IDW’s John Buscema’s Artist’s Edition: This October Surprise Is A Must-Buy For Silver Age Fans

IDW Buscema
Three words: Oh Hell Yeah. This 12 x 17 Artist’s Edition is a MUST for anyone into John Buscema’s art at its best (at least in my opinion). This collection isn’t the COMPLETE run of his on The Silver Surfer, just issues 5, 6 and 8 for your perusal. Nevertheless, this scanned and printed actual-size from the original art limited edition should sell out quickly at comic shops and online retailers that carry it. Sure, these over-sized collections are expensive, but this one’s WELL worth the price, folks. Buy two if you can and make sure one has my name on it when you’re wrapping up that gift!

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Landline, HOOOOOOO!


Yaaaaaah. People ask me why I still keep a landline at home and today is one answer why. No service at a few spots I went to, VERY limited and slower than dial-up* wi-fi at other spots and me going NUTS trying to do a simple update post. Blech! Anyway, it’s near 7PM and I finally found a decent connection, so here’s A post. Not THE post I wanted to do, but that’s slow-biz, folks! Okay, back in a bit. I only have an hour before this place shuts down, but I won’t be staying for that full hour, as I have something cooking in the oven and I’d rather not burn the house down, a ha ha ha…

Bundle Stars’ Bundle Fest: Five Days of BUY ME! Digital Deals…

bundle fest logo
Just when you thought it was safe to go back to your backlog… Bundle Stars gives you FIVE good reasons to make it BIGGER. Yaaaah! FIVE days of bundle deals, starting today with the hot (OW!) INFERNO BUNDLE that features TEN Steam (OW!) games for only $3.99! Yikes! The call this the Bundle Fest… but I call it the Bundle FEAST because your wallet will be feeding assorted charities and your growing backlog of games won’t be starving for quite some time! Hey, I could do this pun thing all night long you know. But I won’t, as it would keep you here and not over at Bundle Stars racking up some incredible savings on digital games. Okay, get going – I know you’re in the mood for some fun indies, all for a song…

Resident Evil HD & Resident Evil Revelations 2: Capcom Serves Up Two Dishes To The Ungrateful Masses…


Wow. If I was working in Capcom PR and had a thin skin (which, by the way is a LOUSY thing for anyone working in PR to have), I’d be chugging Pepto all day and taking an aspirin ever four hours for my heart. You’d think that the company was out running a steamroller over baskets of puppies or something if you read some of the many inane comments on YouTube and plenty of websites about both the HD remaster of the former GameCube-only Resident Evil remake from 2002 and the concept video for (as in too EARLY to have actual gameplay footage from) Resident Evil Revelations 2. I, for one will be getting both games upon their respective releases because I know that the former hasn’t been on any other console platform to date and it’s a truly great game. As for RER 2, I liked the first one quite a bit, so this one’s going to be added to the “watch and BUY!’ list.

It’s THAT simple for me. I’m not silly enough to yell and scream about unrelated games, DLC from unrelated games, and so forth and so on. These announcements are about the games in question and Capcom just wants to show them off and know what you think about them, not listen to bitch-fest central about Monster Hunter, Mega Man, Street Fighter or worse, INCORRECT comments about this HD version Resident Evil being the same as the 1996 original or just a straightforward “port” of the GameCube game.


Eh, I shouldn’t be surprised at all at this reaction, as the company seems to attract some of the more passionate but woefully ignorant fans in gaming. Sure, they’ve made mistakes over the years, but some people need to just grow up and not continue to slam them on EVERY call they make these days.

IndieGala NEVER Sleeps! $1.89 For Six Great Games, 24 Hours Only!

every monday bundle 912014

Yikes. Here I am, feeling wonderfully dopey for not being able to get any work don on this holiday and BAM! IndieGala gives me something to write home about. Okay, a few other things happened in my inbox to jar me out of my funk, but I’d forgotten that rain or shine, every Monday IS an IndieGala Monday! Anyway, six games for a measly $1.89 is a STEAL, so go break into the IG bank while net breaking YOUR own bank (or a sweat, unless you’re in a hot place already with no working fan or cold beverages). Speaking of, I need to go turn on MY fan and get a cold something from the fridge (no wonder it’s so HOT in here!) – you go and buy yourself these games and I’ll see you in a bit, mmmm’kay? Good!

Hey, Where’d August Go?!

Yeah, yeah and holy crap – it’s SEPTEMBER already. Yaaaaaah! Anyway, I’ll get to updating the banners/backgrounds on both DAF sites later today or tomorrow at the latest. I’ve been catching up on some gaming and movies in the backlog this weekend, so I’ve been a bit busier than I thought I’d be. I got a nice surprise over the weekend in the form of a gift card from some contest I’d entered randomly ages back, so that’s going to go towards my pick for Game of the Month, Hyrule Warriors on the Wii U. Yeah, it’s a bit presumptuous of me to call this particular game out before it’s released, but all those videos and people who imported grooving on this latest Musou mash-up plus my own love for the two long-running series (The Legend of Zelda and Dynasty Warriors) means this one’s a no-brainer day-one buy for me. Hey, Nintendo of America may have forgotten I exist, but I’ll still support them with a purchase when I see games I like.


Anyway, enjoy this Labor Day, anyone who’s not working out there and doing all that usual end of summer stuff.

Is there a party over there? “Yeaaaah!”
Well, there’s no party over here, tell you the truth!
‘Cause I’ve got so much stuff to do,
That if I stop to have some fun
I just might turn blue!

Or something like that… back in a bit!

How You Feeling? Hot, Hot, Hot!


Yuck. It sure looks (and FEELS) as if summer is going out with a VERY sweaty and sticky bang here (Hey, this is a family show, go get that mind out of the gutter!). It’s not very warm out, but MAN, is it HUMID. As in step out of the relatively cool lobby into oily, slick and soupy air humid. Bleh. A simple and normal ten minute trip out turned into about twice that length because it felt as if I was swimming in that too warm air. And I can’t swim all that well. Anyway, if I can recover somewhat and go in for my second shower of the day, I may post one or two more items later. I do need to do a bit of outdoor stuff today, so any posts planned for today would go up in the evening. After a THIRD shower, of course. Then again, given it may rain at some point this afternoon, I may get that shower before I get back home…


Have a slow and quiet (and not as yucky out as it is here) holiday, people!

The Great Backlog Dupe Giveaway 4: Two Alien Invasions For You To Halt!


Yeah, you COULD go out like one of these not too bright chumps in the “classic” low-budget 1980 sci-fi flick (It Came) Without Warning, OR you could dive into the TWO Steam games I’m giving away to ONE lucky winner and learn some actual alien invasion survival tactics that will come in VERY handy! That’s right, folks! Today’s giveaway consists of Altar Studios’ UFO: Aftermath and UFO: Aftershock, two tactical strategy games inspired by the classic X-Com franchise:


All you need to do is be the first one to respond and both codes are YOURS. Yes, you need a Steam account and a valid email address (which you don’t need to post – I’ll find you, don’t worry). It will take me a bit longer to respond today, as I’m actually not at the home office and will be back there in a few hours to respond to the lucky winner, so don’t fret if you post first and don’t hear back right away.


Okay, enough reading – you’ve got some games to win and play! GOOD LUCK!

Hikari Friday Time! Funko Wants You To Win Something Big, Sticky And Ghosty…

HIkari Premium logoAs summer slowly winds down, what better way to close it out than with memories of roasting marshmallows and not-so scary ghost stories? Well, that’s the first thing I thought of when I saw this week’s Hikari giveaway. Funko is giving away this awesome Burnt Stay Puft Premium Hikari Sofubi Figure (#1 of only 1500 made):

Burnt Stay Puft Premium Hikari Sofubi Figure

And yes, YOU can be the lucky winner! Or the VERY unlucky winner if that thing ever comes to life and grows to the size it did in Ghostbusters! Anyway, as usual, just hit up one of Funko’s social media sites:
Instagram @OriginalFunko

Take a chance and perhaps you’ll get that email that says you’ve won big! Er, just keep an eye out for the box WALKING down the street towards your house. If you’re a loser, you can buy one of these limited edition Premium vinyls in November at your favorite Funko retailer. Have a super and SAFE Labor Day, by the way!

Salt & Sanctuary: What You Do After Dishwashing, Coming to PS4 & Vita…


Well, oooh. Indie developer Ska Studios (of The Dishwasher fame) is cooking up a very cool looking side-scrolling action/RPG for the PS4 and Vita called Salt & Sanctuary that also marks their debut on a Sony system as a timed exclusive. Yeah, yeah, it still stinks to see PS4/PS Vita in a game description and not see the PS3 still get some love even if a game WILL run on it. Of course, Sony needs to gently nudge gamers who have yet to make the move to make that move, so it’s only natural that many of these indie and other games would only run on their new hardware and that still needs more love and sales handheld. I’ll be keeping an eyeball on this one for sure, as I’d absolutely love taking this on the road with me or playing curled up in bed when I’m supposed to be sleeping and cooking up ideas for this site while dreaming.

Salt and Sanctuary 1 Salt and Sanctuary 2 Salt and Sanctuary 3

Oh well, day-dreaming just might be my new inspiration, methinks. Salt & Sanctuary is out in 2015. More on this one when Ska drops new info – stay tuned…