The Third Degree Burn Is No Joke


Whee. It’s THREE degrees outside. Not counting the wind chill. Getting to Toy Fair this morning was no joke, but seeing all those under-dressed folks on the subway looking miserable because they may have not experienced a NYC winter brought a tiny bit of amusement. Nothing like seeing some guys complaining about the cold while wearing pants hanging off their butts, zippered hoodies, no gloves on their mitts and that cold, cold stare. Me, I’m wrapped up like a mummy but still able to move. PROTIP: Fleece is your friend, folks.

Back in a bit with some pictures and Toy Fair-related stuff. Yesterday I got home and keeled over in front of my computer. That non-stop wind walk back home was pretty draining. I’m a bit more prepared for it this evening. That said, this morning I ran into a few attendees who’d LOVE to see the show get a kick up to a warmer month as it seems every year Elsa brings the cold touch to the proceedings. Thanks, Disney (grrrr!)

On Watching Paint Dry And Fortune Telling That Works


Well, the painter showed up this morning at 11:05, worked for eighteen minutes and left for lunch at 11:23 saying she’d be back to put down a second coat. That made me laugh because I was surprised the wall was even getting a second coat. I guess she had to put in those hours this week (or eighteen minutes followed by however long it took that second coat to be done. To my surprise, she actually did a decent above the call job for around here, covering much more than the area that was “repaired” on Friday. The whole wall and part of the other side was done (*shocking!*) and while that made me smile, I’m figuring it’ll be around three months or so when I’ll be having a serious case of deja vu.

You see, when I popped out of bed this morning I decided to carefully look at the plaster job from Friday that was now perfectly dry. Well, dry save for two streaks that signify water was still seeping into the wall. Argh. I have a photo here of the “vampire marks”, but can’t seem to locate my camera’s USB cable (all that moving stuff around and it’s been mislaid). My fortune telling skills (which aren’t real and not needed in any case) show that I’ll be placing a call soon to let the idiots in the office know that they’ve put another plastic bandage on a raging tumor. Fixing the root cause of all the trouble makes more sense (and costs less in the long run). But they prefer to think I’m a dope who doesn’t know and that them just showing up to do their minimalist wall-work on a semi-regular basis is all fine and dandy. You’d figure this would have happened some 20+ years back when there was a small flood here that required the first wall replacement, right?

Anyway, the painter popped back around 12:35 or so and I lost a bet with myself that she’d take lunch until 1pm. Anyway, a few minutes of mucking around outside the door and she came in to finish the job. That second coat went up in much less time and I was signing some paperwork by 12:55 with full realization that she or someone else would be back here before summer was over. Well, the ceilings here still need to be busted into for repairs in a few places so it may be a case of planned serendipity when all is said and done. Back in a bit. I woke up too early thinking the painter would be here at 8am and I need to get out of here and get some air, smacking myself in the forehead as i stroll around outside. Fresh coat of paint aside, it’s still a Monday to deal with (and a busy week ahead)…

Tuesday’s Off: Some Arrows To The Brain Keep Me Occupied


Ouch and double ouch. I took today off to catch up to some Blu-Rays from Arrow Video I needed to review and that made for an interesting most of the day of movie watching. Some stuff was great, some not so great. All will get the treatment within the next week or so. I took a break and went for a walk to do some shopping, had a stop in a nearby park for a chat with a friend and ended up finding a lost Nintendo 2DS I’m going to make a big effort to find the owner of. Hey, I know what it’s like to lose something cool and not inexpensive. I’d have left it where it was, but we waited a few minutes for that pack of kids to return and it was starting to look like rain before I decided to grab the system and hang onto it until someone drops me a line. Well, I’m in the process of making a FOUND OBJECT note to tape to the bench asking for a description of the system, the owner’s nickname and the name of the game inside. This should be a fun little diversion for a bit.

#TBT: The Perfect Storm Knocks Me For A Temporary Tech-less Loop


Let’s see now:

My laptop’s power supply blew out very early Sunday morning while doing a backup to an external drive and some article writing (whee!), and in the mad scramble to recheck/restore stuff and order a new power supply I lost a ton of mostly old data (whee!), game saves and I think some pieces of digital art (whee!). Normally, I’d just shift my workload over to the desktop, but the other two PC’s here are dead. One has been for a while and the other was running when the power went out and now won’t boot up properly at all. (Whee!).

I’m also having some pesky issues with getting the new phone I got up and running, and one of the consoles I just had repaired a few weeks back un-repaired itself in a spectacular, noisy fashion. I think all of that counts as five impossible things happening before breakfast. Amusingly enough, thanks to all the password changes I’ve done so far this year, the only ones I recalled off the top of my frazzled head were my PayPal, bank and ebay accounts (all of which came in handy as some old books and games I’d posted sold and needed to be shipped out). Just so you know, Whenever I change my passwords I email a few of my email accounts with the updates just to have a few places to check should I need to. Of course, forgetting one’s email account passwords and/or log in info doesn’t help (*beet!*), but I just KNOW you’ve done this as well.

In the midst of all that nonsense… I got a LOAD of stuff to review from a few nice folks. Thank you, nice folks! In the meantime, I’ve been taking notes longhand while waiting for that replacement power supply to arrive and pretty much having as much fun as I can traveling back in time to 1995 as I could under such short notice. That power supply got here just fine about a half hour ago, so I’m now back in action. A little crazier and busier than usual and nope, not having enjoyed my unexpected “vacation” one bit. Granted, I did get kind of lazy at one point on Monday evening, crawling into bed to play catch up all that rest I missed over the long weekend of worrying about whether I was going to be needing a new laptop or not. Well, I do kind of need a new one, but I just can’t afford a replacement at the moment.

Anyway, how’s YOUR week going? Back in a bit. I just glanced at my inboxes and think I have something like 3000 emails to read and a lot less to respond to (thankfully). Eeek.

TV or Not TV?


SO. I got to see a fun TV taping today which took up the better part of an afternoon, thus the lack of updates on such a busy day. Eh, I’ll get back on the horse tomorrow. I needed a break, the folks doing the show needed the support and much fun was had. Although, I’d have loved to been able to let them know that I have a crazy amount of knowledge about some of the topis discussed. Oh well, perhaps they’ll ask for input next time. I don’t want to be on camera at all, mind you (my non-ego would faint dead away). But I do have the advantage of age and “wisdom” still working for me. Anyway, back in a bit – I need to dive into my email that’s overflowing onto the carpet here…

Never Type When You Should be Sleeping, Folks!


Oops. I should be asleep, but I wasn’t and while working on a draft, hit “Publish” instead of “Save Draft” annnnnnnnd… oh well. You all got a preview of a longer article a wee bit too early. Feh. Well, at least you know I’m not slacking off, right? The stupid slow connection up here won’t let me properly edit the post, so you get a new short post to say yeah, yeah, I know that other post isn’t complete. Just hit the pause button between your eyeballs and come back to it in a day or two. It’s going to be a nice little piece once it’s complete…

Okay, I’m going to go to sleep now. I need to get up in about five hours or and roll out into the city for the last day of Toy Fair…

Toy Fair Ultra Mini Report, Day One


Well, then. Toy Fair is pretty brilliant this year, although I barely made it through the first day’s zipping back and forth. Pictures to come from some of the booths I visited earlier today, but not until tomorrow at the earliest. Par for the course, some of the smaller booths had the more interesting new items, but you’ll have to hold out to see what they are. Let’s just say that if you have kids ages 4-10 who have always give you trouble around bedtime, there’s the most awesome solution that’s guaranteed to get them wanting to hit the hay every night. And it doesn’t involve any trickery or pharmaceuticals, either.

Also, R2-D2 makes a phenomenal bubble machine, courtesy of Imperial Toys. Seriously. You’ll see. Zombies are still “in” this year and in some mighty creative ways thanks to McFarlane Toys, Factory Entertainment and others. Collectible fans will see way too many things to fill their shelves from Funko, Entertainment Earth, Mezco Toyz, The Coop, and too many more to list here.

Anyway, I’m wiped out and need to sleep, as I have to pop up early in the morning to go see some dinosaurs and very funny little yellow guys before hitting the show floor again. Good night!

Gearing Up For Toy Fair is Tough Work!


Let’s see now… I’m sort of taking today off because I’m making a new, longer list of Toy Fair 2015 meetings for this weekend and I have a pre-show event to pop into this afternoon to check out a few items. I’d initially promised myself I wouldn’t do any more pre-show events because under certain circumstances it gets to be SO busy running around that I end up too pooped when the show actually starts. However, I made two exceptions this year because of the folks who reached out that didn’t forget they reached out and didn’t suddenly get back to me to say their events were overbooked.

I get invited to a load of events and respond as soon as I see the invite. Once in a while, the PR person who contacted me and took my reservation will get back to me a few days after I confirm or too often, right around the day the event takes place to say something like “oops, we overbooked!” without letting me know what I can do about seeing the product they were gushing about so fervently in that invite. The latest example of this was a big deal film screening/press junket I was SUPPOSED to attend this week, only to be told last minute that they ran out of room AND to hold out for a new screening date (which didn’t happen). Gee, thanks. So much for promoting your film or whatever else you were looking for from me, big megacorp deluxe who’s burned me one too many times. I got yer Throwback Thursday right here, Foo. Anyway, let me get back to my regularly scheduled day.

Back in a bit, maybe with a quick followup post if I make it back before the library closes.

Drop Dead, YouTube. Seriously.


Okay, let’s see now. I get a movie to review on the site the other day and post two videos also sent by the PR folks who sent the screener on my YouTube channel. Today, I see that one of those videos for whatever reason has been taken down thanks to the request of some other company I have no clue about and according to the new and f—ked up YouTube rules:

You received a copyright strike

You now have 1 copyright strike. Getting multiple copyright strikes can lead to the termination of your account and the removal of all your videos. To avoid that from happening, please don’t upload videos that contain copyrighted content that you aren’t allowed to use.

Oh, DROP DEAD, please. I’m not running that clip to violate a copyright, I’m RUNNING IT AS PART OF MY GODDAMN REVIEW. Period. What the hell is up with all this nonsense that keeps people from producing content (and UNPAID content at that when it comes to my channel) and stupid threats that just make honest guys like me want to go out and drop a planet on some jerks with quick trigger fingers. Your stupid mandatory “Copyright School” video I’m forced to watch and be quizzed on is insulting and I can’t watch it anyway on my slow-ass connection here, which means I can’t respond to the fools who had that clip removed (yet).

If anything’s going to get me to drop off the damn internet and go be a cranky hermit in the woods, it’s shit like this. How about having idiots who have issues with content contact the ALLEGED offenders directly and see what’s what BEFORE this jackass judo you do on the accounts of innocent people? This chop first, ask questions maybe later thing isn’t going to cut it with me. Whatever. Thanks for ruining my Sunday night, clowns.

When The Weather Outside Is Frightful…


Whee. According to all the frantic and too melodramatic weather reports (complete with doomsday theme music!) it’s supposed to SNOOOOOOW up this way at some point tomorrow afternoon into Tuesday. Reports say up to two feet (maybe) blizzard conditions with up to 40mph winds. Nice. Well, my two feet will then need to get my one ass outside early tomorrow to get some work done before I sock myself in for the long haul. Or short haul. or no haul if this storm ends up as a bust instead of the BOOM it wants to give us in the kisser. Anyway, I’m up to my earbows in stuff to do, but if there’s some sort of power outage, I’ll be silent but deadly or something like that.

Or, “Here we go again!”. or “Oh, no… reruns!”

(thanks, Movieman Trailers!) 

Actually, it hasn’t snowed like this here in a while, but I’ve been disappointed by previous NYC snowstorms where the reports were for massive amount of snow but the pre-show hype was more overblown than the snowdrifts were. That said, according to those reports, the coming storm system isn’t playing around at all. I fully expect some fools to lose their lives when they go out to snap those unsafe selfies and some tree limb decides to give them a clobber for being so damned dopey. Just get some hot cocoa and a sweetie to snuggle and stay the hell indoors, people. I have neither here, so I guess a bunch of old “B” movies is the closest thing to a substitute.

See you all in a bit. I’ll try and zap up a bunch of posts tomorrow during the day before things get all white outside. Back in a bit…