Time Escapes Me, But It’s Not My Fault!


Ho-kay. I just posted something (that deep down article below) and it shows up as posting YESTERDAY. Wow. Hmmm… I’ll leave it as is, but I want that power to pull this off at will, not via some funky WordPress shenanigans. I only had half a cup of coffee in my system and I really thought today was Thursday for about half a minute after I ran that post (until I double checked by flipping NY1 on and seeing that yes, it IS Friday the 7th). Hey, it’s happened before where I’ve had THAT vivid a dream about a mundane day, woken up and thought it was a day later than it was. Oh, come on, you KNOW you have too. I like to spread my kind of crazy around, folks. Anyway, let me get back to work – this is a test post to make sure it’s Friday. Back in a bit…

Gog.com Makes Time Travel REAL With Their Latest Sale!

A-ha, I KNEW IT! Of course, it wold be gog.com that discovered how to make time travel work, as they’re the KINGS of bringing us Good Old Games from the era before all this nasty DRM. Anyway, they’re doing you PC gamers a favor deluxe with their latest promotion, a DRM-Free Time Machine Sale that lets YOU choose how long a game stays up for sale (eek!) as the day creeps onward by adding or subtracting one second from each sale’s time limit. I’d actually prefer a straight up sale page over a gimmick like this, but it’s actually interesting because sod old farts like me will want certain games up longer than others so more of you kids can try them out. Anyway, go poke around on that page and check out a deal or five, I say. With classic PC games from 1983 and up going for as little as 59 cents, you may find yourself hanging out a bit longer than you thought.

Fake Time Travel Takes a Big Step Backwards, But Nice Try, Flyonix!

Not Bigger on the InsideWell, I figured SOMEONE would try and make a life sized TARDIS that actually flew one of these days, but the guys at Flyonix did so and made a trio of really fun and funny professional quality videos documenting their process and the initial (and unfortunately first and only) flight of their blue boxy bird. As you can see, things didn’t exactly turn out as well as some of you would like. Well, at least they weren’t crazy enough to put a person inside, right? Of course, you Who purists might be a bit miffed that this version of the TARDIS wasn’t bigger on the inside and all that, but hey – you can only go SO far with actual reality, you know….

Of course, this probably won’t stop them from making a new attempt and yep, I want them to at LEAST get one up, flying and landing safely just so I can like to see an actual TARDIS ride pop up in an amusement park somewhere in the world. Heck, you’d think it would have happened already, but I guess since Disney or Universal hasn’t bought Doctor Who yet (and we certainly don’t want to see THAT happening, correct?) and slapped a themed section into one of their parks, it won’t be a “thing” to experience outside of some fan fiction (eek) or inventors with too much time on their hands and plenty of moxie. Wait… did I just use “moxie” in an sentence in the 21st century? Yes, I did. Time travel DOES exist!

Back on Track! Mostly! Maybe!

(thanks, DukeBoy01

OK, in case you missed it, in yesterday’s episode I thought it was Wednesday and almost messed up an appointment I had today (the ACTUAL Wednesday) and tomorrow (the day after today, actually). SUSPENSE! Actually, I wasn’t entirely at fault, as the lady on the radio news station said it was Wednesday at one point, I got an email about an appointment that said tomorrow (today!) was Wednesday and that stupid dream I had after I fell asleep too late early Tuesday morning made it seem as if I’d gotten stuff done all day, gone home and went to sleep. So, yeah – I was more than shocked to find out around 7PM or so yesterday that my time traveling wasn’t real after all and nope, none of the work I’d done in my sleep carried over to the real world. Crap. I need to fix that one of these days. Or maybe not sleep at all whenever possible. Er, sorry about that train sized hole in your wall, folks. I was looking for something cool to catch your eye in this boring post and that was the first thing to come to mind…

Anyway, we now resume out regular broadcast, already in progress… (or: Man, I have a LOT of catching up to do!)

That’s Right. Popeye Was A “Time Lord” Before The Good Doctor!

(thanks, cartunes1000!)

And he had a kind of cooler and stranger time machine, too! Yeah, you learn something new every day, kids. Granted, that’s also what you call “VERY desperately running out of ideas” in Cartoonland speak, so although this episode is hilarious (you HAVE to love how that “time machine” works), it’s clear that Elzie Crisler Segar was spinning in his grave when this 1960 cartoon popped up on the tube wherever he ended up when he passed on in 1934. Anyway, enjoy and yeah… you KNOW you want that Picasso/Dali-esque clock thing in YOUR living room.

Random Film of the Week(end): Somewhere In Time

(thanks, famousmichigan!)

Somewhere in TimeAs much fun as it was and still is, frankly speaking, Superman: the Movie had a really TERRIBLE time travel sequence that breaks the film and manages to always get a tiny bit under my skin each time I see it. Fortunately, Somewhere In Time is a much better film overall about time travel, love, loss and quite probably the worst long distance relationship ever. I saw this upon its initial release back in 1980 and it’s stuck with me since.

Now, I’m not deep into the romantic fantasy genre at all, but SoT has a compelling pull to it that makes it one of my favorite science fiction films, bittersweet finale and all. It’s not for every taste, but if you decide to give this one a shot, you’ll find Jeannot Szwarc’s fine direction, the lovely John Barry score, intentionally languid pacing and solid performances from the cast (I think it’s Reeve’s best film work, period) make this one truly memorable… Continue reading

Humor: Doctor Octoroc’s Doctor Who “Game” NEEDS to Get Made. Seriously.


OK, I usually don’t fall for goofy videos on sites like College Humor, but a friend sent me this link and it made me crack up, so here you go. Philadelphia-based artist/musician/pixel genius Doctor Octoroc rocks, I say. Speaking of “say”… say, If you just so happen to see a TARDIS pop up in your neighborhood, keep this link handy so you can show the Doctor (who’s bound to be amused) and maybe ask him to take you for a spin so you both can go on an adventure of your own back to… oh, say 1992 or so and try to convince some game publisher to make this a reality. Then again, I can just see you getting arrested and tossed in a mental hospital like Bruce Willis’ character from 12 Monkeys if you go around telling people you’re from the future. If that doesn’t get you committed, whipping out a thin laptop, tablet or phone will DEFINITELY land you in a rubber room. “Suuuuuurrrre, you can watch movie quality videos over an online connection… O-K, now… Hands up and drop the plastic toy, buddy… NOW!” Or something like that.

Oh well… I guess there’s always RPG Maker for the more talented and impatient types out there…