Curb Your Enthusiasm May Have Explained George Lucas’ REAL Issues (But Probably Not)…

Tinkering with film history thanks to a possible OCD and making longtime fans dislike all that futzing around isn’t Lucas’ ONLY worry according to last night’s episode of Larry David’s brutally hilarious HBO comedy. In the episode titled Mr. Softee, Larry’s psychologist name drops a wee bit to much info about the director’s addiction to prostitutes and his er, shortcomings in those encounters. All more than likely not true at all, but I was laughing so hard that I can only hope to hell that David let George in on the joke before the episode was shot. If not, I’ll expect the more irate Star Wars fans will use that not so true info as yet another reason to hate him. Hey, when you have that much money lying around, I guess everyone needs a hobby. His is “updating” his movies until he thinks they’re perfect… then updating them some more until the nostalgic factor vanishes under a heap of spectacular CG effects (and soon to be 3D effects). As to the title of the episode, well it has nothing to do with Lucas, but once you see it, it’ll make you laugh and/or cringe when you see and hear that familiarly annoying tune warbling from one of those white trucks…


2 thoughts on “Curb Your Enthusiasm May Have Explained George Lucas’ REAL Issues (But Probably Not)…

  1. I was curious if Larry David used George Lucas' name because he does not like him. In an earlier season, there was a very unlikeable character who was clearly a takeoff on Roger Ebert. I read later that this was done deliberately because Ebert gave David's movie – Sour Grapes – a bad review. Makes one wonder…


  2. That's definitely a LOT of dislike given the way Lucas was mentioned. Indirectly was funny enough, but the joke went on and ended up funnier because it made me wonder if any of it was true.

    Ebert wasn't mentioned by name in that other episode, so folks who had no clue about Sour Grapes and the poor review probably didn't get the real humor there. I also wonder what Lucas did to LD to get knocked about that way. Maybe he was in on the joke, but I doubt it…


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