What to Do on Those Dog Days of Winter…

Paper Saint BernardWell, it’s already snowing outside, but it’s a light snow so far. Things aren’t expected to get “serious” until later tonight, but I’m prepared to go home and hide under some blankets at the drop of a hat. I’m thinking a nice long sleep will do me some good, but my backup plan for any restlessness might involve making my own rescue dog just to keep my hands busy (and warm, should the heat go out).

Yeah, you know you want one of these paper Saint Bernards for yourself. Go print one (or a few) out and get busy trying to put it together. Er, BEFORE you soak yourself in that brandy you bought yesterday (or will buy today at some point). Better to do your paper-crafting while sober, as you don’t want to lose any digits to slippy scissors or end up with a pile of crumpled paper mistakes instead of that cute and easier to care for doggie in that pic to the left…

2 thoughts on “What to Do on Those Dog Days of Winter…

    • Oh, it’s TOO hot in the apartment, so there’s a window open. I was actually under-dressed this morning when I left, so the walk home was a bit chiily. But I’m okay. So far, the snowpocalypse hasn’t really done much. But it’s supposed to be really lousy in a few hours. We shall see… 😀


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