Game of Thrones 4:9 Recap: A Bit Late, But I’m Still Recovering…

Hey, this week was so packed with stuff that I didn’t get a chance to post a post-show impressions post. That’s too many posts in that last sentence, but I’ll let you forgive me while I ramble on a bit. So, the Wall did not fall, but plenty of good and bad men did thanks to everything from unhappy accidents, being in the wrong place and general last man standing stuff…

That said, I did think parts of that battle were kind of underwhelming in a “Oh, look. It’s a bunch of nondescript guys yelling at the camera before the CG stuff rolls out” manner because some of those extras looked as menacing as sleepy supermarket workers if you focused on particular people. Nevertheless, the bulk of the fight was very well done, giants and all.

As noted above, the entire episode took place in one location, which is unusual for a show know to hop about from place to place during that less than an hour. Everything clicked for the most part, although I actually wished the episode was longer for a few reasons. Okay, I just wanted to see more of those barrels hitting stuff and maybe exploding. Everyone needs a hobby. Watching exploding barrels is one of my MANY interests. Or not. Did you feel a slight pulling in your leg a few words ago? That was me.

Poor Ygritte! Oh well, someone important had to go in this episode and it was pretty obvious (almost) that once a certain scared little kid found a weapon, it would get put to use at some point. Ah well, no one lives (or loves) forever on GoT, right?

Anyway, tomorrow should be a doozy as some stuff that needs wrapping up gets wrapped up. Some journeys will end, others will begin, maybe a head or two will roll, but not get squashed because repeating oneself is a bad thing? Who knows? I’ll just be there with the rest of you, holding onto something for dear life and hoping certain characters make it out with most of their parts still attached…

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