Humble NEOGEO Bundle: Instant Arcade For Your PC? Yeah, That’s a Buy

humble neo geo bundle 

If you just got a nice and nostalgic heart flutter when you ogled that logo above, go pop an aspirin (drink a nice big glass of water with that!) and have a seat. Humble Bundle and SNK/Playmore are teaming up to bring you (at least) 21 NEOGEO arcade games for less than what you’d drop in an arcade during the 90’s on a gaming binge. Seriously. Ten bucks (and you should pay MORE, frankly) gets you those 21 DRM-free games pictured on the page, some excellent game soundtracks you can listen to as you bop down the street or drive around in your vehicle of choice, and the promise of MORE games dropping into your Steam account in a week. $167 worth of games for a tenner is pretty fantastic, but it gets better if you happen to use Firefox or Chrome as your browser. Why? Well, you can sample all but one of the games in the bundle for FREE, that’s why!

Once you’ve had your fill, whip out that wallet and get to the buying and supporting charity part. Humble appreciates the business and you need a ton of fun classics for that backlog you’re growing, right? Yeah, I thought so. If you’re REALLY feeling generous, you can pay $40 or more for all of those games (and games to come) and get an NEOGEO 25th Anniversary Limited Edition METAL SLUG SV-001 T-Shirt sent to you in the mail. Pick your poison and then pick some time out to play with your new games library. Whatever you do, pick quickly as this sale is only running for the next dozen days.

NEOGEO X Update: Core Unit Revealed, Still Packing Software Heat

In case you were somehow thinking SNK Playmore was going be silent about their new baby, here’s a new update. There will indeed be a standalone NEOGEO X handheld sold and yes, it’s still coming with all 20 free games the Gold units are bundled with. The core unit is $129.99 and looks quite sexy, don’t you think?  Could this be the start of a handheld resurgence that has fans snapping up these units out of pure nostalgia plus the hope that it’s entirely possible that we may see SNK use the X as a launcher for its long line of classic arcade and home games? I sure hope so. Bumpy economy aside, it’s really been a damn great year for gaming, that’s for sure!


NEOGEO X GOLD: It Lives, it Breathes, It Has A Release Date (And A Damn Good Price)!

“Great game consoles don’t die; they’re just reborn in much more affordable and convenient packages,” said Tommo CEO Jonathan Wan. “The NEOGEO X GOLD is a love letter to one of my favorite consoles of all time, and working with SNK PLAYMORE to acquire the NEOGEO license, Tommo Inc. looks to provide gaming and entertainment enthusiasts with a classic arcade experience both at home and on the go.”

Holy cats – not only was I right about the price of the unit NOT being the outrageously misreported nonsense other sites had listed a few months back, this is turning into a rather SUPERB value for SNK fanatics. Here’s a pic of the NEOGEO X GOLD In all its glory:

Not only do you get a handheld unit with a 4.3″ screen, expandable card slot, built-in stereo speakers and a headphone jack, the NGX GOLD comes with a base unit and arcade controller modeled after the original AES console allowing you to turn the handheld into a home system! Spectacular, and at $199.99 US, it’s a steal, and a great one at that. December 6, 2012 is the launch date and I expect this one to be a huge holiday hit this year. So much so, that it’s the first entry in this year’s Holiday Gift Guide. What’s in the box are the fun stuff above and 20 pre-installed games listed below the jump (and clipped from the press release, as I’ve been up too long working on some stuff and am about to keel over with a big grin on my face at this fantastic news).

Oh yeah, memo to SNK Playmore: If you can get as many NEOGEO Pocket games as possible AND Samurai Shodown RPG on the NGX GOLD at some point, you’ll make a LOT of fans very, VERY happy. Get on it (please!)…

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Seven MORE KOF XIII Trailers (Atlus Keeps On Rolling…)

Yes, these are going up a bit later than planned, but I was busy playing a few games and got sidetracked. Such is the life of the one-man operation. Here you go – seven more characters from the upcoming fighter. These are pretty short, so like the first nine, you won't need that beer and chips or have to worry about falling asleep halfway through. Hell, one of these guys or gals will slap you silly if you did anyway…

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The King of Fighters XIII Gameplay (Or: Oops, Make That TEN Trailers!)

Yeah, yeah, I forgot one video (Atlus posted it a while ago), but then again, it was pretty late here when I finally got around to posting the other clips. Anyway, here you go. Screenshots from the upcoming 2D fighter to come in a separate post. Don’t say I never gave you anything, grrrr.

The King of Fighters XIII Character Trailers (Yes, All NINE Of Them!)

Atlus, I love you so much, but this is ridiculous… in the best possible way. OK, I'll shut up now and let you get to watching all these brief HD trailers starting with the ladies first because I'm a nice guy. OK, Mai said she'd beat me up and I'm not into that rough stuff. Anyway, one here, eight below the jump. I COULD have done nine separate posts, but there's still a ton of stuff to tackle from other publishers (not to mention a review or two) and I don't want you all to think I'm a TOTAL Atlus freak or anything (he said, stroking his copy of Run Saber gently). Oh yeah, The King of Fighters XIII is coming to the PS3 and Xbox 360 in October in HD with an incredible amount of new and updated features.Read more »