Velvetwire Powerslayer: It’s The Little Things You Don’t Think About That Make The Most Sense…

Powerslayer Charging Animation Until some of us see how much of it we actually use on a daily basis, we’re all energy hogs to some extent. Yep, I’ve bet you’ve bought plenty of devices in the past or plan to that require recharging and you probably don’t even think about how much energy you’re actually consuming and wasting when you’re charging (or overcharging) that new tech toy. Like it or not, all that wasted juice adds up on the cost front not only in your (increasing) electric bills, but in an overall effect on the environment. Yeah, yeah, you normally don’t think about that at all because your new device is SO cool that you can’t wait to show it off until it’s deemed “obsolete by the manufacturer and you rush out to replace it a year or so (or less) later. But the folks at Velvetwire want you to think outside a few boxes and get real about your power consumption and recharging needs…

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Powerslayer Kit on Table (Coral Color)Hey! Don’t skip this post because your eyeballs just rolled backwards in your skull when you read that last paragraph. We can’t all take off for Mars as a new home like some think is such a grand idea (it’s not), so making sure we can at least do a little something (which is a LOT of something the more folks get with the program) for the only planet we have is a remarkably good idea. Well, at least I think so.

Realistically, we’re all here and should be doing a better job at making sure what’s around is STILL around for as long as possible, so a smart device such as the Powerslayer and its forward thinking inventors should be applauded for creating something that’s even more of a necessity in this age of billions of people running around carrying something that requires frequent access to our not so “magic” nor “endless” supply of electricity.

kit-store-landing “What could be so important about a simple recharger?” Well, if you’ve clicked on that link above and started reading, you’ve probably already ordered one of these in one of those four colors it’s available in and don’t need any prompting from yours truly. For everyone else, between the innovative features such as a slew of safety features including surge protection, adaptive charging (that keeps your devices from overcharging and draining or flat out killing battery life) and using 1/10th the power of standard chargers, that $39.99 you’ll spend ($79.99 for the above pictured kit) is a great investment that gets smarter as time passes. Amazingly enough, that Powerslayer is made in the U.S. of A., so those of you concerned with quality looking for something that doesn’t look or feel cheap should be doubly pleased (even though the device looks like a fancy bar of hotel soap).

To me, this is the sort of tech that makes perfect sense and I hope it’s adapted into other products in the future (meaning Velvetwire needs to get more love as new users try this thing out, see results with continued usage and spread the good word).



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