Winter Is Coming… Back (Go Away, Please!)

So, it was something like 73 degrees on Sunday, 10 or so degrees cooler on Monday and Tuesday was rainy on and off and in the 50’s. Early this morning it SNOWED a little before turning into sleet and rain before stopping.


Okay, I was half asleep when I fumbled for my camera and took these shots pointing down from my window at the maybe quarter-inch of snow/sleet mix on the sill. But still… SNOW, grrr! The current temperature? 32 degrees with a nice breeze making it feel a bit too cooler and it’s only getting up to around 45 or 50 and 35 or below later tonight. In April. Yeah, I hate the cold so it’s come back to remind me to hate it the hell some more. Crap. Anyway, I’m up too early (I got up about two or so hours ago and didn’t sleep much before that), but I have a press event to get to in a few hours, so I’m kind of puttering around doing stuff around the house before I set out and freeze my butt off for a short trip downtown for something that may last only an hour. Whee, but I guess I can’t complain. Drop dead, winter (please?)…

winter... (2) winter... (3)

2 thoughts on “Winter Is Coming… Back (Go Away, Please!)

    • Ah, sooooo… it’s YOUR fault, huh? Well, the snow has all but melted, and it’s now cold out (bleh). The rest of the week is going to be “better”… but not by much, it seems. At least that’s the (allegedly) final snow we’ll get, but who knows? May might open with a snowstorm just for the hell of it!


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