Things I Learned @ Toy Fair 2014 (#1): Super Sprowtz Wants To Help Your Kids Eat Better*

ToyFair2014Well, besides there being way too much stuff for one person to cover without going slightly mad, I did pick up a few helpful life tips while poking round this year’s show. Below (and for the next few days) you’ll find those tips with a few products that come in quite handy for learning some essential life skills. Yes, this is a humor piece of sorts, but everything in these posts are things I saw and liked, so plugged it shall get. Onward!

(Thanks, SuperSprowtz!)

Sprowtz_1Eat Your Veggies! Super Sprowtz wants to change the way parents and kids look at and eat food and if their TF2014 presence was any indication, these healthy looking guys and gals are going to make a major impact over the next few years. Launched in 2011 by WILD Restaurant owner Radha Agrawal, the company is dedicated to getting kids to see and appreciate vegetables in a more positive manner using a wide range of media and fun activities to get them motivated and moving towards more healthy eating choices…

Super_Sprowtz_HeroesSuper Sprowtz offers up a ton of activities from live shows, veggie focused videos, traveling museum exhibitions, assistance with school nutrition curriculum, lunchroom salad bar takeovers, organic gardening kits and more. The toy angle is well covered with products that include plush puppets of its heroic veggies, games to get the kids (and adults) moving, veggie themed dining sets for kids, storybooks and more.

The tagline “Eat Your Super Powers” was all over their colorful booth and refers to the hidden powers of tasty carrots, broccoli and eggplant (which are coincidentally, what the three current heroes are based on). Sure, getting kids and many adults to chow down regularly on healthy food is a challenge in a country where some are trying to make bacon our national food (eek!) and the unholy trinity of fat, salt and sugar have led to too many people suffering from assorted diseases that can be halted in their tracks and in some cases, reversed) with a shift in diet and a nod towards regular physical activity.

Sprowtz_StuffIt wasn’t hard to want to go grab a nice organic salad after meeting with Luicien von Wehren, the company’s Director of Marketing. We chatted about some of Super Sprowtz’ past and current projects and his enthusiasm and energy was quite catchy for a guy and basically trying along with some other really cool folks to get millions to swap out bad food for much better food. It’s tough work for sure, but given the recent changes by some mega-corporations to some of their best selling (albeit still not so healthy) products and a few other newsworthy food-related news items I’ve seen, methinks change is coming slowly but surely thanks to these determined guys and gals.

Keep an eye peeled (as well as a banana you’ve bought from somewhere local), as I’m betting we hear a lot more about Super Sprowtz as the veggie fever takes hold of the nation. Heck, it’s better than any other fever you’ll get and you won’t need any shots to feel better because your super powers will keep you peppy and steppy every day of the week…

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