An Update In A Few Languages

(Thanks, David S.!)

Current mood: See above. Too much annoying real world stuff going on to focus on the good things happening, but more incomplete posts than you can shake a stick at are coming. I did something fun for a short spell yesterday afternoon – an unfinished bit of art that helped clear some brain space and shake a mojo berry loose (the tree is baring less fruit these days… must be microwave damage or something). Take a look:

Today, it’s snowed in mode (whee, blizzard!), but no stress on that front. I’ve a stack of movies to get to, plenty of food and nothing but time. Although, I’m hoping this storm passes fast and the streets are clear enough by Thursday, as I’ve got a game trade to finalize that’s already taken too long to complete. Ah well… we shall see what’s what. Oh, and Daylight Savings Time is crappy – we need to dump it here in the U.S. of A.



PSN Flash Sale: Make Your Snow Day More Useful Yet Less Productive

PS Flash Sale (Large) 

Trapped indoors thanks to all this snow, are we? Well, Eeee-hee-hee! or something like that. I’m actually trapped indoors thanks to a freelance job that needs to be done before pumpkin hour (midnight), so I’ve no to time to play anything (*whine!*). While I wait for another part of the job to float through the ether this way, I figure I may as well post something quick and painless.

Anyway, If you have a PlayStation Network account, you’re not going to be lonely at all. Well, if you’re alone, you’ll still be lonely, but you won’t lack for entertainment options thanks to this latest PSN Flash Sale.

Tons of games and movies (wait, does digital content actually weigh something?), but the list is so long that I’ll only list the PS4, PS3, Vita and PSP games below the jump. If you’re smart you’ll just boogie on over to that link above and burn a small hole in your wallet before the sale is over Monday.
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Snow Daze: Be Careful What You Wish For, Folks

snow_daze1 (Large) 

Whee. 20+ inches of snow and counting, but I’m not counting. According to the smiling weather folks on a few channels who seem to be inordinately cheery about all that white stuff outside blowing around and sticking to anything moving or motionless, it’s allegedly supposed to stop around midnight or so. But that also means a more of those dopes who weren’t out today (from my window I saw a few too many people “driving” sideways or walking in the streets while a car or two slid sideways past them) will be out tomorrow because they know no better than to stay indoors with something (or someone) warm and toasty. Oh well.

snow daze2 

I didn’t venture out other than to check the mail only to find out that post office motto really is not true at all, but it seems we may need some more milk after all. So I get to be a dope myself for about ten or twenty minutes, but I do need that cow juice to go into the coffee I’m making that’s required to keep me going though a job I need to plow through that’s due before Sunday is done. Thankfully, the supermarket is less than a block away and the folks who run it live in the area. Then again, I need to step outside for some frozen air anyway, as stir craziness will occur and the dope crashing here who smokes indoors when he shouldn’t (and needs to quit) is going to get a paper hatchet to the head otherwise. Hey, paper cuts can be pretty damn painful, you know…

What to Do on Those Dog Days of Winter…

Paper Saint BernardWell, it’s already snowing outside, but it’s a light snow so far. Things aren’t expected to get “serious” until later tonight, but I’m prepared to go home and hide under some blankets at the drop of a hat. I’m thinking a nice long sleep will do me some good, but my backup plan for any restlessness might involve making my own rescue dog just to keep my hands busy (and warm, should the heat go out).

Yeah, you know you want one of these paper Saint Bernards for yourself. Go print one (or a few) out and get busy trying to put it together. Er, BEFORE you soak yourself in that brandy you bought yesterday (or will buy today at some point). Better to do your paper-crafting while sober, as you don’t want to lose any digits to slippy scissors or end up with a pile of crumpled paper mistakes instead of that cute and easier to care for doggie in that pic to the left…

Winter Is Coming… Back (Go Away, Please!)

So, it was something like 73 degrees on Sunday, 10 or so degrees cooler on Monday and Tuesday was rainy on and off and in the 50’s. Early this morning it SNOWED a little before turning into sleet and rain before stopping.


Okay, I was half asleep when I fumbled for my camera and took these shots pointing down from my window at the maybe quarter-inch of snow/sleet mix on the sill. But still… SNOW, grrr! The current temperature? 32 degrees with a nice breeze making it feel a bit too cooler and it’s only getting up to around 45 or 50 and 35 or below later tonight. In April. Yeah, I hate the cold so it’s come back to remind me to hate it the hell some more. Crap. Anyway, I’m up too early (I got up about two or so hours ago and didn’t sleep much before that), but I have a press event to get to in a few hours, so I’m kind of puttering around doing stuff around the house before I set out and freeze my butt off for a short trip downtown for something that may last only an hour. Whee, but I guess I can’t complain. Drop dead, winter (please?)…

winter... (2) winter... (3)

Snow Daze II: Forewarned Is (Almost) Four-Armed…


Today may be slow for updates, but we’ll see. I’m getting ready for this new snowstorm about to hit here tonight and into tomorrow, as the radio is telling me nothing good. On the other hand, we’ve had storms not make it through here full strength, so I have a grain or three of salt that came with that weather blast. On the OTHER hand, the last two snowfalls were nice and semi accurate to a fault, so I think tomorrow will be crappy for getting out and about. On the OTHER hand (yeah, I have an extra one here just for posts like this), I could just ignore the snow and tra-la-la about like it’s midsummer or something, but I think the men in white coats will come or me if I do that. Hell, if it’s warm where they’re taking me and I can get free medical attention, I’m running around outside naked tomorrow once I pop out of bed and get a cup of hot tea or coffee in me.

Or not. We shall see…

Snow Daze Like Mondays… And Wednesdays… And Saturdays…


Hey, so it’s SNOWING again. There’s about four inches or so of PERFECT snowball grade mix on the ground (although it looks like more if you look at the lovely coating on the trees and normally grassy areas here) and it looks as if we'[ll get an inch or so more before is stops (the weather report says around 4PM). All that and we’re expecting to get hit twice more this week (Wednesday and Saturday say the weather genie), so I’m gathering I’ll be updating a bit less than normal. Daily posts will be incoming, but if for some reason I’m stuck indoors with my slow home connection, you’ll probably see one to three posts (if that) instead of the bunch more I’d rather run. Damn groundhogs and their shadow-seeing ways (not really, as that hoax makes less sense by the year). Anyway, enough with the weather reportage – I have more important stuff to do…

A Winter’s Tale, By Simon Bar Sinister…

(Thanks, bullwinklecanada!) 

Ah, so THAT explains everything. Well, sort of. This snow we’ve gotten around here has been odd for a few interesting reasons. Sure, it’s winter, but it’s not a normal winter at all, kids. In fact, I’ll bet you an old penny that Simon Bar Sinister has a big Polar Vortex machine up in a lab somewhere and it’s getting a hell of a workout all of a sudden. Someone call Underdog (again!), as that man needs his butt kicked but good. And Cad? Yeah, buddy… you’re going down as well, grrrr…

How My Brain Works (Sometimes): Wie sauber schnee von den Stiefeln (mit musikalischer Begleitung)

So, it snowed a lot last night and part of this morning in a few too many places. Yeah, winter sucks. Anyway, as I was going outside into the stupidly cold air and saw that deeper than it looked but already mostly shoveled snowy white world, some guy comes into the building and starts stomping his feet, one at a time in a beat that made me chuckle because I watch too many movies and retain certain scenes in my head for future use. Why I do this I have zero idea, but I think it’s because it makes me laugh a lot when I see scenes from real life that remind me of made up movie bits.

Anyway, this is probably the ONLY proper comedic use of this interesting musical clip from The Battle of the Bulge. Toss in some crappy bing-translated German above (it’s supposed to say “How to clean snow from your boots (with musical accompaniment)”, but feel free to correct me if I’m wrong) and ta-da! That’s how the magic happens around here. Yeah, magic. “Hey, Rocky? Watch me pull a rabbit out of my hat!”

  (Thanks, GunOfNeverone!) 

Or maybe I just need another cup of coffee. I think I only got about five or so hours of sleep between last night and this morning. Anyway, stay warm and stay the heck inside if you don’t need to be out in this mess. The things I do for you folks…