Sonic, Meet Flo. Flo, Meet Sonic…

I think I’m the ONLY one I know who hasn’t seen this new Progressive ad on TV just yet, so after hearing so much about it, I’m glad it’s as cute as I’ve been hearing. In a way, it reminded me of those Japanese PlayStation TV spots with Crash Bandicoot that were all over TV and even ended up as bonuses on a few demo discs there… Go Sonic!

Update: Winding Down 2009…

If things go well, folks – I’ll be done with reformatting all the 2009 posts this weekend. I’ll update you as soon as that’s done, pop the cork on a bottle of something (probably Martinelli’s Sparkling Apple Cider) and then get to work on the 2010 posts. Eek.

Well, all this necessary insanity is for a good reason, that’s for sure… I just wish it weren’t so tedious…

Syndicate Trailer Twofer: Agent Tech/Agent Tools

Two more excellent trailers from Starbreeze’s upcoming reboot of the PC classic, set for a February 21, 2012 release on PC, PS3 and Xbox 360. I actually broke out the 3DO version earlier this week for a bit of nostalgia and as noted in my preview, both the old and new game feel like very close relatives, but from a different perspective. I kind of like the whole not worrying much about how the game plays part and hope some of the more stubborn folks out there decide to PLAY this rather than criticize the game unfairly because it’s not the same genre (when in fact, it slyly IS)…

OK, OK, My “Best of 2011” List Is On The Way…

Ha! Someone asked If I was going to do a Game of the Year article or at least make a few picks. Ha! Well, I normally hate that sort of stuff because it turns into a “popular vs. good” contest on other sites, but, Ha! I guess I’ll do up a list of stuff i was impressed with and run it in a few days. Just don’t expect it to be in lock-step with other sites (although it WILL have a few of the biggest games this year on it). Ha!

Review: Dark Souls

Platform: PlayStation 3 (also on Xbox 360)

Developer: From Software

Publisher: Namco Bandai

# of Players: 1 (Online: 1 – 4)

ESRB Rating: M (Mature)

Official Site

Score: A (90%)

If Dark Souls doesn’t scare you silly at some point, you’re either fearless, slightly to moderately insane or so jaded that nothing can faze you. Like 2009’s PS3 smash sleeper, Demon Souls, what’s here is a purely terrifying blend of old school difficulty and current gen tech that’s beautiful yet brutal and definitely not for those looking for an easy ride. From Software has created one of the most compelling game experiences to date (and if you’ve been a fan of the developer as long as I have, you could see this coming) that’s an absolute essential for any gamer willing to take the plunge. While the lengthy solo campaign is superb, it’s in the innovative online mode where many will see the game’s full range. That said, the dev team has wisely made sure that folks who can’t play online can still complete the game. It’ll just be a bit harder at times thanks to the punishing difficulty and intentionally vague storytelling that requires a bit of thought (and a lot more exploration and combat) to fully comprehend. Continue reading

Jeff Spega’s Tron and Robotron Now Available. You Should Buy It Based On The Table Of Contents Alone.

Jeff is a cool guy (creatively cranky like me), a fellow gamer, writer, editor and knows a hell of a lot more than I do about video games. Even better, he was smart enough to write all he knows down in a handy new book called Tron and Robotron: Thirty Years of Electronic Gaming (and Counting), which just so happens to be available for purchase by clicking on that link above. I need to buy a copy just so I can read more than the excellent teasers and excerpts he’s got as a quickie download on his page. Oh, and that table of contents is pretty spectacular. Seriously. Jeff also likes a lot of 3DO games I like, so he’s definitely someone to have around when you happen to have a copy of Burning Soldier and an extra controller lying around and need someone to blast Kaisertians with.

Not Quite A Slow Week, Just A Busy One…


Hey! I don’t review every game as soon as it comes out (I don’t always get pre-release review copies) and I’m a bit backlogged, so some of those already known to be huge sellers that don’t need my thumbs up, down or sideways are on the back burner. Currently, I’m working on some recent stuff: Dark Souls, Sonic Generations, some indie PC stuff,  a Wii game or two and few other things in the inbox. A PS3 copy of Skyrim will be here on Monday and I believe I have Uncharted 3 on the horizon as well.Too many previews are also in the works once I can get in a few hours to edit and add images. I think there’s sleep planned in my schedule as well, but with too many games coming out and no time machine, don’t bet on it…

PlayStation Vita Gets Simultaneous 2012 NA/EU/LA Launch Date

February 22, 2012 is the big day Sony fans here in the US (as well as in Canada, Europe and Latin America) have been waiting for. No news on a launch lineup just yet, but the full press release (which mentions a few titles in the works) is below the jump, system specs and all. Color me thrilled. The Japanese Vita launches on December 17, 2011 and from what I’ve been reading, interest seems fairly high amongst some (including those who will import the region-free hand held a few months early at a premium).

Of course, it’s really less about what we as critics have to say about the Vita than all about enough people having enough money to afford a new handheld and games for it in this very shaky economy for too many out there. I’ll have to figure out which body part to sell of that I’m not using much, but I may not have to go that route after all if I can get my finances where they need to be… Continue reading