Yakuza 5 Update: Still Waiting For A Date, Discount For The Early Birds


Y5_wallpaper_01_1920x10801If you got rid of your PS3 when you got your PS4, you may want it back for at least one more exclusive of note. General Director Toshihiro Nagoshi and Producer Masayoshi Yokoyama are back with two more in-depth “making of” videos for Sega’s upcoming western release of Yakuza 5. Despite its age (the Japanese version shipped back in 2012), the game looks quite spectacular on the aging PS3 hardware and is finally coming to North America later this year as a digital only PSN release.

While the game may be well-aged to some out there, according to the press release it’s looking to be the most feature-packed English version of any in the series:

Yakuza 5 features more mini-games than previous titles, a modified battle system as well as enhanced customizations and interactions in the signature hostess bars of the franchise. In addition to these features, Yakuza 5 also introduces “Another Drama” which is a series of side stories that focus on each protagonist in-depth and are separate from the main story of the game.


In addition, Sega is making a tempting offer to those who pre-order the game with a 15% discount off the $39.99 price plus the free Yakuza 5 XMB theme below:

You’d think Nagoshi and Yokoyama should be singing “We Built This City” at this point, but instead they just happily chat more about the game and what players can expect:

Y5_PreOrder_1_1440446637 Y5_PreOrder_3_1440446638 Y5_PreOrder_4_1440446639 Y5_PreOrder_5_1440446640 Y5_PreOrder_6_1440446641 Y5_PreOrder_7_1440446641

It’s great to see Sega keeping the Yakuza flame going despite the lengthy wait between releases. Hopefully fans will be on board with the digital-only version and snap it up once it’s released.

Yakuza 5: No Controversy Here, Just Sega Pleasing Some Fans


Almost lost in all this noise on Shenmue III and its somewhat controversial (to some) Kickstarter campaign was the fact that Sega of America itself was going to be publishing Yakuza 5 in North America this fall. General Director Toshihiro Nagoshi, Producer Masayoshi Yokoyama and their talented dev team are clearly showing that the PlayStation 3 isn’t “dead” yet as a viable console and the game certainly looks like their best work yet. Even better, it’s an exclusive to Sony’s console so you can wave your system under the noses of any friend with a competing console who may be a bit jealous. However, expect that console to be used to gently bash you over the head with if you’re too braggy.

Unfortunately for you physical media collectors out there the game is only getting a digital release via the PlayStation Network. So you’ll either need to bite that bullet and download this one or take the harder road, learn Japanese and import that version from a nice import retailer like Play-Asia. Of course, by the time you’re through with those crash courses in the language the game will be out here in English. So yeah, go support Sega of America with a purchase because they don’t make a penny on anything you get directly from Japan or anywhere outside the U.S. of A., folks.


Interview: Brandon Cobb of Super Fighter Team


Nice. The last time I spoke to Super Fighter Team’s Brandon Cobb was a while back about some upcoming projects he was working on and before that, it was an interview a few years ago on Zaku, the excellent Atari Lynx game the company published. Just when I was thinking about bugging him again for an update, Eric over at The Sega Collection went and asked a few of the questions I was thinking about and posted the article below. My work here is done, thanks to The Sega Dude! Okay, okay… I’ll bug Brandon about Cascade, Magic Girl and other stuff at some point in January. In the meantime, enjoy the interview! Continue reading

Game of Thrones Recap: When Push Comes To Shove, Indeed…

Heh. Spoilers, spoilers! You’ve been warned! I won’t be the one who’s scorned! I missed posting about last week’s episode (above) thanks to the week crushing me with stuff to do, but this week’s surprise-packed episode got me chuckling to no end. Yeah, I won’t say a thing so anyone who hasn’t seen it yet can get the full effect, but I really wasn’t shocked about that ending at all other than thinking it would be another annoying character getting the Red Bull Special treatment.

But, wait! There’s more… Continue reading

Orphan Black Better NOT Get A Musical Episode, Is All I’ll Gently Suggest…

Holy cats, fans can be ten thousand percent nuts sometimes. HELL NO, this otherwise fine and well written sci-fi drama does NOT need ANYTHING resembling a sing-along hour with cast members warbling out tunes while facing death and danger. Nope. NO. No way. Stupid ideas are a dime a dozen, Buffy did it already and THAT show was campy from the get-go, so it’s excused. OB is fine as it is and even as if planned and executed a dream sequence, a musical episode would be such a shark-jumping moment that I’d probably never go back to it after that travesty aired. Let the fan-fictioners dabble in that nonsense all they want, but keep the clones away from the chorus line, please. Even as a joke, it’s a terrible one because that means someone has probably gone and thought out at least a way to make it happen. Yikes and yuck. I’m keeping my eye on you, Maslany – punch someone in the throat if they bring you a script that has you singing anywhere unless it’s necessary for the plot, grrrr!…

Shaq Fu 2? Shaq Says It Just May Happen!

(thanks, cubex55!) 

Holy “Nope!”, Sports Fans! According to the big man of the week at CES (GamerFitNation’s all-around Superman, Antwand Pearman), The bigger man he interviewed this week at CES 2014, Shaquille O’Neal says there’s the possibility of a NEW Shaq Fu in the works. Yikes. No way. Yikes. In case you’re wondering, the original Shaq Fu was a weird as hell (and some would say terrible, but I’m not one of those some. I think it’s only just bad and campy!) fighting game featuring Mr. O’Neal as a martial arts master fighter and yes it’s as absurdly brilliant and silly as it sounds. I think nearly everyone I knew with a Sega Genesis or Super Nintendo in their house had this game at some point and even if they hated it, it was PLAYED to death because of the absurd plot, funky fighting mechanics and fact that yeah, it’s a hell of a curiosity piece.

I’d write more on this, but my brain in some form of suspended animation shock. Here, go read about this right from the horse’s mouth. I need to go find a copy of that first game and see if it still holds up. I think Shaq is pulling some legs here, but no one lies to Antwand and gets away with it for too long. Or so I’ve heard. He’s a really nice guy, but don’t make him angry. You wouldn’t like him when he’s angry…

Dead State Update: This Undead Survival RPG Is Still Alive And Kicking…


Thanks to this year being SO packed with new games and a LOT more new indie games popping up on anything that can play them, Dead State nearly dropped off my radar. Thankfully, the folks at DoubleBear Productions seem to be at least part psychic as they’ve dropped that new video above on their YouTube channel that shows some nice progress on an upcoming demo version. The game’s Kickstarter backers and anyone who pre-ordered the game will get first dibs, of course, but I’m hoping there’s something for us media folk to dink around with at some point because this is the sort of game that needs some love from those of us who love games like this. I’m getting a heavy X-Com meets Jagged Alliance meets Fallout vibe from this one, all of which were (and still are) truly stellar tactical RPG experiences. Granted, some of those gamers who think this is a fast-paced kill-fest along the lines of a Left 4 Dead or Dead Island will be shocked (shocked, I say!) at the more deliberate pacing and need to think before you take any action here. But if this game makes some of that crowd learn to appreciate this style of game and gameplay, all’s the better, I’d say…

Yes, Virginia, There Will Be A New Deadly Premonition Game. Eventually…


Swery65_dOh, Frabulous Joy Or Whatever, Department: Can I get an “FK in the Coffee!” in the house (to go, light and sweet)?!! According to the fine folks at GamingBolt, Swery 65 says he was working on a sequel to Deadly Premonition during the time he was coming up with what’s turned into the Xbox One exclusive, D4. Granted, this is only noted at the end of a sentence, there’s no HUGE reveal of info about how far along that work went and the interview is 99.9% about D4 (and a good read), so don’t look too much at that 2014 calendar and start rubbing your hands for a release date on that DP follow-up.

The interview also COMFIRMS that D4 is an Xbox One exclusive (argh!), not a DP sequel or related in any way and will contain a load of “Easter Eggs” and other elements to give it more replay value. So now that that’s settled, I guess some Swery fans will be dropping five large to get an Xbox One JUST to play this game. I’m a huge fan of the man’s body of work, but I may be passing this game up entirely unless there’s a price drop on that console and that game comes complete on a disc at some point in the future. To date, it’s the ONLY reason I’m remotely interested in Microsoft’s new service console, as I don’t play online “bro” shooters, have ZERO interest in sports and have plenty of movies that I can watch on cable in a MUCH better quality than any streamed content. Your own mileage may vary, of course…

BEYOND: Two Souls “Beautiful Drama” Trailer (The Only Time It’s That Is When It’s NOT Real)…

With so much happening this year in the gaming universe, I almost forgot about Quantic Dream’s upcoming PS3 exclusive, set for an October 8, 2013 release. The PS3 has had a really busy year with key first party exclusive titles as well as third party games that show the console is far from dead once the PS4 hits in November. Of course, it’ll be interesting to see how well this does going into the PS4 launch so soon afterwards. I predict it will sell better than some PS4 launch titles and if it scores highly enough, may actually go up in price thanks to eBay resellers taking advantage of smaller stores running out of copies. Either way, the game is guaranteed to move in some impressive numbers even if it’s at a slower pace than the usual analyst and corporate forecasting (which is always annoyingly high to the point where even a game that sells five million copies is seen as a “failure” because the target was a bit too high)…

INTERVIEW: Half of Twenty Questions With Lost Planet 3’s William Watterson

Lost Planet 3 PS3With Capcom and Spark Unlimited’s PS3, Xbox 360 and PC sci-fi action game Lost Planet 3 finally headed into stores August 27 here in the US (August 30 in Europe and Australia), I had the great opportunity to shoot a few questions over to WIlliam “Bill” Watterson, voice and motion capture actor for lead character Jim Payton (who by the way isn’t related to THAT Bill Watterson, which is why he’s called William here). You can probably call him Bill if you run into him in person (just don’t ask him to draw you a picture of Calvin or Hobbes).

Anyway, below the jump he discusses voice acting (with a few tips for you thespians out there), music, LP3’s western influences, booze and how to get social with the man himself in a few places online…

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