Double Shot, No Chaser

Oh. I’m doing fine, (mostly), thanks.

So, I got my second vaccine dose last Thursday and feel pretty good overall, but I think I was a wee bit too tired the last few days. I actually slept most of Monday and part of Tuesday away, which was bad for a few reasons – I was so out of it that I missed the primary election (oops), which I thought wasn’t happening this week, but my sense of time has been off with all this self-quarantining stuff. Oh well. Been playing quite a few games of late, so expect some reviews. All I’ll say is Disco Elysium-The Final Cut may be one of the best-written and consistently surprising games I’ve ever played, but it needs a less expensive physical version and I don’t think I can do a game this great much justice in a brief post, but I’ll try.



Voodoo, Child (Slight Return)

By either direct connection or extension, I know (knew?) quite a few recently deceased people, but I’d like to think some to too many of us do these days. That sort of balancing act is quite the bitch, by the way. One wanting to free up the mind space to be otherwise occupied by more lighter and vastly more entertaining fare gets into quite a tumble with actual reality when a message arrives that someone else has unexpectedly left the building.

Of course, the unmasked killer is still inside the house making collect worldwide phone calls and pretty much having its merry way with the rest of the planet’s tenants. As we’re discovering from assorted news outlets, during last year, response from the recently departed government had been awful, at best. Too many holes in rules state to state meant no national plan despite, as Roddy McDowell in a great Twilight Zone episode once noted, “People Are Alike All Over”.

Of course, it’s just past 4am and I hit publish too soon, but I’d guess you get the point here. Eh, I’m going to go back to bed now. I may re-edit this post later, but there’s a better chance I’ll post something else. We shall see.

Sharp Advice From Arnold Cuts Both Ways, But He’s Got A Point…


Ah, well. So, kids – this week went from fun to weak in a “Well, that was a surprise but not SO much of a surprise” manner. Granted, with all my recent good tidings I’d naturally expected some stuff in the air to tumble down hard. but I at least figured I’d see it coming before I got smashed on the skull and would be able to leap gracefully out of the way. Okay, at least sidestep slowly away from the crushing blow and let it hit some other poor sap. Welp, I actually got splattered across the map but good (ewww), but this ended up being a fortunate thing that it happened when it did and not when I was in the midst of the upcoming better stuff that’s rolling up shortly. So ol’ Arnold up there is both right and wrong. You can kill a dream alright, but you can’t kill the dreamer unless he or she wants to cash in those chips. And I’m not going anywhere I don’t want to…

Mega Man Legends 3 Officially Dead (OR: Well, If You’d Listened to Me, It Might Not Be…)

Dear Capcom, The next time you have the bright idea to complete a trilogy a few years too late, try publishing HD versions of the first two Legends games (and Tron Bonne’s adventure) on a DISC (PS3/360 and hell, maybe even Wii and PC), then use the profits from THAT to fund the new game, which SHOULD have also been on a console and not a 3DS exclusive.

I think the project was doomed from the start because it was going to be on a system with a fraction of the user base the original PS1 had. That and introducing gamers who may have missed out on the original games to the world and characters is always a LOT better than dropping a sequel onto a new system where more than half the people who might pick it up have never heard of (or played) the other titles. You DO know that the PS1 games fetch a TON of real money on auction sites, right? Ah well… live and learn, I suppose. RIP MML3!