DOOM Eternal: More Kicks To The Devil Butt, Guaranteed


I did love the DOOM revival from 2016 because the game managed to be as fun to play as it was funny when necessary. It also defined its lead as a total demon-slaying nightmare that, yes, even some of the demons feared and you weren’t just killing them for fun and games. All that slaughter was your job because some rather stupid smart people had messed around and screwed things up by letting those demons into onto Mars (science!) and you were the person chosen to clean up the mess with how shall we say, EXTREME prejudice.

DOOM Eternal looks as if it’s also packing the same zippy no-cover fast-kill action as the last game (which was a welcome return to form from the first two DOOM games from the ’90’s), but as with the revival, I prefer to go in as cold as possible and be thrilled over knowing whee every enemy and secret is out of the gate. Kids, this is how gaming never gets old for me. The less I know, the better the game gets. On that note, I’ll probably ignore watching important spoilers from this moment on, as that new trailer sure teases a whole lot, doesn’t it?




This DOOM Trailer is a Feat of Clay

DOOMSo, yeah. DOOM comes out on May 13th and this 4th game can also be seen as a modern reboot of the seminal FPS franchise as well as a love letter by id Software to itself. While the official game trailer itself is quite NSFW, the very talented Claycat (or Lee Hardcastle) has whipped up a hilariously cartoon gory (and not for the kiddies) claymation version of one of the early trailers that’s a must-watch.

Er… Hey, that’s NOT blood, kids… it’s um, jelly! Take a look:

Yep, awesome, innit? Here’s the yuckier (content-wise) official trailer:

DOOM hits retail and digital on May 13, 2016. As the song says, “go to hell and see how you like it!”

DOOM: Campaign of Pain Awaits The Hardcore FPS Fans

doom-frontcoverHa and double ha. Releasing DOOM on Friday the 13th (5/13/2016, to be precise) is a PR masterstroke created courtesy of the calendar naturally falling on that date and players worldwide hoping the final product is indeed ready for its garishly gory close up on  day reserved for superstition and bad luck galore for those who believe in such stuff.

From the video below the jump (it’s kinda NSFW with all that mostly demon blood and bits splooshing all about), it’s clear to this writer that the game recalls the original’s unrepentant and dark tone, amped-up modern visuals side.

Remember, folks: you’re NOT buying DOOM because you want happy-happy rainbows and flower-draped unicorns prancing about with flitty faeries giggling psychotically as rosewater (gently) sprays into your face from your PC’s speakers. You’re buying DOOM because you know what you’re getting into: One space marine on Mars stuck in a ravaged space base racking up a rather impressive and insane body count comprised of demons who’ve entered the place through a recently activated portal to hell.

Yikes, but hey – simpler is best in a game like this, particularly is it’s trying to get the feel of the original games right. “Nailed it!” is what Bethsoft and id want to hear (or “BFG’ed it!” or “Chainsawed it!” if you want to get into the proper game groove lingo stuff) from fans this May and if that trailer is any indication, they’ll be hearing that and more.

Speaking of more: click below if you darrrrrrreContinue reading

Bethesda @E3 2015: Lots Of DOOM-Saying Dishonored Fallout Scrolls


Nothing much to say here other than Bethesda Softworks’ E3 lineup is small but spectacular even though I’m not completely sold on the mobile and free to play titles (because I’m old school stubborn like that but still respect them in the morning). Pull up a seat and something to eat as this is a nice lonng look at what’s coming this year and a bit beyond. I’ll run individual game trailers later this week. Okay, back to grinding my teeth and making pissed off faces at no one in particular. There’s still some work being done on the roof (which was supposed to end on the 5th of this month) and an inspector is coming to look at a wall that’s become a bit of a mess in the home office, grrrrr.

12 Seconds of DOOM: More Than Enough to Wake the Dead


Yikes. As someone bored by the current state of the PFS genre, this SUPER teasy teaser for Bethesda’s upcoming DOOM reboot made something rattle inside me I haven’t felt in quite some time. Perhaps it was that blast of metal and the howling sound plus the way that creature was shaking as it lumbered forth, shoulder guns blazing away. Yeah, that was something I’d not want to see ambling my way if I were on my last box of shells and there were more waiting around a corner somewhere. Well, time to set my E3 sights on this one I guess. I’m NOT attending the show this year thanks to stuff happening at home (as in walls and ceiling needing to be replaced in a few rooms plus the ongoing roof repairs), but I’ll be keeping an eye on a bunch of titles like this because that’s the only thing that will keep me from going all Space Marine on those folks knocking stuff down just to put it all back together (and hopefully for some sort of good this time- the previous work has blown something terribly).

Bethsoft’s Quakecon Steam Sale Is Pretty Killer Stuff…

Quakecon BundleNope, I’m not at QuakeCon this year either, but that’s probably a good thing. While the thousands of fans there are drooling over new stuff and old, I can be tucking into some of these great deals Bethesda has put on sale on Steam now until the show closes. In addition, these other deals are going up during the remainder of the weekend:

· Friday: Wolfenstein: The New Order and DOOM Sale at 50-75% off

· Saturday: Fallout 3: Game of the Year, Fallout: New Vegas, and all Fallout: Classic Collection at 50-75% off

· Sunday: The Elder Scrolls Sale, with Elder Scrolls titles selling for 50-75% off

Of course, I have some of these titles already and a few too many in my backlog, so I most likely won’t buy a thing (this year, at least). On the other hand, as I always say – I’m not stopping YOU from diving into this pool of great games and coming up for air with less hard drive space and more games than you can finish in a comfortable amount of time…

E3 2014: DOOM Teaser: Not Enough To Keep Me Away… Yet.

Aw, man. I wanted to see some gameplay that would make me jump under the table, but nope. Just a GREAT teaser for the still in production DOOM reboot with some nicely familiar sound effects that made me smile rather broadly. Oh well. No, I’m NOT going to Quakecon this year, but I’ll be prowling around online during the show to post whatever new trailer and gameplay footage pops up at that event on the company’s YouTube channel or Bethblog. Okay, Bethsoft – make me cower in fear next time or else… I’ll just wait around until you do. Hey, I’m easy to please…

There’s No Beer In Hell, But All The Pianos Play DOOM There…

File this under “Now, I’ve REALLY seen Everything!”: OK, so it’s NOT Hell Paris again, but hell… someone made a piano that plays DOOM. Yeah, I want one now (and am kicking myself that I gave up on lessons as a kid), but I’ll need to steal a cargo plane, hire some some assistants and fly all the way to London’s Virgin Media Game Space in order to get this one of a kind hybrid machine/instrument. Of course, I’ll get arrested, tried and convicted and need to serve some hard time (boo, but I want to keep the film rights!), but at least I’ll have a story to tell at parties after I get out that will top the usual “I saw so-and-so coming out of a Starbucks drunk!” stuff you hear all the time, right? Hmmm… I wonder if Carmack, Romero or even Bethesda will ask for one of these to be made for them at some point. Hey, I say if anything, you can buy off that devil with a gift he’ll really flip over! You DO know he plays EVERY instrument, right? I got him a harmonica last year and he’s quite the expert at it!

Cute? Hell! DOOM Plushies Make for A Nice (But Scary) Sleepytime…

Cute Doom DOOM! Amusingly enough, today seems to be doomsday in terms of my posts. Anyway, aren’t these little demons Cute? Yes? No? maybe you just peed a little imagining one or both rolling out from under your bed or off a shelf in the dark to come after you for not cuddling them right out of the box? Yeah, well… next time you’ll know. Those ball lightning and fireball burns will only be first degree at best although I won’t help you come up with an excuse for those bite marks and scratches. “It was the dog/cat” only works once or twice. Hell is other people MOST of the time, but thanks to the Bethsoft online store, it can be small and fuzzy other demons. $15 each and yup, you need to buy both so if they happen to start fighting, you can hop out of bed and go sleep in the bathtub. Don’t forget to lock that door…