A Repeat Performance On A Mucky Monday


So, my eye is pretty much all back to normal (hoo-ray!), but I’m a wee bit stressed about some other stuff. Meh, I’ll figure that annoying stuff out as the week progresses. I just found out that there was indeed a remastered version of one of the wackiest monster movies ever made, Reptilicus!. You needed a lift today as do I, so here’s the “Tivoli Nights” scene from the film all queued up so you can get a smile going and maybe buy tickets to your next vacation spot. The monster in this flick is long dead, so there’s no need to worry about anything in Denmark biting you on the behind. I think.

Anyway, you can grab Reptilicus! and Tentacles on a double feature Blu-Ray from Shout Factory, or get it with a few other films over on Amazon. The weird thing is it seems the multi-film DVD has the remastered version, which means it won’t have the best picture as it’s stuck with other films on the same DVD

Back tomorrow with some actual posts worth reading.


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