IndieGala Every Monday Bundle: Sentimental, Strategic, Puzzling, Violent


IndieGala EMB 10052015Six indie games for $1.89 and this time all of them look worth diving into. No backlog hoarding in this week’s set thanks to the brevity of the paradoxically languidly paced Home is Where One Starts clocking in at under an hour. It’s a sweetly sentimental short game about making memories, something some see as just posting pictures of food, babies and whatever animal of the day video hits their inbox. This short interactive tale might make a few of those folks dwell longer in their own memory well if they give it a go.


The other interesting game here on a more cerebral level would be The Logomancer, a game made in RPG Maker with a “combat” system that’s a lot more interesting than your garden variety JRPG-inspired (yet completely original) indie. Conflict negotiation and talking one’s way out of trouble is the order of the day for your party members, and those stylized visuals only add to the game’s uniqueness. A nicely done original soundtrack rounds out the fun here.

The other games are a formerly mobile gone PC puzzle game called One More Line, the two Braveland turn-based strategy RPGs, and finally, the hyper-violent but ridiculously funny Mayhem Triple (which may have you seeing angry alien cartoon rabbits falling from the sky when you’re in dreamland later tonight). Ah, variety… I guess. Anyway, under two bucks gets you some cool indies you’ll enjoy. All you need after that is time to play them.

IndieGala Every Monday Bundle Offers a Nice Freebie For Wordy Folks…

IndieGala EMB 01262015

It’s a Monday, it’s freezing outside and there’s going to be a ton of snow on the ground in some spots that will keep you indoors wishing you had the whole rest of the week off and then some. What to do, what to do? Well, if IndieGala has their merry way with some of you, you’ll be sitting in front of a warm PC playing some cheap games. Or at least ONE cheap game, as Words for Evil from this week’s Every Monday Bundle is FREE as a bird. Check it out below:


The rest of the games in this weeks deal ($1.49 for six games!) are certainly eclectic as you’ll soon see. Also, if you poke at the IndieGala store page, you can get another free game just because they really want you to shop there at some point and find even more deals. Sounds like a plan, if you ask me. Alrighty then – go do what you need to do. Me, I’m going to build a fire somewhere warm and cook the first thing that crosses my path…

IndieGala Wants To Scare Your Pants Off Today. Let Them!

IndieGala EMB 1122015 

But make sure to take your wallet out of your pocket first if you keep it there. This week’s IndieGala Every Monday Bundle is a smaller one than usual, but that’s because Five Nights at Freddy’s 2 will most likely scare you to death before you get to the other games in the bundle. To wit:


The other games aren’t horror-themed at all, but you do get some nice indie RPGs and strategy games to keep your heart rate calmer. Still, $1.89 is a fine deal for these five games and if you’ve never played the first Five Nights at Freddy’s, fear not (or perhaps fear a lot!). That one’s still on sale in last week’s Friday Special Bundle which has ten total games for a mere $2.89.

I’ll leave you to it to decide what you want to do, as usual. If anything getting both bundles will keep you warm because of all that jumping out of your seat you’ll be doing in the two games noted above…

Let’s See Now. It’s Monday… So That Means BUNDLES!

IndieGala EMB 9262014 

Another short day for posts? Yeah, well. Pepcom calls and I just HAVE to answer. That trip downtown to tech-land will reveal some goodies to scribble about for my holiday gift guide, so getting all dolled up for that event been taking up my time today. Anyway, you want cheap games, you got ’em! That IndieGala Every Monday Bundle above features six indie games for $1.99 and yes, all are worth much more than that. I particular like Pretentious for its simple story and visuals along with the wordplay:


Humble Flash Bundle 11bit 

Meanwhile, this week’s Humble Flash Sale is all about 11Bit Studios and some of their cool titles. Get $50 worth of games and game soundtracks for between $6 and $10 or pick less games and pay what you want. Of course, more is always better, right? Some of you will want this set of games for all that Anomaly: Warzone content, but I say get this deal for the non-stop hilarity that is Funky Smugglers:


As usual, you’re supporting charity when you make a purchase of either deal, so go knock yourselves out and knock a hole in your calendar while you’re at it…

Monday Means Bundles of Joy All Over (And An Aching Backlog Again)!

Let’s see now, the mailbox is bursting at the seams today, so I guess it’s Bundle time! Here are a few deals to pore over at your leisure, although you kind of want to hurry on those 24-hour deals, folks:

Every Monday Bundle 9222014 

The IndieGala Every Monday Bundle this week is $1.89 and consists of three indie adventure games and three quirky kind of retro-style games. It’s a nice mix of randomness that should keep you entertained in short spurts or for a particularly boring weekend. The nice thing about all of these games is you’re not forced to play them all within a particular time span. Unless of course you’re trying to buy and play games in a specific order or knock them off your backlog as you buy each bundle. Hey! I;m not done yet – two more to go… Continue reading

Monday Means… No, Not That, It Means BUNDLES!

IndieGala EMB 9152014 It’s pretty much a given that when Monday rolls around, some of you head back under the covers, some of you think about heading for the nearest window (on a low floor or the basement, of course – you don’t REALLY want to do yourselves in, right? It’s ONLY a Monday!) and some of you just look in your inbox to see what sort of game bundles have popped up from the usual suspects. Above, this week’s Every Monday Bundle from IndieGala. Six games for under two bucks in this mostly RPG pack with a side of strategy and adventure? That’s a BUY, folks… Continue reading

Bundles of Joy For Your Monday Will Make Your Backlog Ache!

Humble Flash Sale, Meet IndieGala Every Monday Bundle! You two play nice, now. Well, I’d betting they’ll each be too busy with themselves to notice each other in that sandbox, but hey – I tried. Anyway, this weeks Humble Flash Sale bundle is So Cute! No, seriously, that’s the name of the bundle. Whaddaya mean you don’t believe me? That’s what that link is for, silly! Click it and watch your wallet flit out of your pocket or purse and fly around the room before your credit card goes zipping into your hand and you end up with the five games and three soundtracks in this bundle. Cute stuff does that to some people, I hear.

Every Monday 982014
As for that Every Monday Bundle, this week’s a DOOZY. $1.89 nets you six games including the deep retro greatness of Eschalon Book I & II, the incredibly creepy Five Nights at Freddy’s, and three other indie games: Stonerid, Memories of a Vagabond and the oddly titled Me & Postapocalypse 2: Scraping. I’m grabbing this because of the Eschalon games and hell, I keep hearing how scary Five Nights at Freddy’s is, so I’m hoping it lives up to the hype and this video (Ha! How SCARY can it be?):

Oh. well, then. Carry on. I think I’ll need to have a defibrillator handy. And a nurse. Eh, we’ll see. Anyway, go check out one or both of these bundles, support charity and get some gaming in while you’re at it!

IndieGala NEVER Sleeps! $1.89 For Six Great Games, 24 Hours Only!

every monday bundle 912014

Yikes. Here I am, feeling wonderfully dopey for not being able to get any work don on this holiday and BAM! IndieGala gives me something to write home about. Okay, a few other things happened in my inbox to jar me out of my funk, but I’d forgotten that rain or shine, every Monday IS an IndieGala Monday! Anyway, six games for a measly $1.89 is a STEAL, so go break into the IG bank while net breaking YOUR own bank (or a sweat, unless you’re in a hot place already with no working fan or cold beverages). Speaking of, I need to go turn on MY fan and get a cold something from the fridge (no wonder it’s so HOT in here!) – you go and buy yourself these games and I’ll see you in a bit, mmmm’kay? Good!

Indiegala Wants Another Dollar (Or More) from You. You’ll Give It To Them (Again)…


Yeah, yeah – you know the drill. 24 hours to get this deal for a buck minimum and then the price jumps up. I actually haven’t played any of these yet, but my backlog has gotten SO huge that I don’t know if I’ll e able to if I do buy this set of six games. I know that the Uncharted “homage” called Unearthed: Trail of Ibn Battuta – Episode 1 – Gold Edition is seen by some Sony fans as a bit of a ripoff, but hey, if you’re going to steal, steal from the best, right? It HAS to be better than those three Adam’s Venture games that snuck light bible study bits into an adventure game that looked okay, but had some control issues. Anyway, as usual, spend what you like, help charity and feel good on an otherwise hot and odd Monday!