retailer near you! Continue reading

Despicable Me 2 Toy Profile of the Week (5): Plush Rush!

2012-11 087 2012-11 059 2012-12 031 2012-12 034

Three new plush figs from DM2
are this week’s bad poem you’ve to view.
Don’t blame me, folks – blame Thinkway Toys
They make fine stuff for girls and boys.

Collectors, too – you’re not forgotten
As these three toys aren’t at all rotten
Agnes, Unicorn and Minion Dave
are all well-made to draw your rave.

They’re special, as each activates
with sound or lights and functions great
Agnes speaks, her unicorn chimes
And Dave’s eyes pop (not from my rhymes!)

All priced quite fair, so grab them all
And decorate your room or hall
Stop by here this time next week
For more to make your wallets weak!

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Inventist, Your Swerver Quad Skates Make Me Want to Go Broke (In All The Right Ways)…


swerver quad skatesHmmm. $395 is a bit steep for a cheap guy like me, but I saw these awesome feet-wheels at Toy Fair and immeduately wanted to take them for a test drive. I used to roller skate a bit in the 80’s (no, it wasn’t a disco thing, silly!) and early 90’s, but stopped once I actually broke a pair of old-school skates during a parade I was in (no, it wasn’t that type of a parade, silly!). Anyway, those slick Swever Quads promise with a “patented lean-to-turn design” that according to the official site “allows for increased stability when skating forwards or backwards, and more freedom of movement.” Hmmmm. They do look nice with jeans, yes?

swerver quad skates 2


BC_ThorWell, no “Hmmm.” at all actually, as I’ve seen Inventist’s other products in action including the amazing Solowheel, which makes me crack up because I think of that old BC comic strip (which is STILL running, I just found out – just not in any NYC papers from what I’ve seen) and that “original” solo wheel cooked up by Thor back in the day. OK, so I’m mandated to get a gaming angle here by the other side of the brain, so here you go: a play through of the classic and slightly related to this post Commodore 64 game from 1983 called B.C.’s Quest for Tires. Hmmm… (again?) perhaps that NEXT Solowheel video can be a “remake” of the game? THAT would be really cool. Weird and funny as hell, but cool nonetheless…



(Thanks to Christian Liepold and his YouTube Channel for that video, by the way)

Toy Fair 2013: Flip2BFit and Bakari Will Put A Forever Spring In Your Step…




flip2bfitEven though I know a few folks who’ve lost weight using WiiFit, Let’s Dance, Zumba or other video games, the fact is, these aren’t for everyone. In general, not enough people in the US exercise and eat right period, video game consoles aren’t in every home for any number of good reasons and some people need a bit more motivation than taking the relatively expensive way out of buying more devices that they probably won’t use once they’re unpacked. That said, adding some sort of play to one’s exercise routine is a great thing and that’s where Heather Parisi and her all ages fitness games Flip2BFit and Bakari come in. Sometimes, a good old fashioned board or card game is the way to go for anyone looking to shape up with kids they don’t want glued to the TV or a device when they should be concentrating on a few important things like diet and exercise…

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