There’s A Humble Nintendo Bundle? It’s About Time!

Humble Nindie Bundle logo 

Well, well, well. I was wondering when Nintendo of America would step up to the plate and take a swing at bundling some of its indie games up into a great deal. Rather than do it themselves directly, they’ve teamed up with the fine folks at Humble Bundle to offer a nice set of games for a budget price point. In the Humble Nindie Bundle you pay what you want (well, at least a buck) for three titles or pay ten bucks (or more) to unlock nine 3DS and Wii U games with more to come in a week or so. This deal only lasts for the next 12 days, so grab it if you own a Wii U and/or 3DS and need some cool indie titles to keep you occupied. The deal is for North America only, so European Wii U and 3DS owners are out of luck until Nintendo Europe gets whatever ducks it needs to in order.


Interestingly enough, I believe this is the first ever console bundle offered by Humble Bundle. If so, once again it’s Nintendo thinking outside the box and getting its fans some decent deals. I guess it’s your move, Sony and Microsoft.

Going Roguelike In This Week’s Humble Bundle!

humble weekly bundle roguelikes 2

This week’s Humble Weekly Bundle is a sneaky one for sure, but it’s worth every penny. Six roguelikes for eight bucks is a STEAL, even in this game of gamers devaluing hard work to the point where a buck or two for some games is deemed “too much!” by some cheapskates. Those folks are entitled to their opinions, but not to making developers choose between eating and churning out more games they can only sell for pennies because some think it’s fine to not pay for all that hard work.


Anyway, humorous “rant” over, but there’s some truth in it. These bundles do well because many pay MORE than the suggested amount because they kn ow the deal and they also like helping out the assorted charities who team up with these bundle sites. If you’re suddenly feeling a little guilty about those games you got for about seventeen pennies each, that’s not my fault. I don’t believe in “guilt” at all these days. Just playing fair when you can do so and supporting the arts in any form they come in. Not get crackin’ on that paying what stuff is actually worth part. I won’t judge you either way, but I sure as hell bet YOU feel a lot better about it.

It’s All Black & White in This Humble Weekly Bundle Must-Buy

Humble Weekly Bundle Monochromatic 

They may look kind of “vintage” to some of you, but that’s how these indie games roll in this week’s Humble Weekly Bundle. It’s all about black and white games (with splashes of color in a few cases) and some interesting genre choices that run the gamut from claymation adventure to an intentionally seriously disturbing look at mental illness. Seven games for a ten dollar minimum is dirt cheap, particularly for the creativity and passion that went into all these titles. I’ll say no more save for your purchase helps support charity and it’s a given that you’ll enjoy everything here if you’re the open-minded gamer who likes to mix things up a bit. Forget about Fifty Shades of Whatever, folks- sometimes, back to basics are what works the best.

Humble Weekly Bundle Monochromatic 2 

Some Monday Year End Bundle Deals to Scoop Up…

if your year-end plans involved spending as little money as possible on games so you can afford an extra few bottles of bubbly stuff, well… you’re in luck this week.

BS Born 2 Race Bundle

Like fast cars? Got a fast computer? Great. For a dollar (and ONLY for the next 24 hours!), Bundle Stars is offering up a stupendous deal in the form of the Born 2 Race Bundle. Seven racing games plus a bunch of expansion packs for such a low price that you’d be off your rocker if you passed this deal up. There’s a mix of realism here with a few more fanciful games to dink around with and more than enough content to make this one of the best deals of the year.

IndieGala EMS 12292014 

If driving around at high speeds isn’t your thing, how about some story-driven adventures on the cheap? Well, the IndieGala Every Monday Bundle has got you covered and then some with eight games for a mere $1.89, which is yes, nuts. Fantasy, fake historical, sci-fi and horror genres are represented here in this nice variety of brain-bending games. There’s even a dash of humor here if you like your games with a comical bent to them.

Humble Noodlecake Studios Bundle

Whaddaya mean you ONLY play mobile games? Okay, okay… I got you covered. Well, the Humble Noodlecake Studios Mobile Bundle has you covered. Sure, you need to spend a little bit more to get these games. Nevertheless, like the other bundles here it’s worth it because you’re helping support charity. That and you get thirteen games for eight bucks and MORE content that unlocks as more people buy the bundle and break the different targets noted on the game page.

Finally, you may as well check out Indie Royale for more cool stuff for low prices. Or to be more precise, The Debut Bundle 23 gets you eight indie games for $2.58 with a ninth to be unlocked later. I think that should take care of your gaming needs for the end of this year, right? Well, I kind of hope it does. Don’t forget to get out and get some air every now and then, okay? We don’t want people to think you’ve gone and pushed up some daisies somewhere…

Bundles Up, It’s Games Outside!

Batman Arkham Complete Bundle Stars

Well, I’ve been busy working on stuff and hoping I don’t blow a gasket because of the sloppy job going on this week in the kitchen. Anyway, here are some AMAZING game bundle deals for you bargain hounds out there. Let’s just say the first three games in the Batman: Arkham series for ten bucks over at Bundle Stars is SUCH a steal that you better not be at all surprised when Batman himself pops into a window and knocks you out for getting those games so cheap.

Humble Weekly Bundle Iceberg Games

Meanwhile, the Humble Weekly Sale features a nice mix of Iceberg Interactive games for a low price. Pay what you want for four games, make it $3.60 or more for seven games, and if you’re feeling generous, $25 gets you eight games including a few mighty and massive space simulations that will take you forever (and a day) to complete. All that and the Humble Store is blowing out a ton of games for low, low prices in its Humble Store Winter Sale. Remember, you’re not only filling up your hard drive, you’re helping out assorted charities in the process. Get busy so you can get busy, I say!

Some Late Humble Bundles to Keep You Humming…

Well, humming on the road with engines revving or humming a calming tune because you’re playing a scary game with a blanket half over your head from under your bed or couch. Let’s take a peek at what’s up this week (and nope, I’m not intentionally trying to rhyme here – I’m typing off the top of my head quickly so I can pend this post for later today and that happens a lot when I do this):

HWB Racing Banner
The Humble Weekly Bundle Racing has some nice games in its six title deal. Pay what you want for three games, but I say drop the nine bucks down and get all six games, as they’re well worth the money. Real World Racing will probably be the standout for some players thanks to its high-quality aerial imagery used for courses set in actual locations around the world. Take a peek:

Humble InDIE Bundle 13 banner 
Meanwhile, the Humble inDIE Bundle 13 features some scary games, not so scary games and a chance to snap up some cool collectibles if you go above and beyond the call in your charity spending. Again, pay what you want for three titles, but spend a bit more and get a load of great stuff as well as six game soundtracks. $12 gets you nine games and if you have a spare $65, you not only get all 11 games, but get a gift box sent your way filled with swag! Everything here makes for a nice way to lose some hours, but I’ll say that Minor Key Games retro first-person adventure/shooter Eldritch got the most of my attention:

Even better, just for visiting the page, you can get a Steam code for the awesome Teleglitch: Die More Edition for FREE. This top-down pixel-packed retro shooter manages to be challenging and slightly scary thanks to clever old-school design and some pretty tough enemies in its procedurally generated levels. Anyway, you’re busy – I’m busy! Go get some games for cheap and play them when you can.

Let’s See Now. It’s Monday… So That Means BUNDLES!

IndieGala EMB 9262014 

Another short day for posts? Yeah, well. Pepcom calls and I just HAVE to answer. That trip downtown to tech-land will reveal some goodies to scribble about for my holiday gift guide, so getting all dolled up for that event been taking up my time today. Anyway, you want cheap games, you got ’em! That IndieGala Every Monday Bundle above features six indie games for $1.99 and yes, all are worth much more than that. I particular like Pretentious for its simple story and visuals along with the wordplay:


Humble Flash Bundle 11bit 

Meanwhile, this week’s Humble Flash Sale is all about 11Bit Studios and some of their cool titles. Get $50 worth of games and game soundtracks for between $6 and $10 or pick less games and pay what you want. Of course, more is always better, right? Some of you will want this set of games for all that Anomaly: Warzone content, but I say get this deal for the non-stop hilarity that is Funky Smugglers:


As usual, you’re supporting charity when you make a purchase of either deal, so go knock yourselves out and knock a hole in your calendar while you’re at it…

Monday Means Bundles of Joy All Over (And An Aching Backlog Again)!

Let’s see now, the mailbox is bursting at the seams today, so I guess it’s Bundle time! Here are a few deals to pore over at your leisure, although you kind of want to hurry on those 24-hour deals, folks:

Every Monday Bundle 9222014 

The IndieGala Every Monday Bundle this week is $1.89 and consists of three indie adventure games and three quirky kind of retro-style games. It’s a nice mix of randomness that should keep you entertained in short spurts or for a particularly boring weekend. The nice thing about all of these games is you’re not forced to play them all within a particular time span. Unless of course you’re trying to buy and play games in a specific order or knock them off your backlog as you buy each bundle. Hey! I;m not done yet – two more to go… Continue reading

Monday Means… No, Not That, It Means BUNDLES!

IndieGala EMB 9152014 It’s pretty much a given that when Monday rolls around, some of you head back under the covers, some of you think about heading for the nearest window (on a low floor or the basement, of course – you don’t REALLY want to do yourselves in, right? It’s ONLY a Monday!) and some of you just look in your inbox to see what sort of game bundles have popped up from the usual suspects. Above, this week’s Every Monday Bundle from IndieGala. Six games for under two bucks in this mostly RPG pack with a side of strategy and adventure? That’s a BUY, folks… Continue reading

IDW & Humble Bundle Want You To Boldly Go Where No Man Has Gone Before (and Stay For a While)…

Yikes. With all these digital books in this great IDW/Humble Bundle teaming, you’d better hope to heck you live long and prosper. Get up to 14 graphic novels based on classic Trek to the more modern movies all for a song. Well, not “Highly Illogical”, but something less catchy and with no words because you can’t sing all that well and it’s a pain in the neck (literally) when your significant other keeps Vulcan Death Gripping you to shut it already. $325 worth of digitally delivered illustrated tomes for a mere $15? That’s like getting a Doomsday Machine visit for free and your planet eaten as a bonus!

Er, well… hmmm. Perhaps a better Trek analogy would be more fitting, but all I can think of are bad ones. It’s that sort of day and my material has been sitting out in the sun so long that it’s all dried up. Anyway, go beam yourself up some deals and crank up those warp engines so the time factor zaps you back far enough that you can read everything here and get back to your normal time when it’s all done. DISCLAIMER: Humble Bundle and IDW aren’t responsible for what the mirror version of you does while you’re away catching up on the fake future.