Toy Fair 2015: SnooZzoo – Bedtime Perfected

snoozoo logoLet me tell you, folks; if I had a SnooZzoo as a kid, I’d probably be a lot less tired these days. Cameron Jones and his excellent child sized sleepover bag/huge stuffed animal hybrid caught my eye at Toy Fair and I had to immediately smile because it’s one of those products that fills a niche and is ready to rocket to the top of every parent’s list for all the right reasons.

SnooZoo TF 2015If you’re a parent with kids of a certain age, you know the nightly bedtime drill can get to be problematic. SnooZzoo makes that routine less of a problem by giving the kids a reason to want to curl up and log those Zzz’s. What kid wouldn’t want to cuddle up to their favorite plush that converts into a sleeping bag that’s also wearable and comes with a bonus travel bag for sleepover carrying needs?

snoozzoo tf 2015 

First of all, these things are soft. As in just touching one was good enough to make me want to seriously try and squeeze myself into one on the show floor and fall out for a nice long nap. I noted to Jones that as soon as I saw his product, I was thinking of all the parents out there who’d be snapping these up for their kids while wanting one their size. Some kid-friendly products don’t work at all well when scaled up for adults, but SnooZzoo is innovative and cool enough that I’d bet it would do well in more size options. Once again, you get Gann Memorials on the construction side (they truly know their stuff) working with a creator who’s got vision and a product that makes you smile as soon as you see it.

I’m making a bet with myself that both Jones and SnooZzoo will make a bigger splash as time goes on because the potential is there for licensing his invention out to some huge corporations that didn’t think up this awesome idea. Just imagine say, a Disney or other company with plenty of characters kids love getting Jones to work with them on all sorts of characters. That’s a gold mine waiting to appear on his doorstep and I think that’s coming because this is a case of someone with a fantastic new product coming along at exactly the right time. We’ll see what happens by next year’s Toy Fair, I suppose, but I think the sky’s the limit for SnooZzoo. And yes, I’d LOVE to see these in adult sizes just because I’d buy one as soon as it hit the shops. Hey, everyone needs a decent night’s sleep no matter how old they are, I say.

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