Mezco’s Talking Mega Scale 15″ Chucky: “Best Friends Forever”… But Not One of the Good Guys

Chucky Says HiWell, now. Chucky’s back in action, this time in a new Mezco Toyz figure bound to scare up some sure sales among collectors when it ships out this September. Be very polite and don’t forget to wave and smile back, now. You really wouldn’t want to get Chucky angry with you, not even a little bit.

Mezco’s latest take on the classic horror villain from the Child’s Play and Chucky films stands 15″ tall and features real cloth Good Guys clothing, 11 points of articulation, a plastic knife and his trademark flaming orange hair. Did I mention he also talks, saying seven phrases from the movies? Well, he does. Nope, “I Can Talk” isn’t from any of the films, but seeing that in the image below made me immediately chuckle and think “Well, I can run away while you talk!” as well as “Exit, Stage Left!”

Mezco Talking Chucky Anyway, you can pre-order the Talking Mega Scale 15″ Chucky by clicking away on that handy link I’ve provided. It’s $94 worth of scares coming your way, but you knew that from the moment you laid eyes on him. Make some room for him, or he’ll be pretty upset when he arrives and has to lurk about in his shipping box while you clear out that space you should have beforehand. If he starts yapping away in that box before you get to opening it, that’s not a good sign at all…

Toy Fair 2015: Wabbit Season Coming Soon, Courtesy Mezco Toyz

So, Mezco Toyz has this rather massive Bugs Bunny figure coming this year:

mezco bugs

and I couldn’t be happier. Not because I have the room for a two-foot tall cartoon rabbit in the collection (I don’t). Its because they got the license to the RIGHT Bugs from the era he was his funniest. it also (probably) means well see the more insane (yer perfect) versions of Daffy Duck, Elmer Fudd, and Porky Pig with the possibility of more on the way. Excellent. On the other hand, I could just be jumping the gun here with my guessing who else the company has licensed. I don’t think so, as those guys BELONG together. I’ll bet you all a baby carrot, too. Okay, I just want a boxed set of smaller figures because that big wabbit that’s going to go on sale later this year wont fit anywhere in my place.

make it so, Mezco 9and make me happy)…

Mezco’s New Living Dead Doll Has Universal Appeal

Mezco creature instagram_1While Mezco Toyz has previously sold a cool 9-inch Creature From the Black Lagoon collectible figure in its Universal Monsters line, this upcoming Living Dead Doll version of the Creature blows that one out of the water. I’m betting a new penny this new doll sells out faster than the Universal Monsters one just because it’s cute and creepy perfection. Just look at it:

Mezco Creature from the Black Lagoon LDD


Featuring an all new body and face sculpt, this iconic scaled terror from the deep stands a full 10” tall and captures the intricate detail of the pre-historic gill-man; from his mysterious yellow eyes, to his claw tipped webbed hands. With nine points of articulation he is the most articulated Living Dead Doll ever, he’ll be able to take out any scientist who dares to come between him and his true love. He comes packaged in a full color, collector friendly window box.

This upcoming Creature From the Black Lagoon Living Dead Doll will cost $32 and ship out in July. Pre-ordering is highly recommended, as I can see LDD fans worldwide making room in a cabinet or on a shelf just for this new arrival. Yeah, that Gill-man will still slay you, man. But he’ll kill you with cuteness first before getting you with those fishy claws of his. “Dawwwww!” and “Gyaaaaaaah!” at the same time? I can do that.

Mezco Toys’ All Treat-No Trick Mystery Box: 310 Cheap Chances To Score Big!

(thanks, CentralMarkup!)

Mezco Mystery Box“What’s in the box?… WHAT’S IN THE BOX?! Yeah, yeah. Anyway, Mezco Toyz isn’t telling because they want you to BUY one or a couple of these $20 steal deals and I’m not telling because hell, I have NO idea other than you’ll get at LEAST $40 worth of goodies for that money. All I can say is it’ll be one or more items from the company’s popular Universal Monsters, Chucky, The Living Dead Dolls, Sons Of Anarchy, Breaking Bad, Mez-Itz, Axe Cop, or other product lines. Yeah, you know you’re curious, yellow. Or blue because you want more of these than you can afford (“let’s see now, 310 times $20 is…”). So goes the wild life of the American consumer, right? Anyway, get your own box before they’re all gone!

Mezco Wants To Bury Its Living Dead Dolls Line (Sort Of)… You Can Guess What Will Happen, Right?

LDD 13The Box Leads To MadnessSo, Mezco Toyz had the wild idea to get together some of its long running Living Dead Dolls lineup (which just so happens to be celebrating its 16th anniversary), have a custom coffin built, roll up to the Ripley’s Believe it Or Not Odditorium in Times Square in a cool custom hearse (called Hearsula, of course!), place those dolls and a ton of other cool stuff in said coffin and have it entombed, time capsule style for 66 years.

Yes, You have to give them credit for thinking outside the box (bad pun alert! Oh, too late?), but as the line goes in countless horror (and other) movies, “I’ve got a bad feeling about this…”

Here’s the thing: Mezco is searching for someone in the New York City or New Jersey area with a family mausoleum that happens to have space for a certain evil doll-packed coffin for an extended stay (you’ll want to contact if you happen to fit that description). I’m betting they most likely want someone responsible who’s got no bones (heh) about loaning out a sacred space for three-fifths of a century plus tax to a coffin packed to the gills with LD memorabilia of all types. Of course, the combination of evil (but kinda cute) dolls socked away against their will and the potential of greedy grave robbers trying to get to that hidden time capsule PLUS the usual supernatural stuff gone awry will mean a rather high body count over that 66 years as people start vanishing when they try and do some grave robbing.

Yeah, move over, Chucky… you’re old news now, pal! Continue reading

Breaking Bad Ends It Classy… At Least Here In The Big City.

BB_WW_6If you’re lucky enough to live in and around New York City and have been to the Museum of the Moving Image any time since July 26th, you’re probably more than aware that there’s been a very cool exhibit based around AMC’s Breaking Bad that’s running until October 27th, 2013.

Those in the know about this also know about tomorrow’s really special viewing party for the show’s final episode that’s going to draw in BB fans and toy collectors thanks to the fine folks and AMC teaming up with Mezco Toyz. Tomorrow’s events include a raffle of some of Mezco’s popular Walter White action figures with the already sold-out screening.

Details below the jump. If you’re interested you can most likely pop into the museum to see the exhibits but not the screening unless you’ve got a ticket from somewhere or someone. Fat chance on that happening at this late date, but a bag of blue can get you anything I hear…

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Mezco Wants You to Play “What’s In The Box?” On Friday the 13th…

So please oblige them, I say. This deal is actually REALLY awesome, so pay attention, please (cut, paste!):


(The mystery continues below the jump…)

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Mezco’s Transluscent Creature From The Black Lagoon Wants to Grab Your Attention…

Taxi…As  well as sixty clams from your wallet. This limited edition of 100 pieces is on sale now, but will ship during this year’s New York Comic-Con in October. Look at those mitts! I mean, he’s got to be drafted by the Yankees based on those big-ass hands alone. That would take care of the steroids issue for sure, but I’m not sure about the whole amphibian monster getting grabby with the ladies in the stands and slashy with those who try to stop him thing. Yeah, that’s a bit of a problem, but it he’s great in the outfield and fast on the bases, I bet he’s in. That and hell, those huge hands will get him a cab for sure during rush hour… “TAXI!!”

683 689 688 687 8 685

(Then again, The Creature doesn’t tip well because he doesn’t have any pockets. You could suggest him sticking some cash or a credit card between his gills, but that’s not a good thing to do. Don’t piss off the monster, folks…)

Shaky Cam Video Alert!: Some More Batmobile Stuff…

Oops. Go grab some Dramamine – I’ll wait. OK, you’re back? Good. I’d almost forgotten to upload these awful Batmobile videos from the Mezco Toyz event back on June 25th,so here you go. Thankfully, they’re all short and easily digested (*burp!*). I’m laughing like a maniac in one of those clips because of the absurdity of how small the entrance to the Ripley’s Believe it or Not space is and the fact that so many people were cramming in that it was hard for anyone to get pictures or video.

I think I had another two or three movies I deleted that were nothing but hands with cameras filming more hand with cameras as that Batman theme looped endlessly, but I deleted those because I was laughing even MORE hysterically in those films. I’d have them subtitled in some comic book font if I had decided to run them, though. Some sort of Joker laugh repeating “HA HA HAAAAA!” over and over…

Gallery: That Darn Bat(mobile)…

DSC01371 (Custom)OK, thanks to some very fine detective work (not by me – I just spackle on the snark here), the part of Robin was played yesterday by the one and only Aaron Sagers of MTV fame and also host of Travel Channel’s Paranormal Pop Culture and a few too many other things which means he either doesn’t sleep much or has clones running around. Yeah, I like Orphan Black a lot – so sue me.

Anyway, I still think the man still needs a decent Robin costume (sewn up for him by someone on Etsy, of course – gotta keep the NYC dollars here, right?). Hmmm… where’s my Magic Excuse Ball?… Ah, there it is! (shake!) Hey, he was wearing a mask and I didn’t know who he was! (shake!) Er…. I don’t watch MTV these days (thanks to playing too many games or watching more movies lately)! and (shake, shake!) hey, the lady behind me who wanted to put her squealing kid in that Batmobile for a picture made me laugh when she tapped me on the shoulder and asked if I knew who that guy was before offering up a suggestion or two I didn’t write (this IS a family show, folks)…

And yes, while we didn’t get an Yvonne Craig episode yesterday, there WAS a Batgirl of sorts there. You’re welcome.

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