Snow Daze Like Mondays… And Wednesdays… And Saturdays…

Hey, so it’s SNOWING again. There’s about four inches or so of PERFECT snowball grade mix on the ground (although it looks like more if you look at the lovely coating on the trees and normally grassy areas here) and it looks as if we'[ll get an inch or so more before is stops (the weather report says around 4PM). All that and we’re expecting to get hit twice more this week (Wednesday and Saturday say the weather genie), so I’m gathering I’ll be updating a bit less than normal. Daily posts will be incoming, but if for some reason I’m stuck indoors with my slow home connection, you’ll probably see one to three posts (if that) instead of the bunch more I’d rather run. Damn groundhogs and their shadow-seeing ways (not really, as that hoax makes less sense by the year). Anyway, enough with the weather reportage – I have more important stuff to do…

2 thoughts on “Snow Daze Like Mondays… And Wednesdays… And Saturdays…

    • 70? Unfair! Well, it was up to 54 on Sunday and half that Monday. Today is bright and sunny, but tomorrow brings snow, sleet and rain (blech). I think I need a vacation, but there’s nowhere to go that’s not suffering, I hate flying and can’t afford to go anywhere anyway. Well, movies are the cheapest form of travel for me these days (as are games), so even if I’m going nowhere fast I have somewhere to be if needed… šŸ˜€


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