The Jury’s (Not) Out: Out of Service, Down For The Count


Rather appropriate for my current situation, I’d say. Go click that pic and buy a shirt. Hell, buy ME a shirt while you’re at it!

Ugh. So, thanks to running back and forth to serve on a jury in a modern but not cleaned too regularly court packed with common folk and their assorted germs, I’m sick as a dog. Well, a sick dog with a raw throat and assorted aches. While I have no issues with serving at all other than the long waiting times, uncomfortable seating and yeah, people coughing, sneezing and sniffling like mad, feeling as if I’ve been trapped in the most boring convention meets Groundhog Day is both annoying and amusing.

Okay, I’m going back to bed now, tonic in hand. My inbox is BURSTING with nice, busy news and such,but I’m in no shape to get to it. Ooof. We’ll see how I feel in a few hours/tomorrow, as I hate being this sick for no reason other than I was pressed into service in a public place that should be a great deal better maintained.


Here’s a Musical Monday Surprise Not To Have

(thanks, Guillermo Reyes!)

Yeah, wonderful. I woke up yesterday feeling a bit odd and had a VERY slight eye pain and a bigger headache. The headache was from caffeine withdrawal (whee) and the eye pain faded to a slight itchiness. I do have an eye allergy, so I ignored fussing with it and as it was a lazy kind of day, I spent much of it doing not so much and didn’t actually look into a mirror until about 8pm. Wonderful. I have a nice case of what looked like conjunctivitis in my right eye. Nice. I’m gathering it was from the puddle that bus zoomed though during the rain storm a few days back. I thought I was clear, but I got a nice bit of not so clean water hitting me on the right side of the face under my umbrella. Yuck.

Anyway, between that and some other nonsense that popped up yesterday, I’m needing to maybe actually take a day off. Off to get my puffy eye looked and and I’m gathering it’ll be some sort of over-priced eye drop prescription that I’m going to substitute with something cheaper and over the counter. Anyway, yeah. I also need to change the banner and background on the site. I’ll do that later today or tomorrow. Hell, if I’m going to be confined for the next few days, I may as well suffer a lot less than I need to. Boo.

Back in a bit.

Saturday’s Sick (For All The Wrong Reasons)…


Ha. I’m not even downtown at Flu Central Station (aka New York Comic-Con 2013) and I’m feeling like someone’s scraping my throat with sandpaper wrapped in barbed wire. Yuk. It’s the damned library here with its wheezing teens, old people and kids and man, whatever I got socked with is fast moving and nasty. Bleh. Thankfully, I’ve some Throat Coat tea at home, enough limes to open a fruit stand and a fresh jar of honey. I may have to break out my chicken soup making skills for this one, but I’ll need to defrost that bird taking up space in the freezer and get to work cooking it for the carcass. Anyway, updates will be slow this weekend just so I’m alive for a few meetings next week I’ve already scheduled. I need to be careful with my health these days, as my current insurance plan goes something like this:

(thanks, frankpilarski!)

Did I mention I despise being sick (especially when it’s not my fault)? Eh, welcome to the human race, I suppose. I don’t even want to KNOW what my fellow writer types are going to be dealing with after NYCC is over. Usually, you’re hoarse, have tired legs and feet, maybe a few paper cuts and if you imbibed from one of those public fountains at the event, that combined with whatever bad food you’ve eaten will get you into solitary confinement in the comfort of your own bathroom for a wee bit too long. OK, that’s a bit of TMI for some of you out there, but I’m just telling it like it is…