Win a Switch Lite and Valfaris From Signature Edition Games

Well, it’s a few clicks and about two or so minutes of work, but the prizes are cool if you win them. Signature Edition Games is running a little contest where you can win these:


Nice prizes you have there…

Which turns out to be an excellent way to get to poke around at their site and check out what else they have to offer, right? Anyway, go take a look at what else is in that Valfaris set here and hey, for the heck of it, see 25 minutes of boss fights from a pretty darn skilled player (WARNING: here there be spoilers!):

(Thanks, horheristo!)


Valfaris: Soon to be Everywhere, Rock Incoming

Valfaris Demo_04

Nice. Coming soon, a dose of hard metal for your daily supply, courtesy of Big Sugar and Steel Mantis Games (which, as Black Wolf Games bought the world SLAIN: Back from Hell for PC and consoles a few short years ago.

Welcome to Valfaris:

I played the PC demo on STEAM a while back and came away very impressed indeed. Now, it’s about ready for retail and digital in more polished form. When? Well, look out below, folks.

Valfaris launch dates

If the demo is any indication, this one’s going to be fun, tough side-scroller for the ages. See you down on the planet – I’ll be the one hiding out, but easy for enemies to spot.


Valfaris Demo: Merry, Merry, Quite Contra-ry (Slight Return)

Valfais header

You’re going to want this, trust me.

Well, wow. Valfaris has a demo up on Steam as we speak (but only until December 31st) and hell yes, it needs to be played, especially if you love pixel art and animation wizardry, ear blazing metal soundtracks and so far, very tight ganeplay for a demo build. That video below shows off a bit more of the game, but as you’ll hear, things may change between now and the launch window. As with the meaty, mighty, and metal-ly Slain, what’s here is visually and aurally spectacular and will only get better as development continues.


(Thanks, Digital Uppercut Productions!)


Uh, that’s all I have to say, as I’ve paused the demo only to bang this post out and will now go back to that demo and rock some more. Keep an eye peeled for Valfaris on Steam and consoles sometime in 2019.




Okay, we DO need another hero, after all.