Trips With Words, Small Steps First

Okay, I just finished up a couple of guest posts for two different blogathons in March, but I may submit another post for one thanks to discovering an old draft that fit the theme of one and just needs to to be completed and a few screen grabs gotten. We shall see.


I also have a few reviews to tackle this week, but we’ll get to those as we can. one is a film review that’s part autobiographic, but I need to look and see if In can find some very old artwork because that’s part of the review, those receipts. I can do the review without the art, but it’s a case where mabe an eyebrow or two will be lifted without that proof. SUSPENSE!



Review: The Forbidden Photos of a Lady Above Suspicion (Blu-Ray)

The Forbidden Photos_02

No it’s not Martin Landau. Stop it.

The Forbidden Photos coverIt has the stylish looks and has a title reminiscent of a giallo, but it’s more of “a sexy drama with a shamelessly low body count”, according to a friend watching Luciano Ercoli’s 1970 film The Forbidden Photos of a Lady Above Suspicion/(aka LE FOTO PROIBITE DI UNA SIGNORA PER BENE) with me. Amusingly enough, this is someone who dislikes these types of films, but stuck around because of hearing it wasn’t a total gore festival. Shame he didn’t stick around for Torso, but we’ll get to that terrifying classic a few reviews later.

Dagmar Lassender is Minou, a pretty housewife with a pill addiction she can’t quite kick. She runs into trouble after a blackmailer (Simón Andreu) assaults her and alerts her that her husband Peter (Pier Paolo Capponi) has murdered a man and Nicola can help keep things quiet if she meets the blackmailer for, let’s just say some sexytime antics. She does, but things get weird and she calls in a free-spirited friend for some assistance. Uh, wait. That sounds a bit too much like a film with an X rating, huh? What actually happens is her loyal and sexually free as a bird friend Dominique (Nieves Navarro) has some rather shameless photos in her collection and Nicola notices the cad behind the blackmailing is the same in one of the photos… The plot thickens, right?

Well, not so much, folks. This certainly is a super-stylish looking film and yes, indeed, its ladies are stupendously as lovely as can be (the men, eh, not so much). However the suspense is limited to guessing how far the blackmailer will go when a few things are revealed and whether or not Dominque is part of the plans (because it sure seems something is up with her). With a few tweaks. “this could be a Lifetime drama of the week” (I don’t watch that network, I’m loosely quoting that friend from earlier, so I guess he or his wife are fans).

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2016: A Package Odyssey: Houston, We Have A “Wait, What?”


Nope, that’s not me above. That both my reaction to yesterday’s news (no, not that stupid debate I didn’t watch) about my missing PS4 as well as the general attitude of the seller I bought it from. Both of these are making me wish I had a quart of booze to drink before smashing the bottle over my head if I hadn’t passed out by that point. Whee?

More in a bit. I need to get some squeaky, freaky wheels moving here because that darn deer sure isn’t moving fast enough and the road needs to be cleared without anything else going under the bus.

Suspense! I really hate it at a time like this. Don’t you? Good.

Game of Thrones 4:9 Recap: A Bit Late, But I’m Still Recovering…

Hey, this week was so packed with stuff that I didn’t get a chance to post a post-show impressions post. That’s too many posts in that last sentence, but I’ll let you forgive me while I ramble on a bit. So, the Wall did not fall, but plenty of good and bad men did thanks to everything from unhappy accidents, being in the wrong place and general last man standing stuff… Continue reading

Game of Thrones 4:8 Recap: Mountain Always Beats Melon!

Yeah, well… that was an innnnnnteresting fight while it lasted. Of course, even though I didn’t read that far into the books, I knew from the moment all those fancy moves were being displayed and the non-stop banter that sounded half out a medieval Spider-Man comic was droning on that the fight was going to go a particular way. Ouch and double ouch. Still, as noted by a few people, it WAS a tie at the end, so perhaps the Imp can get away on a technicality or something. Hey, with two episodes to go, things are certainly getting really interesting… Continue reading

Game of Thrones Recap: When Push Comes To Shove, Indeed…

Heh. Spoilers, spoilers! You’ve been warned! I won’t be the one who’s scorned! I missed posting about last week’s episode (above) thanks to the week crushing me with stuff to do, but this week’s surprise-packed episode got me chuckling to no end. Yeah, I won’t say a thing so anyone who hasn’t seen it yet can get the full effect, but I really wasn’t shocked about that ending at all other than thinking it would be another annoying character getting the Red Bull Special treatment.

But, wait! There’s more… Continue reading

Game of Thrones S4 5 & 6: What Happened and What’s Going To Happen Are One And The Same…

HBO continues to crack me up with these video deluge blitzes after each episode this season. I kind of wish they’d just release maybe three videos tops. A recap of assorted clips, a behind the scenes with a slide into a George R.R. Martin interview and a preview of the next episode.

THAT would be (TOO) simple, no? Well, no, according to HBO, as they want to feed the fans until they’re stuffed to bursting with every bit of minutiae about each episode this season after it happens (as in an hour or two later, it seems). Some thrive on this stuff while I prefer more of a compact approach.

But whatever, try and tell the more hardcore GoT fans there’s TOO much info spilling about and it’s your insides that may be spilling out. That, or you’ll get a fierce tongue-lashing (and not the kind you’d expect from one of those fancy brothels, either). Ouch, ouch, (*yawn*) ouch… Continue reading

Game of Thrones S4 4 & 5: What Came Before, What’s Coming Next (And What’s In Between…)

It’s almost as if HBO wants to get you all spoiled if you’re not yet caught up on the show, so beware from this point onward:

I’d been thinking on and off about restarting my reading of the books (I didn’t get far into them years back thanks to too much to do and not enough time to read as much as I’d have liked), but I think I prefer waiting until the show is over and done with as I like where the arc is going. Granted, the White Walker reveal (see that episode for details!) might be a bit much in this extremely busy season.

Natalie Dormer looks like a cat. That is all I’ll say about that. Anyway, I think her character actually thought she was going to be the Queen and although it looks as if she’ll get a second shot at it, I say it’s not happening anytime soon unless Cersi is gone and not coming back. Of course, I’d say Cersi is too necessary to get killed off this season, but that’s a huge laugh if you think about it, Right George?

Oh, never mind. He’s still going on about that Purple Wedding incident, so I’ll let him talk. Hey, I bet anyone who tries to interrupt Mr. Martin ends up in a box at some point. Or just silenced for long enough that he gets his point across. Don’t mess withe author when he’s holding court or you may end up losing your head once he does…

And finally, here’s what’s coming next Sunday. I tend to only watch these teasers only once (after each episode) and try my best to forget about them afterwards. Why? As noted a few times, I prefer going in cold and having as few things spoiled as possible. That and I despise guessing which scene goes where and editing in trailers always makes it look as if stuff is happening that doesn’t (or won’t for a bit). Anyway, you know the drill – see you next Sunday, “same Bat time, Same Bat channel…”

Lazy or Late? Here’s What’s Up On Game of Thrones…

Uh-huh. I’ve heard all the excuses, people. You KNOW you have time to catch up because you can dump most or all of those crap “reality” shows that are ALL the same and actually be entertained by real writing and people getting paid to act well (as opposed to real fake writing and people acting badly wasting your time).

Anyway, it’s not as if Game of Thrones needs more fans watching the show on Sunday instead of waiting to binge away, but it couldn’t hurt if it gets even more people camping out for an hour just to get another season extension so we can see more of what’s inside the heads of George R. R. Martin’s head (as well as the folks who script the show once they commiserate with the man himself).

On the other hand, now that Sunday has become the new Thursday (remember when THAT was the big TV night?), it’s mighty tough to choose what to watch if you’re not a crazed DVR-head packing every free hour with all the stuff you want to watch…

Storing Up Energy For Some Quality Time…

Shhh. Quiet back there! I’m kind of taking the day off until Game of Thrones pops up this evening. I made the mistake last night and early this morning of staying up to watch all of those House of Lies episodes I missed when I bailed on the series and man, that was a bad decision. The show is well-acted, but I ended up hating just about everyone on it beyond the point of caring (um… thanks, writers?) and with a season finale popping up, I figure I may as well commit to that at some point this week just to wrap that up as neatly as possible. I’m definitely watching the Shameless finale and may scoot back to HBO to catch the Silicon Valley premiere just because it’s Mike Judge and Office Space is one of my favorite films as a former office drone (in a few too many places in the past) and long time movie lover. Eh, we’ll see… or perhaps not. GoT has all my attention until Orphan Black returns in less than two weeks. As for Mad Men? Coin toss when it returns, period. I gave up caring about that show ages ago…