Fallout Shelter Lands on PC: Let’s Take a Trip to the Vault, Shall We?

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Fallout Shelter has launched today for PC, bringing the action to larger screens and an even wider audience. The PC version of the game offers the full Fallout Shelter experience that fans have come to love on mobile, complete with all of the updates added over the last year – Pets, Crafting, Scrapping and Junk, additional rooms, Fallout 4 characters, and special Dweller customization options – as well as all of the new content in Update 1.6.

Dang it, Bethesda! I was avoiding Fallout Shelter because I don’t usually cover mobile games and even though I’m a HUGE fan of the series, this wasn’t on something I play regularly, so I didn’t feel bad about missing out. Well, zingity-zing. It’s now on PC and FREE as a bird. Crap. *Sigh*… off to create an account, download and try to very NOT play this until I get some room in the backlog. If you have the time, can one or more of you also get this, try it out and let me know what I’m missing? Hey, perhaps that will inspire me to work faster or something.

Those of you with Android and iOS versions, yeah – you got a great update as well:


Across more than 5 billion game sessions, Overseers have sent more than 715 million Dwellers into the Wasteland to explore, battle enemies, gather resources and items, and discover new recipes for crafting weapons and armor. In Update 1.6, players now have more substantive Quests to conquer and can take control of their Dwellers while they travel to abandoned buildings and decrepit Vaults, as well as locations familiar to Fallout 4 fans like the Red Rocket Fuel Stop and the Super Duper Mart. Players can assemble a group of Dwellers to take on challenges outside of the Vault, uncover legendary loot, and face off against new enemies like Radscorpions, Ghouls and powerful bosses.

While in the new Quests, Overseers can use the new combat system to gain control over Dwellers in a fight, allowing players to select opponents and direct attacks and even play a quick mini-game for a critical hit. Impatient Overseers who would like to instantly return Dwellers after a quest or complete Barbershop customizations or crafting, can now use a refreshing Nuka-Cola Quantum.

Update 1.6 can be downloaded by visiting the App Store or the Google Play store.

Happy now? I thought so.

Fallout Anthology: The Bomb Drops In September (But Only In America)

fallout_anthology_logo-black Amusingly enough, this must-have collection of the multi-million selling post-apocapalyptic game franchise is ONLY available in the continental United States thanks to that non-functioning miniature nuclear bomb replica it’s all packed into. Yes, you can imagine the irate international Fallout fans dying to get this and there will probably be some who manage to have a friend or relative here place an order and try to ship it their way. Of course, the USPS or other delivery services here won’t like that and most certainly, Customs in every country in the world won’t like that either. Especially if that “audible bomb sound” goes off while the package is being checked.

Still, you can’t fault someone for trying to grab this, as it’s absolutely a whopper of a conversation piece:

Fallout-Anthology_Compilation-02 As for what’s in the bomb, er, box- that’s below the jump. Fifty bucks is a steal for all this, mind you. Continue reading

Bethsoft’s Quakecon Steam Sale Is Pretty Killer Stuff…

Quakecon BundleNope, I’m not at QuakeCon this year either, but that’s probably a good thing. While the thousands of fans there are drooling over new stuff and old, I can be tucking into some of these great deals Bethesda has put on sale on Steam now until the show closes. In addition, these other deals are going up during the remainder of the weekend:

· Friday: Wolfenstein: The New Order and DOOM Sale at 50-75% off

· Saturday: Fallout 3: Game of the Year, Fallout: New Vegas, and all Fallout: Classic Collection at 50-75% off

· Sunday: The Elder Scrolls Sale, with Elder Scrolls titles selling for 50-75% off

Of course, I have some of these titles already and a few too many in my backlog, so I most likely won’t buy a thing (this year, at least). On the other hand, as I always say – I’m not stopping YOU from diving into this pool of great games and coming up for air with less hard drive space and more games than you can finish in a comfortable amount of time…

Gog.com Makes The World A Temporary Fallout FREE Zone (With An Expected Paradox)…

Which is, amusingly enough, radiation exposure will actually go way UP across the globe thanks to all the new and old people spending too many hours playing Fallout, Fallout 2 and Fallout Tactics once they download them all for FREE as part of gog.com’s fantastic DRM-FREE Winter Sale. Yeah, get this deal NOW and don’t delay, as in less than 48 hours all three titles will be disappearing from the site forever as their rights belong to another huge games publisher who wants more control over distribution of those titles.

Yeah, it’s one more “best deal of the month!” for you, but make sure to check out the other goodies on the sale page (over 600 games means over 600 sales!), as you can walk away with a ton of great games for insanely low prices. OK, get crackin’ and remember, if it’s too busy to download the games today (because a chunk of the planet is crashing gog.com’s servers), as long as you have the games in your gog.com account before the sale ends, you can download them afterwards. I got three hours of sleep and woke up to this news, so perhaps I’m still asleep or something. But I think not…

Bethesda Opens Online Shop (And Wallets Will Lighten Like Magic)


FalloutSkyrimOK, that Vault 101 Hoodie and Vault 101 kicks combo? Yup, I feel the need for one (Size L) and a pair of those (Size um… 12?) even thought I usually hate licensed gaming wear. And suede anything. Then again, sinking close to 300 hours into Fallout 3 does that to a guy. Or girl, as I see both are popular Wishlist items on the newly launched site for both sexes. Anyway, the brand apanking new Bethesda Online Store has those goodies and MORE, all designed to steal your disposable income and make your closet groan under the weight of the swag you scored. Now, if only Bethsoft could whip up a working Vault-Tec unit, some talking Pip-Boy figures and a few other fun products, they’d be seeing some traffic from the future as well. Hey, once we’re all nuked into dust, those survivors won’t have access to the internet or mail order, for that (anti)matter…

Oh yeah, in case you’re taking bets, I’m betting the hoodie and sneakers are some of the first items to sell out completely. Don’t hold me to that or it’s a whole five cents I need to pay you.