Hell to Pay 2: Diablo Makes a Comeback

Excellent. After years of requests for a legitimate re-release, Blizzard and gog.com have teamed up to get the classic PC game Diablo out exclusively on the popular DRM-free digital platform for a measly $10. That tenner it costs gets you the original 1996 version as well as a separate build updated to run on Windows 7, 8, and 10 that includes “a host of bug fixes and high-resolution support via aspect ratio-correct upscaling”. While Mac and Linux versions are currently not available, I’d imagine someone clever will figure out a way to get those up and running for those fans who may want them. At this point, you won’t get that much-requested Hellfire expansion in this deal and I’d gather that will never be a thing to buy as that content wasn’t created by Blizzard

Blizzard and gog.com will also be getting both Warcraft: Orcs & Humans and Warcraft 2 out as digital-only re-releases at some point in the near future. As for the still superb Diablo II? Well, there’s no news on an updated version at this time, but both can currently be purchased through Blizzard’s Battlenet online store. Personally, I’m hoping for this one to get the same treatment along with the Lord of Destruction expansion, as it’s pure hell trying to get them to run from the original discs without some mucking around with a bunch of config options. The last few times I played DII, I used the amazing Sven’s Glide Wrapper to make the game look better (as well as add a clock to the game screen so I could keep track of time, as DII is a total time-sink).

Diablo gog02

There’s going to be a hot time in the old town tonight…

I still recall way back in 1996 when I walked into an Electronics Boutique to hunt down a few Sega Saturn games and saw a playable demo of Diablo with no one at the kiosk, stepping up to try the game and being floored by the dark tone and gloomy soundtrack. The game felt like a meaner, more complex version of Gauntlet that required a more methodical style of play and yep, I was hooked in. Even the less stellar PlayStation port was a thrill to play multiple times (and yes, I still have that here in the library). While Diablo II never got a console port, it sure would be very nice to see one appear for consoles in the not too distant future just so a bunch of us who want to check that off our wish lists can be giddy for a spell (even if there won’t be mods to mess with).


Humble NEOGEO Bundle: Instant Arcade For Your PC? Yeah, That’s a Buy

humble neo geo bundle 

If you just got a nice and nostalgic heart flutter when you ogled that logo above, go pop an aspirin (drink a nice big glass of water with that!) and have a seat. Humble Bundle and SNK/Playmore are teaming up to bring you (at least) 21 NEOGEO arcade games for less than what you’d drop in an arcade during the 90’s on a gaming binge. Seriously. Ten bucks (and you should pay MORE, frankly) gets you those 21 DRM-free games pictured on the page, some excellent game soundtracks you can listen to as you bop down the street or drive around in your vehicle of choice, and the promise of MORE games dropping into your Steam account in a week. $167 worth of games for a tenner is pretty fantastic, but it gets better if you happen to use Firefox or Chrome as your browser. Why? Well, you can sample all but one of the games in the bundle for FREE, that’s why!

Once you’ve had your fill, whip out that wallet and get to the buying and supporting charity part. Humble appreciates the business and you need a ton of fun classics for that backlog you’re growing, right? Yeah, I thought so. If you’re REALLY feeling generous, you can pay $40 or more for all of those games (and games to come) and get an NEOGEO 25th Anniversary Limited Edition METAL SLUG SV-001 T-Shirt sent to you in the mail. Pick your poison and then pick some time out to play with your new games library. Whatever you do, pick quickly as this sale is only running for the next dozen days.

Help GOG.com Stress Test Their Galaxy Beta Servers and Get Some FREE Stress to Test You In Return!

Here’s a no-brainer if you’ve time, a nice PC gaming rig (or an older one that can run fast-paced games from 14 years ago with no trouble), like being slightly terrified and having a few adrenaline rushes hit you within the space of a few hours. Help gog.com in their Galaxy beta test program and you’ll get Aliens vs. Predator Classic 2000 for FREE. Yup. Sign up and wait for that email that lets you into the beta and your game key. DRM-free, of course. While dated on the visual front, this is a pretty intense shooter that mixes the two franchises up pretty well and makes for some fine jump out of your seat multiplayer action. There’s a solo play Skirmish mode as well, but the folks at gog.com really want to see how many people their Galaxy can hold.

GOG.com Wants to FILL Your Hard Drive With RPGs This Weekend!

Yikes. I have most of these already so I most likely will skip this sale, but if you’ve ever wanted to try a bunch of classic to current popular or not so popular but worth your time and money role playing games, well… here you go. 60% off oldies but goodies such as King of Dragon Pass, Lords of Midnight, and Doomdark’s Revenge.

Or you can go all Spiderweb Software with their also classics in the Avernum, Geneforge and Avadon games. Or perhaps you’d like some more modern classics to play with? Driftmoon, Unepic, Inquisitor, Legend of Grimrock, Shadowrun Returns, the Eschalon series, Sword of the Stars: The Pit and more!

The choice is all yours, of course. Grab one, a few, or grab them all and set your time machine so that you can play through all you’ve bought at your leisure before zapping yourself back in time to the present or perhaps the day before you bought them so you can say you didn’t spend a dime, but somehow still have all those games on your hard drive. Well, that’s how it would work in the movie version, folks. Anyway, you have about 48 hours to take advantage of this sale, so get to it if you see something there that floats your boat…

GOG.com Predicts Robots In Your Future (As In Right Now)…

So, Bionic Dues ($4.99) and CLARC ($5.99) are two nifty-looking games now up on gog.com and I say you should buy one or both. Why? ROBOTS, that’s why! BD is a strategy-based rogue-like game with you going up against a bunch of functioning and malfunctioning robots, while CLARC is a puzzle game that allegedly features drunken robots (which are most likely malfunctioning thanks to inebriation).

You know you need one or more of these games in your life because that Roomba you bought or got as a gift last Christmas is boring you to tears because it doesn’t so anything other than clean (and not too well, at that). Now, you COULD try and reverse engineer it to have some sort of beer can delivery abilities or perhaps a death ray of some sort (the ULTIMATE bug zapper). But that would likely mean you blowing yourself when you poke that screwdriver into the wrong hole and that robot gets its revenge. don’t so that – play a game instead!

GOG.com’s Weekend Sale: Ubisoft Wants You To Get Busy Going Through Their Library…

(thanks, AlexWhite525!) 
Back on sale at gog.com in case you missed them the last time are a bunch of great Ubisoft published titles, so get your fill and then some at 60% off. I have a bunch of these already in the backlog, but I’m sorely tempted to pick up the heroic, mighty and magical Heroes of Might and Magic II Gold Edition just because it’s called by some folks the greatest fantasy strategy game ever made. Well, also because I played some of the original back in the day, but lost all my files when my computer blew up and never actually completed the game. That was probably a very good thing, as it was consuming a GREAT deal of my free time and I was getting maybe an hour or two of sleep per night and yep, even pulled a few all-nighters and was out and about working on nothing but caffeine and adrenaline fumes. Ah, those were the days (I think)…

Anyway, you know what to do, right? I’ll leave you to it, then!

Load up on Atari & Kalypso PC Games On gog.com The Weekend!

(thanks, N0irceuil!)

Yeah, yeah, I know spring has sprung and all that good stuff, but somewhere in the world, it’s going to be a rainy mess of a weekend or there will be some other weather event that forces you to hang around at home or some other spot with nothing thrilling to do. To that I say 60% off is quite a deal for these classics, so whether you’ve played them ages ago or are just getting around to discovering how spectacular Master of Magic, Powerslide, or Independence War (and a bunch of the other titles on that list) are, you’re sure to find a great deal for you or someone else.

GOG.com’s Luck of the Irish Sale: Get A Pot ‘O Games For Very Little Gold

Ha. The folks overseas at gog.com must think Saint Patrick’s Day is a federal holiday here or something (as in a day where people don’t have to go to work at all). How else would you explain this insane sale? Up to 90% off a BUNCH of games and there’s even a random Pot of Gold picker button that has some invisible leprechaun pick random games for you. Cool! Unless you get a copy of Elf Bowling or something. But I don’t think that’s going to happen at all. Maybe. Anyway, take a chance at two bucks a pop or just use that nice ling list of picks to choose your game(s). Calling into work on Monday sick is up to you, but if your boss happens to also have a gog.com account and reads your braggy posting in the forums there about the deal(s) you got there, well… it’s your move I guess. If you get fired, look at the bright side – you’ll now have time to play all those games you just bought!

Gog.com Makes Time Travel REAL With Their Latest Sale!

A-ha, I KNEW IT! Of course, it wold be gog.com that discovered how to make time travel work, as they’re the KINGS of bringing us Good Old Games from the era before all this nasty DRM. Anyway, they’re doing you PC gamers a favor deluxe with their latest promotion, a DRM-Free Time Machine Sale that lets YOU choose how long a game stays up for sale (eek!) as the day creeps onward by adding or subtracting one second from each sale’s time limit. I’d actually prefer a straight up sale page over a gimmick like this, but it’s actually interesting because sod old farts like me will want certain games up longer than others so more of you kids can try them out. Anyway, go poke around on that page and check out a deal or five, I say. With classic PC games from 1983 and up going for as little as 59 cents, you may find yourself hanging out a bit longer than you thought.

Gog.com Makes The World A Temporary Fallout FREE Zone (With An Expected Paradox)…

Which is, amusingly enough, radiation exposure will actually go way UP across the globe thanks to all the new and old people spending too many hours playing Fallout, Fallout 2 and Fallout Tactics once they download them all for FREE as part of gog.com’s fantastic DRM-FREE Winter Sale. Yeah, get this deal NOW and don’t delay, as in less than 48 hours all three titles will be disappearing from the site forever as their rights belong to another huge games publisher who wants more control over distribution of those titles.

Yeah, it’s one more “best deal of the month!” for you, but make sure to check out the other goodies on the sale page (over 600 games means over 600 sales!), as you can walk away with a ton of great games for insanely low prices. OK, get crackin’ and remember, if it’s too busy to download the games today (because a chunk of the planet is crashing gog.com’s servers), as long as you have the games in your gog.com account before the sale ends, you can download them afterwards. I got three hours of sleep and woke up to this news, so perhaps I’m still asleep or something. But I think not…