Red Dead Redemption II PC Trailer: A Tease of What’s Coming

RDR II Trailer

Jaw, meet floor.

Ha. Of course I lost my internet connection for a few too many hours (FiOS was a bit sluggish in responding here) and missed posting this when it was fresher, but here you go. While it’s a tease of what’s to come for PC users who have access to the game (via the FREE Rockstar Games Launcher is the best bet), Red Dead Redemption II is looking mighty wonderful. I fully expect those who are running the highest quality games with all the settings maxed out will consider this a new showpiece, an already great looking game on console, to be their go-to game for a while. November 15, as I’ve already noted, will be quite the busy day for those who get this.

(Watch this teaser on the best quality you can for maximum results)



Red Dead Redemption II PC: Whoa, Horsey, This Looks Spectacular

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Well, wow.  Let me post these stunning images here and stats via this link because yeah, the screens look quite phenomenal and I want to study them more. Okay, honestly, the news is a hell of a lot to copy/paste and yup, I have a lot of games to review and a few films this week to keep me busy. All I’ll say is if your PC can handle this (it supports a wide range of systems), this is the type of game that will run out of the gate better with a hefty system to show off the changes and how amazing it looks. Also, if you want this and not have to wait more that you have to, the Rockstar Games Launcher will be the way to go, pardner.


PC owners get sore mighty fine bonuses, too.

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Red Dead Redemption II is PC-Bound (See, I Told You)

Understatement of the year department: November 5th will be a very busy day for some folks, I think.


Not surprisingly, it’s on the way to PC.  Act surprised, though, as it’s coming sooner than you think. Well, in some places…

And guess what? you can get it FIRST, but not on STEAM until December. If you download the handy Rockstar Games Launcher, which is FREE and for a few more days comes with a FREE digital download of Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas (Whattttt?!), you can be one of the first to get RDR II. Other Rockstar titles will also be available at decent prices, so feel free to stock up, if that’s your thing.

Official company line stuff below the jump. Images and a trailer to follow as soon as they drop from the source next week.

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GTA San Andreas: “Introduction” – One of the Best 20 Minute Game Movies You’ll Ever See.


Grab a 40 (or some eggnog), pull up a chair and sit down to one of the most impressive bits of storytelling from a ten-year old video game. To some of the less respectful gamers out there Grand Theft Auto San: Andreas may be ancient “by today’s standards” (and it’s now available on PSN and Xbox Live), but Rockstar Studios created a game for the ages (whether you like the M-rated content or not). I know I put maybe 70 or so hours into the game when it was initially released on the PS2… but I still didn’t see the ending. Not for lack of trying, mind you – the memory card with my saves on it went missing and I certainly wasn’t pleased with having to restart the game from the beginning. Not that I would have minded much at all – it’s just that I had a ton of other games to review and I’ve never gotten back into San Andreas after all this time.

Well, it sure looks as if I have the chance now, hmmmm?  As for y-o-u, well now, are you going to get THIS game for your favorite player, or will it be another Chia Pet or Clapper this year? C’mon, do the right thing and get this one as a gift for that (over 18, of course) gamer on your list.

Games I Finally Got Around To Completing #1: Red Dead Redemption

Well, THAT took a while, but it’s finally done, Undead Nightmare expansion (which I actually completed before the main game’s story)and all. Hey, I did say I like to take my time with games, so here’s a good example of this procrastination. Part of this was due to having so many open world games to go through, me going through them in order of least impressive to most (RDD is still stellar visually and highly replayable) and the fact that yup, I’m pretty awful at poker and there’s a LOT of it to play throughout the game. RDD’s poker games were giving me trouble because I hated to do the save/reload thing and wanted to always try and win fair and square without any cheating. Fortunately, I wised up (hey, it’s a game about the Old West – who the heck was a 100% honest poker player back then? Even the oldest Western films have poker cheats!) and decided to seek a bit of help from a few helpful sources from a friend who’s a pretty decent player to a nice and helpful site that showed me a few tricks I was too stubborn to pull off…

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Max Payne 3 Launch Trailer: Watch It Now, As Next Week You’ll Be Too Busy Playing…

It’s up and yes, it’s fantastic.  Amusingly enough, for a very short period of time, I was worried that Rockstar wasn’t doing enough to get the word out on all the hard work the dev team was doing on this one. Ha! I should have figured the all-out blitz would kick in closer to the release date. I’m looking forward to the story more than the MP modes, but I like how they tie together and would love to see more games tackle this in a similar fashion (without stealing the idea cold, of course)….

It’s Free Comic Book Day (Part Two). So, Here’s One For You From Rockstar!

Hey, it’s still Free Comic Book Day today, which means you can walk into ANY comic shop and walk out with a free comic (or comics, if you’re lucky) and NOT get arrested. That said, Rockstar Games is also getting in on the fun with an assist from Marvel thanks to the first issue of Max Payne 3: After The Fall , which is landing online as a digital read you can check out on your PC, laptop (and probably device if you like squinting at that nicely gritty art) OR PDF download before the game shoots into stores on May 15. Rockstar is also offering a VERY limited edition physical copy of the book to selected Rockstar Games Social Club members, so if you’re not one and want one, sign up at that link above and keep those fingers crossed. That particular offer is ONLY good until June, so get crackin’ if you want to snag a copy!

Max Payne Multiplayer DLC Announced: Rockstar Pass Packs It All In As A Decent Deal For MP Fans

While some of us will be wrapped up in the single player mode multiple times until we’ve done and seen everything it has to offer, Rockstar Games plans to keep fans of online play even busier. The company has announced a wealth of downloadable multiplayer content for Max Payne 3 as well as its Rockstar Pass program that allows purchasers access to this premium content. Beginning now, the Pass is up for pre-order online over PSN and Xbox Live and at retail Best Buy and GameStop locations in the US for $29.99 (or 2400 Microsoft Points, if you’re a 360 owner). Like other online pass programs, users will get first crack at new DLC as soon as it becomes available and it looks as if Rockstar is planning to roll out a hefty amount of content starting in June 2012:

June 2012

Local Justice Map Pack

Summer 2012

Disorganized Crime Map Pack

Deathmatch Made In Heaven Mode Pack

Hostage Negotiation Map Pack

New York Minute Co-Op Pack

Fall 2012

Painful Memories Map Pack

Trickle Down Economics Map Pack

Max Payne 3: After The Fall Graphic Novel: A Perfect Companion Piece For That Downtime…

With a three-part story written by Rockstar head Dan Houser AND Remedy Studios’ Dan Lake, fans of the game series should be wanting to snap this up one wherever it appears. The graphic novel will have its digital premiere later this week, followed up by a limited edition retail release that I’m guessing will be a pretty hot commodity should the fan base find it worthy of dropping into a plastic sleeve and socking away for safekeeping. Hey, anything that extends what’s looking like an already solid story is alright in my book.

Max Payne 3 TV Spot: Probably The Only Bit of The Game They CAN Show On TV…


Rockstar Studios’ long awaited beautiful bullet ballet is almost upon us (and yup, I can’t wait to see how it’s turned out) and here’s the first big TV ad for the upcoming game. Ever since I saw the live demo last year at NYCC, this one has been tickling a few buttons in my head. The art direction, visuals and gameplay all looked solid and that new animation system is brilliant when you see it in motion. While I’m not big on multiplayer these days, I know the story and characters will be what I like to call “Rockstar memorable”. As in there will be quite a few quotable lines sinking into skulls like some of the bullets Max fires off during the game. May is certainly going to be a busy month around these parts, that’s for sure…