Have A Horror-ble Week Thanks To This IndieGala Monday Bundle

IG Eerie Monday Bundle

More Monday bundle madness for you, this time from the fine folks at IndieGala. This Eerie Monday Bundle provides 100% of a day’s frights for less than a bowl of sugar-bomb laden cereal. Well, okay. Too many bowls of that sugary crap will kill you dead, while the best a decent horror game will ever do is make you pee yourself a little. Hey, I’m NOT speaking from experience at all. I have heard of it happening, though. Anyway, here’s a test for you in the form of a video of one of the games in the bundle.

Are you the tiniest bit freaked out now? Maybe? Not at all? Hey, I tried. Space is pretty scary in general if you think about it, and being stuck on the moon with something unsettling and no easy way off isn’t exactly a situation made for happy times. Okay, get going with the clicking and buying stuff. This eight Steam codes for $1.89 is only good for the next 24 hours.

Monday’s Hot Blahs Deserve Some Bundles To Beat Them Away

bs coop bundle

July is here, the weather is depressingly muggy and the mood is grim in some circles for assorted reasons. All the better for getting some gaming in before the world collapses, yes? I thought so. Anyway, Bundle Stars wants you to have at it with a few friends thanks to its Co-Op Bundle deal featuring eight games for $1.99. That price lasts for a day and goes up on Tuesday, so get this one while it’s hot and cheap.

indiegala EMB 7062015

Meanwhile, over at IndieGala, the Every Monday Bundle is a puzzling one because it’s a nice set of puzzle and adventure games today. $1.99 gets you six cool indies to play with for as long as you like. “Once you buy a prize, it’s yours to keep” and all that, you know.

If you just need ONE game to play that will get you in a nicely nostalgic mood as it attempts to kill your character but good multiple times while making your brain do some extra thinking, Zojoi Games’ wonderful remake of Shadowgate is on sale on Steam for the low, low price of $2.99. It’s worth more than that so yes, you should get it or else a dragon will roast you when you open the next door you walk up to. You can also get the more content-packed Special Edition of the game for $6.24, but I’ll let you poke around on the game’s page to see what that all entails.

Monday Means Mo’ Bundles, No Problems!

Well, actually you’ll have SOME problems as far as finding the time to play the games in these bundles, but hey – don’t shoot the messenger, folks. He needs to be alive to play the games in his backlog! Anyway, here’s what’s what from the usual three suspects and more:

Every Monday 1062014
IndieGala Every Monday Bundle: Six games, $1.89, 24 hours before the price increases, so get this one FAST. I like Sanctuary in this set of games the best, but your mileage may vary:


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