The Great Backlog Dupe Giveaway Begins! Get A Steam Code FREE!

EDIT: Gyaaah. Show’s OVER, monkey’s dead! THAT was fast. Usually, I do a giveaway one the site and I get crickets chirping for at least an hour to a half day! Anyway, congrats to Matt! The rest of you? You get to come back tomorrow for another try. To keep this fair, anyone who wins can’t enter again for THIS backlog clearing business while it’s ongoing, but you can still enter any other giveaway I run here.

Okay, I’ve been meaning to do this for a while, but it’s been a bit hectic running this site all by myself (*sob!*). Any-way, you DO have an active Steam account, right? You like FREE stuff, right? Well, GOOD on both counts, pal! I’m getting rid of some of my duplicate game codes here from assorted bundles I’ve purchased and you (yes, YOU!) have the chance to claim one for yourself. I was initially going to post a bunch of codes here and let you all have at it, but that would be a DUMB idea because one person would simply grab them all and giggle all the way to a fuller games library, grrrr! So, we’ll keep it SIMPLE and just like the other giveaways I do here. Post a reply below and the game of the day is YOURS. First post gets it, if you don’t win, try again tomorrow until I run out of codes. No need to post an email address or other personal info – I can find you easier than you’d think.

So, what’s today’s game? Well, it’s TWO games, ONE code actually – the classic duo of Wizardry VI and VII:

BOOM. Excited? Well, stop bouncing up and down in your seat and grab this before someone else does! Anyway, GOOD LUCK and check back in tomorrow for another code. I’m mixing it up a bit, so even I have NO idea of what game is next on the freebie agenda!


Lego Batman 3: Beyond Gotham: TT Games’ Next One Will Be Out Of This World…

LB3BG Cover MultiLEGO Batman 3: Beyond Gotham is coming to PlayStation 3/PlayStation 4/PS Vita, Xbox One/Xbox 360, Wii U, Nintendo 3DS, and PC on November 11, 2014. That’s pretty much all you need to know as TT Games and WBIE have absolutely MASTERED the art of whipping out a LEGO game to mostly rave notices and delivering the goods with a family-friendly set of titles that have infinite replay value and make for instant “BUY ME!” purchases whether as gifts for oneself or a bunch of lucky kids.

Seriously, all you need are a couple of controllers and anyone can have a total blast. for the longest time, the LEGO series has been a “pick up and play” festival and with each installment, TT Games has been adding neat stuff like fully voiced characters, bigger maps to explore and loads of additional costumes, characters and plenty of hidden secrets for those willing to play until they fine everything.  Oh, and here’s a word from Braniac and a few pals in case you’re showing any form of disinterest in this one:

Yeah, soooo… don’t let the Joker put the earth in his pants (ewww!)… BUY THIS GAME when it comes out and knock some sense into that ever-grinning nut-job, I say!

The Bundles, The Bundles! The Mondays, The Mondays!

IndieGala 8-25-2014 Happy Monday! Here are two deals you probably shouldn’t pass up if you’re like me and need to feel terrible about having WAY too many games (ha and ha). JUST KIDDING! Actually, I like what’s in both these bundles, but I have enough of the games in both lots to not need to buy them. You’ll see that in a bit when I do some cleaning up of the backlog and duplicates get loose in the wild for anyone with a Steam account to claim. Anyway, this weeks’ IndieGala Every Monday sale above, Humble Flash Sale below. I’m buried in stuff to do today, so click on either link (or both!) to be zapped right to the sites so you can check out these deals on your own time. Which, by the way, you don’t have a lot of to get these deals!

Humble Flash Sale 8-25-2014

MotoGP 14 Trailer: A Bit of Bike Action Tease To Get Your Monday Racing…

With veteran developer Milestone S.r.L. on the case, MotoGP 14 is looking like a motorbike fan’s dream game. While this particular racing sub-genre doesn’t draw in the legions of fans automobile games do, the developer’s talents at making some very solid racers for quite some time shows once you pick up a controller. I played a few races at Bandai Namco’s NYC event a few weeks back and found the game solid in terms of the excellent controls and sense of speed. Visually, the game looked absolutely great, but I’m betting you’ll be wanting to keep your eyes glued to the road. Speaking of roads, MotoGP14 will feature more than 100 riders to choose from, all the official manufacturers, racing classes and 18 tracks all based on the Official MotoGP World Championship.

As with their other racers, Milestone knows how to yank you into the game they’ve created by concentrating on the details that are the most important, so this just may be one of the better entries in the long running series when it ships out later this year for PS3/PS4, PS Vita, Xbox 360 and Xbox One.

Film Review: MOEBIUS

MOEBIUS_POSTER_FINALIt takes a hell of a gimmick to make me sit through a horror film these days and Film Movement/RAM Releasing’s latest indie shocker MOEBIUS certainly has a really sharp one working quite well in its favor. Director Kim Ki-Duk’s unsettling, darkly comic chiller packs in just under 125 minutes of edge of your seat nastiness thanks to a rather disturbed family unit with a few nastier (and literal) twists of the knife along the way to a nicely weird (and a bit ambiguous, perhaps?) finale.

You want somewhat inappropriate sex, bits of nudity, violence, blood (but not too much of it), leg-closing moments galore and a good reason to curl up into a ball under the covers? Well, you’ve got that here and then some. Oh, by the way… that gimmick I mentioned? The entire film has not a single line of dialog…

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GRID Autosport Discipline/Focus/Endurance Trailer: You’ll Still Get Spanked, Though…

GRID_Autosport_BlackOh, once again, I couldn’t help myself (*whipcrack!*). Anyway, it looks as if GRID Autosport REALLY means business when it comes to bringing racing fans some of the best action out there. While not a true simulation, the team at Codemasters is striking the balance between simple to pick up and play controls and the need to learn each track and how to survive the AI trying its best to blow your doors off when you dive into the single player part of the game. Online is of course its own crazy bird complete with the usual unpredictability of live players, especially in the longer races.

Now,I happen to like endurance race events, as there’s a fine balance of learning all the ins and outs of a race course lap after lap and your own physical condition slipping a wee bit over the hours as you fight off sleep and assorted body cramps. Granted, couch racing isn’t ANYWHERE as brutal as being in a car bouncing around and rumbling for a few hundred miles, but keeping me OUT of a real race car is probably a really good thing. GRID Autosport is out for PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and PC on June 24, 2014 in North America, June 27th in Europe.

Gallery: The Red Solstice – Ironward’s Action/RTS Is Looking (And Playing) Like Hot Stuff…

TRS_Cover Art 

Fans of the hugely popular RTS genre would do well to seek out The Red Solstice, Ironward Studios’ upcoming co-op focused squad-based action game that that packs in loads of action familiar to shooter fans with the resource management and other elements familiar to RTS players, The game’s recent Kickstarter did more than enough for the game to make its funding goal and a few stretch goals and some hands-on time with an alpha build (that means there’s a ways to go before the final version is complete) reveals quite a thrilling time to be had with one really good looking (in a dark, gritty sci-fi manner) game as you’ll see below the jump… Continue reading

BUY IT! Funko Gets New & Nostalgic With Even More TV & Movie Favorites

funko logoI’ve always liked Funko’s cute collectible figures, but my over-dedication to the games library here means I’ve no room to stock those cool-looking figures (boo!). Still, that won’t stop me from letting you know what’s new and upcoming from the company…

May brings in The Rocketeer, the late Dave Stevens’ great comic character that also ended up in a decent and fun to watch film directed by Joe Johnston and produced by Disney back in 1991. Arriving as part of Funko’s ReAction lineup, The Rocketeer comes equipped with a removable helmet and jetpack, which doesn’t actually work by the way (so you won’t have Nazi spies trying to break into your place and steal it)…

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Interstellar Teaser Trailer: What You Do After You’ve Gone Batty Thrice…

So, it’s about a year away (!), but Christopher Nolan’s upcoming Interstellar looks as if it will be one more intensely interesting film from one of the more prolifically creative mainstream directors working today. Granted, this SUPER tease may as well be a trailer for a Salvage One movie or a more serious version of Joe Dante’s EXPLORERS, but I like that vagueness going on here and the fact that we have to wait a whole year to see what’s coming. Naturally, there WILL be updates as more of the plot and cast are revealed, but with any new film, I prefer to stay the hell off the internet and far away from speculation and spoilers because it just makes for a better overall viewing experience. Try it sometime and see, I say…

Humor: Get Lost (Or, You COULD Be In New Jersey)…

(thanks, sjmobb!) 

Pine BarrensI live in an area that’s not too hard to figure out if you live here and spend time walking around on a semi-regular basis. However, on occasions where people who drive here to visit friends or relatives, they often run into trouble with one particular spot where an oval splits into four different directions and streets that need to be followed to their destinations or else you end up driving in some rather oddball directions only to find yourself maybe back where you started or worse. This evening as I’m walking home, a car pulls up beside me and as the passenger side window rolls down, I know exactly what’s coming. Sure enough, a woman pops her head out the window and asks which way a certain street is because she and her husband had been driving around for a good fifteen minutes looking for the building.

Nice guy that I am, I point them in the correct direction and of course, the missus is all “See, I told you it was THAT way” while the hubby is getting a case of the “Yeah, yeahs”. As they both turn to thank me, the husband asks “I suppose people get lost around here a lot?”, to which I respond “Well, it’s not so bad here – you could be in the Pine Barrens”. I do believe the husband happened to get what I was referencing, because he burst out laughing so loudly that his wife jumped in her seat and did a double take before asking what the heck was so funny. As she closed the window back up (I’m assuming no one “rolls” a window up any longer) I waved goodbye, turned and left them alone and walked away with a smile knowing the mister would have to do some fast talking to stay out of the perceived doghouse he just cracked himself up into. Thankfully, that episode of The Sopranos is a pretty darn funny one and I’m glad someone actually got a joke I’d made without having to explain it. Victory!