Jurassic World Teaser: The Return of Barney, Rubble

Oh… kay. Now, I was hoping Jurassic World was a joke, but nope. Looks like this one is a go, is getting done up as a big blockbuster and looks to rake in the big bucks when it’s released. Hmmmm. Given the law of diminishing returns hit the franchise hard the last time, I’m one of those with an arched eyebrow ready and set to stay arched. Yeah, yeah, it’s got super-hot hunk Chris Pratt in it and sure, CG technology has improved by light years so those damn digital dinos will look spectacular. But CG tends to be so obvious and all-consuming in these blockbusters that I’m betting now jaded audiences aren’t going to be as wowed as they were back in the day. Which wasn’t so long ago, mind you. Anyway, I can hold out for the cable premiere at this point, as nothing I’m seeing is floating my boat. Of course, that could change in the not too distant future. Well, Thursday is the day the longer official trailer gets released, so that’s the first… er, second chance the folks behind this get to grab my interest. I suppose I should be more excited about this one, but it’s a big “meh!” for me at this stage of the game.

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Interview: Brandon Cobb of Super Fighter Team


Nice. The last time I spoke to Super Fighter Team’s Brandon Cobb was a while back about some upcoming projects he was working on and before that, it was an interview a few years ago on Zaku, the excellent Atari Lynx game the company published. Just when I was thinking about bugging him again for an update, Eric over at The Sega Collection went and asked a few of the questions I was thinking about and posted the article below. My work here is done, thanks to The Sega Dude! Okay, okay… I’ll bug Brandon about Cascade, Magic Girl and other stuff at some point in January. In the meantime, enjoy the interview! Continue reading

Random Art: So Much For Sunday Success…

That Old Thing 
Well, today was a total bust on the productivity front. Two Starbucks with two crappy signals meant me getting some exercise walking from one to the other and not posting anything all day. One had a connection that kept dropping out and the other had no connection at all. This particular location has an issue with their wi-fi being there sometimes and slow when more than ten or so devices are being used. Sometimes, waiting for the place to clear out helps. Today, it didn’t. Anyway, it wasn’t a total waste, ladies and gents. Have a tree on the house, a-ha and ha-ha.

Well, let me see if I can whip out another quickie post before pumpkin hour. I’m going to have a busy week coming up anyway playing catch up with a ton of posts, downloading some games to review and generally being occupied every day with some writing. I hate being so far behind, but every so often, this sort of annoyance can kick off a creativity spurt. Fie on you, still busted kitchen and other stupid troubles! POW! BAM! I’m a mushroom-cloud-layin’ motherf***er, motherf***er! I’m Superfly T.N.T., I’m the Guns of the Navarone! Yeah, stay out of my way Monday – you’ll just be bad for yourself at this point, grrrr!

Oh, Zojoi! Shadowgate Gets A Nice Retro-Packed Sale Today

Shadowgate Sale Hey, Zojoi Games! I fixed the typo in your email ad (you’re welcome and sorry about the spacing, as there’s only so much I can do in MS Paint in under three minutes) and thankfully, you fixed it before it went up on Steam. There’s nothing worse that dealing with nit-picky fans raking you over the coals for a misplaced “a” or other letter. Anyway, overexcited typist/layout person aside, this deal on the new Shadowgate game and two well-aged adventure classics cannot be missed, folks.

You’re getting a lot of awesome point and click-ness for that $20 and if you want your brain to jump up and thank you for making it work hard figuring out puzzles and trap solutions, well, here you go. A gift to you from you (because I don’t know you and wouldn’t give you something you may not want). Go get these NOW!

Alphadia Genesis Arrives on Wii U: Finally, a JRPG On a Console That Should Have MORE!

AG Screen (6)

It’s a sad thing indeed to see a Nintendo console with no original JRPGs on it after over a year on the market, but that’s finally being rectified. Even though Natsume’s freshly released Alphadia Genesis is actually a mobile port of a Kemco mobile game, it’s going to be the first “new” JRPG Wii U owners have played. Whee, you! Anyway, here’s the plot of this one, for those of you who don’t own tablets and may want to know what’s what before you buy this from the eShop:

Alphadia, Year 1092: Fifteen years have passed since the end of the terrible Energi Wars, where clones were used as weapons. Two kingdoms, after nearly destroying each other and the natural resources of Energi, signed an important peace treaty, and have been co-operative neighbors ever since: Augustine and Archleign, where the story of Alphadia Genesis begins.


Sure, it’s not a visual showpiece for the hardware, but like WaterMelon’s gorgeous (but faux) JRPG Pier Solar and the Great Architects, it’ll be the go-to game genre fans will most likely gravitate top while they wait for more info on Monolith Soft’s new Xenoblade game next year. I’ll have a review up in about a week, as I just got a code today and am setting aside time to play this one from start to finish. Heck, I’m not doing anything for Thanksgiving, not having a kitchen to use and all, so I may as well play some games while I’m on that diet. Okay, it’s not THAT bad, but it’s pretty inconvenient to be waiting so long for things to go back to normal. Thank goodness for games!

AG Screen (53) AG Screen (55) AG Screen (57)

Alphadia Genesis is out NOW via the Nintendo eShop for $14.99. Check it out if you’re a genre fan looking for a fix on a console that needs a good deal more games like this.

Review: Adventure Time: The Secret of the Nameless Kingdom

Adventure Time TSOTNK PS3Platform: PS3/PC

Developer: WayForward Technologies

Publisher: Little Orbit

# of Players: 1

ESRB Rating: E10+ (Everyone 10+)

Official Site


Score: A- (90%)

In the Nameless Kingdom, there’s a huge shop early on that “sells” nothing but the clay vases Finn been smashing to bits in that first dungeon you went through that opens the game. Finn can’t actually BUY a vase at all as far as I can tell. He can only lift one up to carry around and eventually try to leave with it. Or he can smash as many as he can with a weapon or just throw that lifted vase to the ground, breaking it. The only thing that happens when he does any of those things is an alarm goes off and a timer starts ticking down. Fifteen seconds later, a guard from the castle grabs Finn and then he’s outside the shop. When you go back inside, the clerk/owner scolds you a little and that’s that. Well, that is until later in the game when you discover a way to really get that guy’s attention by busting every jar at once. Such is the weird world of Adventure Time.


But that one event and its oddball randomness yet familiar to the show sameness is neither here nor there. The third time’s the charm (and how!) for WayForward Technologies with Adventure Time: The Secret of the Nameless Kingdom being the best of the three games they’ve made to date with Finn and company. This latest title is clearly influenced by Nintendo’s older games in The Legend of Zelda franchise to the point that it feels like a really spectacular mod that happens to be Adventure Time related. It’s also a surprisingly tough game, or not so surprisingly tough if you’re well versed in how this style of game should be played. There’s no hand-holding here, you learn what needs to be done by observing the environment and enemies while paying attention to (and using) what’s in your inventory. You’ll very likely get stuck in spots, but the game has enough hidden stuff and offbeat side quests that make up for the vagueness it often bashes you on the head with…

Continue reading

Hikari Friday: Universal Monsters Want To Stalk Your Shelves!

Continuing the Hikari Friday madness, Funko has two really sweet Universal Monster vinyl figures up for grabs this week. Check out the Original Creature Hikari Sofubi Figure:

Original Creature Hikari Sofubi Figure #1 of a mere 500 pieces can be YOURS if you’re lucky! The other vinyl up for grabs is this ToyZoo.com Exclusive Grey Skull Frankenstein Hikari Sofubi Figure, #1 of only 750 you’ll be attempting to claim for your own:

ToyZoo.com Exclusive Grey Skull Hikari Sofubi Figure As usual, all you need to to is hit up one of Funko’s social media sites:



Instagram @OriginalFunko

Once you’re there, enter as required and if you’re lucky you’ll be getting a little surprise in your inbox within the next week or so. If you don’t win, you can grab that Creature at your favorite Funko emporium and the Frankenstein exclusively at Toyzoo.com. As usual, good luck in your efforts and if you win, remember to remember me when you’re sending out those holiday greeting cards!

I’ve Got The Power (Back!)…


Okay, as annoying as this week has been for attempts to get work done, it almost got a wee bit too out of hand. Last night, I plugged in the laptop to tinker with a few posts (I’d forgotten to charge it the day before) and as I’m walking out of the room to make some coffee… I hear a loud “POP!” sound and turn around to see a wisp of smoke rising from near the computer. Gaaaah! Fortunately it wasn’t my laptop that fried, but the power cord on the adapter deciding to ruin my evening. Won-der-ful. Given that I only had about 9 minutes of power left, I decided to call it a night and head out in the morning to a few places around here to look for a replacement cord, hoping it wasn’t the actual power supply that blew out. Of course, being the technical ghetto up here in the wilds, the chances of finding a replacement quickly were slim, but it turns out I didn’t need to spend a dime.

I’d almost forgotten I have a duffel bag full of power adapters, AV cables and other replacement gear in a closet here and after the surprise visit from a painter this morning, I dug out that bag from a closet and spent a bit of time hoping I had the correct cord. Thankfully, I found not only one that matched that Mickey Mouse configuration, it’s also longer. Okay, now I need to get out of here and get back to work. I’m way behind schedule and I hate not being able to get work done that I need to when I want to. Oh, and that painter? Nope, it wasn’t for the kitchen at all, but the wall in my room that wasn’t exactly plastered that well and yup, she ONLY painted the spots that were plastered and not the entire wall which would have made more sense. *Sigh* Well, the entire apartment needs to be done at some point, but still…

Okay, time to get some stuff done, as today’s going to be a bit hectic with a bunch of downloads and uploads and game updates needing to be done. Back in a bit…

Throwback Thursdays: I’ll Trade Almost Any Other Thursday For This One…

kitchen nightmare 

Hee-ho! So, I find out that the now asbestos-free kitchen here won’t get that new wall and ceiling until DECEMBER. Over the course of four or five non-consecutive days, at that. Yaaaah. So much for the idea of even thinking of having anyone over for Thanksgiving. Who do I need to send a herd of elephants to run over to get a break here? Anyway, some good news comes in the form a a diversion this evening downtown thanks to La Maison du Chocolat inviting me to sample some of their Holiday Collection. hey, chocolate is good for you when you’re stressed! Okay, I’ll make sure to think of all of you while I’m at the event. I may end up oversampling because I’m thinking of all of you out there, so it’s your fault if I end up in a chocolate haze in some alley near La Maison’s NYC shops selling my coat and shoes for a fix.

Hmmm. I feel a song coming on… fortunately I’m NOT doing the singing:

(Thanks, DetroitLives313!) 

Back tomorrow or perhaps later tonight if I’m not in a cocoa coma. I’m sitting on a ton of drafts and almost done stuff. I just need to get enough time to get away from the madness here to finish stuff up.

Dragon Age Inquisition is Calling Me (And You As Well)…

What a week this is turning into. Anyway, in the midst of all that stuff swirling about in the real world, it seems a lot of fun AAA games have been released for the holiday season. I think I said this a while back, but I’m actually more intrigued by the PS3 version of BioWare’s third installment in this RPG series over the next-gen ones for a few reasons. Almost no one else is going to review it as far as I know because the push to review the next gen versions is pretty high on the bigger sites (and probably from EA). That and more people still own last gen then next gen systems here and around the world. So, yeah… I’m speaking for the little guy here who will most likely make up the bulk of sales this holiday season and into next year. Of course, with my current schedule and apartment issues making me koo-koo, I’m guessing it’ll be a bit of time before I actually get around to buying a copy of Dragon Age Inquisition. Um… anyone want to greatly contribute to my “I need a working time machine so I can play everything in my backlog NOW!” fund? I may as well try to break 5000 posts sooner than later, right?