Survey Says (Ding!): Gothic Remake Is a Go, Won’t Be Ready in 2020

Gothic PT

The people’s choice, indeed.

Well, 43,111 people participated in a little extensive survey THQ was taking and the verdict is in: We’re getting a Gothic remake at some point, just not this year. PC and next-gen consoles are the targets here, so it seems at least the game will have a very similar visual fidelity across anything it’s eventually released on.

If you have Google Drive, you can see and download the results of the survey here in PDF form (it’s a whopping 21 pages):

Here’s the press release as well, below the jump.

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Let’s Go Gothic For A Bit, Shall We?


Hmmmm. But I give it a thumbs up, with reservations…



I still have my boxed copies of Gothic and Gothic II here and got the non-Piranha Bytes developed Gothic 3 on a disc with two other games, so this news of a playable teaser got me thrilled the series is in a comeback mode of sorts. THQ released a demo of what their team in Barcelona is working on a few months ago and is very wisely asking for user feedback and whether they should continue with the project. In a nutshell, it’s a big YES from me despite some huge problems from the start, and yes, I have some notes to offer as a fan. Constructive criticism time:

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VGA 101: Xicat E3 2002 Games – A Few Canned Peaches May Have Been Prime Plums…

xicat1 xicat2 xicat3

From the vaults here, some of the canceled games Xicat Interactive had in the works for consoles, including Jane’s Attack Squadron for the Xbox and GameCube (!) and Gothic for the Xbox (!!). It’s really too bad neither of these made it to retail (I’d LOVE to get my paws on some Xbox debug code for either game), as it would have been really interesting to see how they played with a controller as opposed to a keyboard/mouse/flight stick setup. I’m one of those gamers who doesn’t care about tricking out a PC like a souped-up car or whether or not a game “needs” a certain type of control setup. If it’s fun to play and isn’t a glitch-filled mess, it’s a good game in my book. Well, we DID get Metal Dungeon, right? Little in-joke there, as that’s one was a like it or hate it JRPG (and most critics who played it hated it) that kind of played itself to some extent. Still, I did sink a good deal of time into that one as I HAD to see where it all ended up. Hey, not so good games need love, too!