Lazy or Late? Here’s What’s Up On Game of Thrones…

Uh-huh. I’ve heard all the excuses, people. You KNOW you have time to catch up because you can dump most or all of those crap “reality” shows that are ALL the same and actually be entertained by real writing and people getting paid to act well (as opposed to real fake writing and people acting badly wasting your time).

Anyway, it’s not as if Game of Thrones needs more fans watching the show on Sunday instead of waiting to binge away, but it couldn’t hurt if it gets even more people camping out for an hour just to get another season extension so we can see more of what’s inside the heads of George R. R. Martin’s head (as well as the folks who script the show once they commiserate with the man himself).

On the other hand, now that Sunday has become the new Thursday (remember when THAT was the big TV night?), it’s mighty tough to choose what to watch if you’re not a crazed DVR-head packing every free hour with all the stuff you want to watch…

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