GOG.com’s Luck of the Irish Sale: Get A Pot ‘O Games For Very Little Gold

Ha. The folks overseas at gog.com must think Saint Patrick’s Day is a federal holiday here or something (as in a day where people don’t have to go to work at all). How else would you explain this insane sale? Up to 90% off a BUNCH of games and there’s even a random Pot of Gold picker button that has some invisible leprechaun pick random games for you. Cool! Unless you get a copy of Elf Bowling or something. But I don’t think that’s going to happen at all. Maybe. Anyway, take a chance at two bucks a pop or just use that nice ling list of picks to choose your game(s). Calling into work on Monday sick is up to you, but if your boss happens to also have a gog.com account and reads your braggy posting in the forums there about the deal(s) you got there, well… it’s your move I guess. If you get fired, look at the bright side – you’ll now have time to play all those games you just bought!

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