Game of Thrones S4 5 & 6: What Happened and What’s Going To Happen Are One And The Same…

HBO continues to crack me up with these video deluge blitzes after each episode this season. I kind of wish they’d just release maybe three videos tops. A recap of assorted clips, a behind the scenes with a slide into a George R.R. Martin interview and a preview of the next episode.

THAT would be (TOO) simple, no? Well, no, according to HBO, as they want to feed the fans until they’re stuffed to bursting with every bit of minutiae about each episode this season after it happens (as in an hour or two later, it seems). Some thrive on this stuff while I prefer more of a compact approach.

But whatever, try and tell the more hardcore GoT fans there’s TOO much info spilling about and it’s your insides that may be spilling out. That, or you’ll get a fierce tongue-lashing (and not the kind you’d expect from one of those fancy brothels, either). Ouch, ouch, (*yawn*) ouch…

I think that’s all of the videos…. no wait, there’ more! Yeesh. As for the title of this post, well it’s true! People died in that last episode and guess what? More will die in the next one. You have to have some consistency out there in Westeros, right? Yeah, I thought so…

Oh waitaminnit… I almost forgot the preview of Episode 6 (oops!):
NOW, good night! I think. I may be back before midnight with more…


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