Red Dead Redemption II is PC-Bound (See, I Told You)

Understatement of the year department: November 5th will be a very busy day for some folks, I think.


Not surprisingly, it’s on the way to PC.  Act surprised, though, as it’s coming sooner than you think. Well, in some places…

And guess what? you can get it FIRST, but not on STEAM until December. If you download the handy Rockstar Games Launcher, which is FREE and for a few more days comes with a FREE digital download of Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas (Whattttt?!), you can be one of the first to get RDR II. Other Rockstar titles will also be available at decent prices, so feel free to stock up, if that’s your thing.

Official company line stuff below the jump. Images and a trailer to follow as soon as they drop from the source next week.

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TERA Online Headed to PS4/Xbox One April 3

After dabbling in a few too many online games on the PS4 for about a year plus, I’ve narrowed down my focus to the upcoming free TERA Online, developer Bluehole Inc. and publisher En Masse‘s successful PC MMO that’s finally headed to consoles on April 3, 2018. I had the great fortune to try the game on three occasions when it was in beta over the past few months and while the test phase was sometimes a bit wonky, as things were tweaked and polished based on user feedback, the experience became a great deal more enjoyable to the point it was hard to put down.

Key to the overall experience is the game’s real-time combat system that’s quite responsive using the PS4 controller and allows for plenty of creative offensive and defensive moves. Given the ferociousness of the enemies here, you’ll need to have fast reflexes as well as sufficient healing and buffs at the ready. The game won’t hesitate to hit back hard with creatures that just won’t quit until you’ve beaten them or vice versa, and if the beta is any indication, both solo and group players should feel quite at home.

Yours truly ended up recording way too many videos during the betas on my YouTube channel (go sign up and feel free to send me a friend request on PSN – my handle there is GeeLW), but my body is ready for the full game when it lands on PSN shortly. Those of you interested in playing TERA on consoles can go all in for free or snap up one of a fewFounder’s Pack options that will give you some cool gear, in game money and other fun stuff along with the ability to start playing a week early.

Alrighty, then. Guess I’ll (hopefully) see some of you online at some point. I’ll likely be soloing this for the most part (I’m liking that Mystic class a lot, but the Archer is solid as well), but I’ll certainly need assistance with the 5-player boss maps.


Spooky’s House of Jump Scares: Oh, It SURE Looks Cute At First…

(Thanks, Akuma Kira!)

Ha and double ha. For a while, Fridays over at Desura have been interesting thanks to the site dropping four free indie game downloads for all in their Freedom Fridays promotion. Some of these games have been clunkers, others have been classics and a few defy a proper description because they’re so weird or unfinished or both that they feel like experiments that have taken a life of their own, bumped off their programmers and just forced themselves onto the site leaving a trail of corpses in their wake. Thankfully, Lag Studios‘ unique Spooky’s House of Jump Scares doesn’t fit into that latter category.

As you can see from that trailer above, the game starts off cute and simple-looking with cardboard monsters popping out of walls to maybe make you jump a little. But at some point during its thousand rooms, things take a decidedly dark turn as actual monsters drop onto the scene and give chase to your nameless character, a plot of sorts comes into play in the form of discovered notes and all of a sudden, the game with the dopey name you got for no money is freaking you out and you have to keep playing just to see what horrors that next room reveals. Okay, it’s no P.T. or Outlast, but the game will run on nearly anything and has enough tricks up its sleeve to be a nice little Halloween surprise. Anyway, go get Spooky and let her get under your skin. Hey, even if it doesn’t scare you at all, it’s FREE and you can’t be afraid of that price point at all…

Godzilla Strike Zone Trailer: A Little Free Fun While You’re Waiting…

Interestingly enough, had that new Godzilla film been made about ten years ago, gamers would be playing some new (and possibly rushed to make the film’s release window) game like this with longer levels and perhaps some sort of added multiplayer features. The days of paying fifty bucks for licensed movie games is over, I’d say and so, you get Godzilla Strike Zone for free on PC as a web browser game, on iOS though the App store and on Android through Google Play. Is it any good? Well, that depends on your definition of “good”, folks. It’s fun to play and loud and not very long overall, so I guess that counts as “good” in my book. Granted, you don’t need to know a thing about Godzilla old or new to dive into this and nope, you can’t ever beat FREE in my book even if a game isn’t all that hot. This one’s not going to task your brain in any way shape or form, but I’d recommend playing with headphones or ear buds, as you’ll rattle some windows if you have the volume up too much.

The Gate: When Free, Hell and iOS Together Are Actually A Great Thing…

Logo_Gate (Custom)

Fighter-cardCurrently an iOS exclusive and out NOW, The Gate is a free to play fantasy-themed card battle/RTS from American McGee and developer Spicy Horse Games that looks amazing and should grab the attention of those iOS users looking for some high-quality gaming on the go with a bit more bite.

As you can see, the game’s lovely artwork is quite impressive, mixing in a bit of Diablo with some original elements quite nicely. Killer artwork of course, doesn’t entirely make a game, but it looks as if the team has cooked up quite a winner on the gameplay front with a little help from DeNA and Mobage. In other words, it looks as if going to Hell will actually be something you’ll want to to many, many times once you pick this one up and get hooked into all it has to offer.

Currently, there’s no word if this is coming to non-iOS platforms, but I’d gather this all depends on how well the iOS version does. I’m an eternal optimist (or at least someone who prefers more choice outside of Apple platforms), so I’m hoping more gamers who play on other devices can get a taste of The Gate at some point in the near future.

EpicBattles SinisterStory StunningArt UnleashDevastatingCombos

As for what to expect if your interest is piqued, well… peek below the jump for the gory details (or: it’s press release time!)…
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LAWLESS: DeNA’s Arcade Shooter Brings The HEAT To iOS…


screenshot-1Another of DeNA’s surprises for mobile devices was this great looking fast paced arcade-style tap and shoot game, LAWLESS, that’s a surprisingly fun mash-up of classic light gun games such as Time Crisis, Virtua Cop and Area 51 and Michael Mann’s stellar crime flick, HEAT. If that sounds like a match made in coin-drop heaven it comes off even more excellently thanks to developers Eight Pixels Squared and DeNA Scattered Entertainment.

Sitting down with DeNA’s Barry Dorf for a quick look at the game, I was surprised at the combination of nicely realistic visuals and speedy timed gameplay that was immediately accessible and yes, addictive. Like the other games shown, this one’s free to play in solo or multiplayer modes with the option to buy in should one choose to upgrade. Based on some quick hands-on time with this one, I can see a lot of people opting in to spend a little to a lot of cash to keep this one going for a good long time… Continue reading

Money Run: DeNA Gives The Mobile “Runner” Genre Some VERY Hot Wheels…

MoneyRunIf you loved Temple Run and its many copycats and clones but are in the mood for something a little more thrilling, DeNA has exactly the game for you in the form of the soon to be released free game Money Run, which replaces that too familiar treasure hunter or licensed character and those assorted colorful leap-happy maps with a pure arcade experience that plays like a cross between Spy Hunter and Twisted Metal with a few cool twists. Actually, this isn’t a mere cosmetic re-skinning job at all, as the fast-paced racing action chock full of plenty of crashes and explosions feels straight out of some Hollywood blockbuster or action-packed TV series.

screenshot-a@2x screenshot-b@2x screenshot-c@2x screenshot-d@2x

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Doctor Who Legacy: Your Absolutely Free New Diversion Is Ready…

DWL7Well, alright… I’ll give this one a thumbs up simply because it’s basically a re-skinned more RPG-like version of the excellently addictive Puzzle Quest that happens to have a Doctor Who theme, characters and enemies. Of course, it’s on iOS and Android smartphones or devices only, my current phone is “dumb” and I prefer paying outright for a full version game on a console or portable I already own.

Which means I’ll be patiently waiting (but not holding my breath) for a Vita or 3DS version to show up. In the meantime, if YOU own an iPhone or Android phone or device, you can get the game now on iTunes and Google Play NOW. Did I mention that it’s not the standard “freemium” model at all, but actually FREE to download and play? Yeah, NO stupid energy meters that run out and get you to “buy in” so you can keep going! Awesome. The dev team is doing this as a labor of love, according to the game description and you can even email them with questions, comments and suggestions as to what you like, dislike and want to see in future installments. Now, that’s pretty spectacular in this day and age, I’d say…



Super Fighter Team Reissues Two Classic PC Fighters As Free Downloads

Super FighterSuper Fighter Team has been quite quietly busy these days, what with Nightmare Busters getting ready to ship out for the Super Nintendo soon (and yes, it’s simultaneously awesome and hilarious in the best possible manner to be typing this in 2013), but there are also some nice surprises you can grab for free that should greatly interest fans of classic 2D arcade fighting games.

Super Fighter Special Edition, a VERY nicely reworked version of the ancient PC fighter and Sango Fighter 2 are up and downloadable now, so if you’re into fighters, LOVE big, colorful animated sprites and wonderful pixel art backgrounds, yup, you’re already clicking away and getting yours I bet. Additionally, you can check out some music from Super Fighter HERE – it’s another pretty cool bonus that will get your ears grinning while you’re waxing nostalgic over either game’s old-school charms…