The Gate: When Free, Hell and iOS Together Are Actually A Great Thing…

Logo_Gate (Custom)

Fighter-cardCurrently an iOS exclusive and out NOW, The Gate is a free to play fantasy-themed card battle/RTS from American McGee and developer Spicy Horse Games that looks amazing and should grab the attention of those iOS users looking for some high-quality gaming on the go with a bit more bite.

As you can see, the game’s lovely artwork is quite impressive, mixing in a bit of Diablo with some original elements quite nicely. Killer artwork of course, doesn’t entirely make a game, but it looks as if the team has cooked up quite a winner on the gameplay front with a little help from DeNA and Mobage. In other words, it looks as if going to Hell will actually be something you’ll want to to many, many times once you pick this one up and get hooked into all it has to offer.

Currently, there’s no word if this is coming to non-iOS platforms, but I’d gather this all depends on how well the iOS version does. I’m an eternal optimist (or at least someone who prefers more choice outside of Apple platforms), so I’m hoping more gamers who play on other devices can get a taste of The Gate at some point in the near future.

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As for what to expect if your interest is piqued, well… peek below the jump for the gory details (or: it’s press release time!)…
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LAWLESS: DeNA’s Arcade Shooter Brings The HEAT To iOS…


screenshot-1Another of DeNA’s surprises for mobile devices was this great looking fast paced arcade-style tap and shoot game, LAWLESS, that’s a surprisingly fun mash-up of classic light gun games such as Time Crisis, Virtua Cop and Area 51 and Michael Mann’s stellar crime flick, HEAT. If that sounds like a match made in coin-drop heaven it comes off even more excellently thanks to developers Eight Pixels Squared and DeNA Scattered Entertainment.

Sitting down with DeNA’s Barry Dorf for a quick look at the game, I was surprised at the combination of nicely realistic visuals and speedy timed gameplay that was immediately accessible and yes, addictive. Like the other games shown, this one’s free to play in solo or multiplayer modes with the option to buy in should one choose to upgrade. Based on some quick hands-on time with this one, I can see a lot of people opting in to spend a little to a lot of cash to keep this one going for a good long time… Continue reading