Mezco Wants You to Play “What’s In The Box?” On Friday the 13th…

So please oblige them, I say. This deal is actually REALLY awesome, so pay attention, please (cut, paste!):


(The mystery continues below the jump…)

Mezco Presents Friday The 13th Lucky Mystery Box

Triskaidekaphobics rejoice! Mezco has just made Friday the 13th less frightening, with their Friday The 13th Lucky Mystery Box.

Each $13 box will contain:

A mystery Mez-Itz 6inch figure

A mystery glow in the dark figure

A mystery plush figure

Plus, as a special surprise, each 13th lucky customer will receive a special additional bonus item.

What kind of bonus item?

It could be;

A Monster Scale Frankenstein worth $100,

A Mega Scale Batman worth $200,

A Living Dead Doll,

Or another sought after Mezco item.

An offer this good can’t last long, only 130 Friday The 13th Lucky Mystery Boxes are available starting at 1300 hours (1pm EST) on Friday 9/13, so shoo that black cat out of the way, walk under that ladder, and place your order online HERE

Also, be sure to visit Mezco at NY Comic Con booth #1855

Sounds like a plan, although I KNOW someone will be placing 13 orders JUST to get that bonus item for their own stash… you’d have to be a less than super genius collector to figure this out, but we’ll see what transpires, I suppose…

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